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23 May 2010
Well I have this problem for a long time now and it aint that bad but pretty anoying.
So I have a MacBookPro and a Podstudio UX-1.

I dont have any problems with them they both work fine but when I close my macbook and reopen it the sound from the ux just dont sound fine... I hear the music but with very much buzz, and playing Bass on it will result in heavy distorted sound.

Though when I restart my macbook (tooks 10 seconds tongue.gif) the problem is solved...
It aint that bad but normally I'm only putting my macbook out once or twice a week to let the updates install.

Anyone has the same problem?

O btw I'm using Mac OSX and it's not only in podfarm, if I play music in Itunes it's also distorted.
24 Oct 2009
Well I'm doing graphic design in school and now I have to make a cd cover for a band I like.
You guys would think, HEY a cd cover that aint hard ... well it is. tongue.gif Everything has to be perfect for the teachers, have to say why we used this and that and why the color etc etc.

So I've chosen for Korpiklaani because I really love them but I have one major problem ... the most of their songs are in Finnish so I cant understand them and I really need to know the lyrics for a good design.

The Album I will re-design is called "karkelo" and I allready know that means "party".

Could someone help me with translation of some lyrics? Here's the links to the lyrics site of the album. (it's the album on the bottom)

If someone would like to help me , really thanks in advance! smile.gif
12 Aug 2009
Well since I want to try some singing in the band (or atleast backing vocals) I will need a mic.
Now start the troubles ... laugh.gif

I dont know a ... about them, you can buy some for €19 and some for €400 but I want someting relative cheap.
Can someone recommend me some mic or give me some more information about them?
10 Aug 2009
Since I was there and on the camping we even met guys from the USA/Brasil/... I was wondering if someone from here was there.

So yes? What did you love about the festival, what bands/camping etc ...?

We had a lot of bands and like 80 000 people a day and are one of the biggest festivals in Europe!

Some vids!

We even got our own whirlwind! smile.gif (kings of leon on background)

4 Aug 2009
Original lesson:

Bass: Richwood
Line 6 UX1
Windows Movie Maker

I really enjoyed this lesson, hope you guys like it! smile.gif
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