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Anyone who wants to talk music, hard rock, songwriting or movies just add me. Always love to talk.
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21 Apr 2010
Hey Zsolt!

I know it's been a while since I last messaged you. I didn't have the funds to keep going on the site for a while but I recently paid them and all is well!

I have a question or two for you about how you write your riffs and your solos.

I am still working on my album. 3 of the tracks are completely done after 3 months of HARD work on them and the result is a pure thrash sound with my own touch to it. I have come to mix Dave Mustaine-like snarls with melodic choruses. The only thing I don't do is screams. However, the 3 songs I have come up with were pretty much improvised and were created out of chance. I feel that to finish this album I should figure ways to create riffs better. How do you approach riffs in general? Do you base them on the theme of the song or the album or do you write a bunch down and then decide what goes where? (Lately I go by the song's subject or mood and I try to make the riff fit that).

Same question basically with soloing. I'm not the best at adding solos that aren't improvised. What is your approach to writing solos? And how do I decide what sweeps are appropriate (in the right key) for the solo? I have been practicing 4 string sweeps (I started with 4 string) and I would love to incorporate them into some of my solos.



I have a demo of my newest song on my facebook page. The link should be in our previous thread of conversation. The song is called Dementia. There is also a cover of the song Train of Consequences by Megadeth in which I nail Marty's solo (so that you can see my level of lead playing haha) Let me know what you think of them.
23 Feb 2010
Greetings all!

I posted something a week or two ago about my band Megido. It featured a demo of my song Carnivale. I didn't get much feedback on it but it was downloaded enough that I felt comfortable about it's "popularity".

Now I currently have 8 tracks that I am in the process of recording and finalizing. The track listing is as follows:

1- Carnivale
2-Arsenal of Megadeth
3-Ghost Road Blues
4-No Man's Land
5-The Reaping
7-Alive But Not Well (working title)
8- 6/6

These are all Thrash Metal songs so there isn't any screaming or dropped tunings. There are however a LOT of fast riffs, intricate breakdowns and some pretty fast leads (the one's I've written). The songs all sound different and unique and I have been writing a lot of them for over a year now. My desire is to have some people collaborate with me in these next few days so I can get a really full sounding album. I personally am not a metal drummer or bassist so doing either would, in my mind, take away from the potential of the songs and the album as a whole.

If anyone is interested in participating as a lead guitarist, drummer or bassist. Please note that when it comes to my music I am a perfectionist and I really strive to get the PERFECT sound out of every instrument (especially the tracks I record myself). I honestly have recorded a riff over 100 times until it sounded right to me.

For anyone interested in lead guitar I am looking for someone who can play sweeps at a decent speed and can have some nice speed runs along with their own unique sound. For any ideas what type of solos I am looking for, listen to any Megadeth song.

I hope to hear from some of you soon! You can message me here on GMC or on my e-mail adress ([email protected]). Please post the subject matter of the e-mail as "Album Collaboration".


Connor L.

If you would like to hear one of the songs in it's demo form from a month ago then go to the Bands and Guitarists section and click on "Megido". It has a downloadable version of the "Carnivale" demo.
19 Feb 2010
Greetings all,

I am trying to record a bunch of tracks for my band's upcoming album and sadly all I have is a laptop computer with the REAPER program on it. I do not have the money to access a recording studio so it will have to do. However, I would like some opinions on how I should go about recording.

1-For my rythm tracks should I play the rythm once and then duplicate the track? That is what I have been doing. I would then split the one track to the left speaker and the other to the right to make it sound fuller. Or should I just record the two tracks seperately?

2-What order should I record in? I have been doing: Rythm, Vocals, Lead, Drums. Any thoughts on how to do it differently?

3-How loud should I let the guitar be? It seems the quality (although decent on other songs I have recorded) could be better and louder.

Any thoughts, hints or tricks you all can offer are greatly appreciated and I will post my next song on here for you all to hear!

31 Jan 2010
Hey all

Seeing as this is the section to discuss bands I figured why not get some opinions on my band's material?

I just posted our first demo called Carnivale. I wrote the song a while back and finally got to record it in MP3 form.

I am heavily influenced by Megadeth and Dave Mustaine so if you are a fan of either you should definetly like this.Attached File  Carnivale_Demo.mp3 ( 3.66MB ) Number of downloads: 298

Please be aware I am new at recording so there are a few parts that have some flaws, but I think you will all enjoy the riffs and even the solos. Also the chorus is probably the best thing I have written. It even has a spider chord in it. If anyone feels they would like to lay a solo down or anything like that please message me. Enjoy Carnivale GMC!

31 Jan 2010
Hey Zsolt!

Thought you might like to hear a HIGH quality cover of mine!

Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria.

I did vocals and guitars.

Enjoy and let me know if you like it!

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