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3 Feb 2007
In the guitar phrasing lesson, Part 1, you play a solo. Can I have the complete tab for that solo? I'm finding it really difficult to figure it out from your hand movements or by ear. Thanks. I'd appreciate it alot if you could make one, I'd love it infact.
19 Jan 2007

I was reading Kris' history, and during his death metal days he used a Steinberger. Now I've seen these guitars at work and they're really good. So I ordered a USA Select series yesterday.

Kris, What'd you think of them when you used them? Any good? How was the double-bell lock system for you?
18 Jan 2007
Basically all a Jam in dorian. I tried to incorporate every technique on GMC in this one.

I've covered Staccato, speed picking, Pedalling, sweeping, all types of phrasing and some really cool licks! Have a listen!

I've got the backing track for this if anyone's interested!

For those of you who don't like rapidshare, Link below.

Critique welcome!

Sorry about the bad quality again, best I can do with my amp sad.gif
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18 Jan 2007
Alright, This one is based on all the things I've learnt from 101 and partly from the solo guitar lessons. I've been playing for about 1.5-2 years.

So the solo starts off with a generic riff, goes into a solo-riff in unison/harmonised, this repeats x2 and then in the end I've put in alot of speed picking and sweep picking, enjoy. The main solo starts at 2:53

Sorry, I'm not big on adding drums and bass, so it's all guitar, but I've tried to make it sound good failing that.


or the rapidshare link below.

Tried adding it as an attachment, didn't work.
17 Jan 2007

I've been playing for about a year and a half now, and I get quite decent alternate picking speeds. I was already speed picking before I joined the site but I wanted to fine tune my skills.

I'm alright till a point where it all goes wrong.

I have a couple of questions I'd like answered.

1) According to this site, you should hold the pick at an angle to the strings. When I do that, the tone becomes really thin and the pick is scraping the string not picking it.

2) If I'm alternate picking, the notes won't be in smooth succession all the time. It's like one or two notes are out of place and timing and don't flow smoothly as I play a descending run. How do I correct this?

3) Thirdly, sometimes my right and left hands aren't synchronised correctly (Specially at higher speeds) and I usually play a run in a completely broken manner, again not smoothly. I desperately want to make my run sound smooth and without a hitch. Ie. Non-beginner-ish.

4) Damping the strings, How exactly do you do this? The way I'm doing it now I'm almost palm muting, which makes the tone basically nil and inaudible and not professional at all.

If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it alot! So Kris, Help!
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