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I'm trying to stop the cigarettes to become Straight Edge :]
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33 years old
Born April-12-1988
Well.. Let's try not to forget something :]
Mostly music.. From Classical to Grindcore, but my love have always been Hardcore and Progressive Metal.
The other most favourite thing is Books. When I don't play my guitar I read.
Other things... Going to shows, Theater, Cats, All kinds of dancing, Footbag and.... Well I'll update when I can think of something else :]
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11 Nov 2009
Hi guys,

i'm pretty confused here. I am planing on getting a new audio interface and the one I've chosen is connected trough firewire.
But on my laptop I only have a USB port. Is it possible to get a Firewire Interface working on a laptop that doesn't have this port? And if I connect somehow the Firewire to a USB port am I going to have delay because USB is slower?

Please help :]

9 May 2009
Hey guys :]
Long time no see, but i'm here again with a question that troubled my mind before going to sleep :]
How can a regular guitar be used as a midi interface? And triggered trough some kind of footswitch, to turn Midi controll on and off.
Is this possible and does a guitar need to have it when it is manufactured or it can be added on a regular guitar?

P.S. I know that Warr Guitars have Midi Controller installed but they don't have much in common with a normal guitar..

17 Jun 2008
Hey there Lian! :]

Dropped by to say hi and congrats on your personal forum :] And to ask some questions though biggrin.gif
What kind of guitar are you playing? What brand, what wood, what neck, what pickups? And also what kind of amp are you using? What kind of effects? And such things. Your soloing sound is kinda unique so I want to know how you got it :]
Wow and I have to mention that I really like the art on your guitar :]

3 Jun 2008
Hi there guys(and gals),

now I'm in a very complicated situation. I have a brand new Fender Mexican Standart Stratocaster for which soon I intend to buy pickups.
But now I played on another Fender Standart Mex Strat which already has 2 of the 3 pickups I want to buy on it. It sounded really great and it is for sale. But the thing is that the other Strat is 12 years old.
If I sell my guitar I will be able to buy the other Strat, but I don't really know if I should do so.
Are guitars getting better with time or should I keep my Start and upgrade it? It will cost me more but it will be brand new..
Would be very thankful for good opinions on this one :]

6 May 2008
Aaaah, I feel so good and I've told almost everybody about it and I thought to share it with you guys here too :]
Well last night I was on THE BEST SHOW IN BULGARIA EVER! This is literally the first time here when in a single show we have more than one band legend.

First off we had some of our Hardcore and Punk bands. Lots of singing, "dancing", and emotion but nobody gave them their best because we had to save strenght for later.

The first from the guest bands were Smut from Macedonia(a colony of Bulgaria biggrin.gif) who were incredibly good. Some plain Old School Hardcore. Only problem was that we didn't know their songs but besides that it was really great.
At the start of the second song their vocal said "Do you guys know what is Wall Of Death??". Well we all screamed to show him we know what it is and we started to form 2 groups at the opposite ends. There were at least 20 metres between us. And there is something I didn't notice - that I was on the first line of my part(that was a mistake). So when the song started we started running against the other group(which were also runing against us). And in front of the stage when we colided I don't know what it happened. I had at least 10 people over me and I had hit my head very hard but damn it was great!
Yeah and for the last song they choose Madball - Pride, and we were at least 30 people on the stage singing with them which ended at the end of the song with a huuge Stage Dive. Thumbs up to these guys :]

Next band was some great disappointment - Burn The 8 Track. I hadn't heard them before the show either and they proved me right for not doing so. Something which I don't know how to call Screamo, Emocore, some kind of mistaken PunkRock.. Well I don't know what they were doing but it definately sucked. That was the moment when we could get out of the club on the rain to breath for a second :]

After that everybody was in front of the stage waiting for the next band. The guys who for a few years of existance are on the way to become real hardcore legends. The guys from a place where life is tough and tattoos are cheap. The one.. The only - DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR. Now for this part of the show I simply don't have words. We were moshing, singing, jumping from the stage it was a massacre. The guys from the band thanked us after every song for being such a great crowd. I doubt they've played in front of such a small audience(we were around 1000 people..) which made so much noise and knew all their songs. On our favourite songs - Count Me In, Nowhere To Turn, F*** It All it was a 1000 people jumping and moshing. Wow it was great. And then they sang a cover of a song which is favourite to everybody - C*** Sparrer - England Belongs To Me. Well I can say that DBD made it better than C*** Sparrer. In the moment they said it was all from them we were again all screaming and clapping. I hope we made them come back some day!

After a short break it was already time for the real HARDCORE LEGENDS. They are here for the third time, and they made hell of shows the previous times so everybody was just waiting silent and looked at the stage until the moment when they came up and we made so much noise I couldn't believe it. Well, BORN FROM PAIN were already on the stage and didn't loose time. Started with everybody's favourites that we can hear live a thousand times and not get bored. Behind Enemy Lines, The War Is On, Rise Or Die, The New Hate, Bury Me Fighting... It wasn't even half of their performance and I couldn't move. There was a moment in which I jumped from the stage in the mosh and some people caught me and in the next moment I was flying to the ground. I think this is a reason for not being able to move too :] BTW Born From Pain made the BEST SHOW I'VE SEEN. I mean these guys not only knew how to play but also knew how to present the songs, what to say between the songs. I liked everything about their performance. And I surely think that 3 times in Bulgaria isn't enough. WE WAN'T ANOTHER ONE! :]

After Born From Pain It was 11:00 PM and many people left because they wanted to catch a bus. And the other stupid thing was that many people just left because of the next band. I can say that they are the BEST in what they're doing, but because one thing most of the people left - because their vocalist is singing most of the time. And most people here think that it isn't hardcore enough to listen to somebody who sings. I was very angry because of all these guys but when they came up on stage I forgot about everything. IGNITE started playing. Lots of songs from the new album as expected, but I like that album very much so I didn't complain :] The guys were very pleased that after so many great bands who sucked everything from us we were still dancing, making circle pits, jumping from the stage and singing almost every song with them. I wasn't such a big fan of Ignite but after this performance I am! They played also a song which they wrote while touring and it was hell of a good one :] After that 2 acoustic songs which we all sang and liked. And in that moment was the most unexpected thing. A 3-4 minute drum solo!!! We liked that too and screamed of joy. These guys made us like them so much that we could clap and scream even if they hadn't played anything. After 2 other songs from the favourite album they thanked us and I got to the stage to tell the vocalist how great they are.

After the show we were all silent and we were thinking about how great it all was and waited for almost an hour to get our tickets for the show signed from the guys from Death Before Dishonour, Born From Pain and Ignite. Well we got them signed we talked with the guys from the band we shaked our hands with them. Oh how great it was.
I had time to think about the show after that too because I had to walk home for 4 and a half hours because we all we had was almost a dollar with which we could get some water. It was a big walk home and when I came home I was sooo exhausted and died on the bed.

Now 14-15 hours later I woke up and I feel so great that I can now surely die happy!!

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happy birthday
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12 Apr 2008 - 20:34
Happy birthday man....hope you get loads of guitar stuff and books to read :)
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Toni Suominen
Thanks dude, and new lessons are coming, don't worry! :D Keep on rocking!
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