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10 Feb 2016
So I really wanted to get better at guitar in 2016, but I find it REALLY hard to stick to a practice schedule.

I could learn two different techniques but never learn how to apply them together if that makes sense. So I was wondering, if I was learning a new song which has multiple techniques in it, could that be considered therefore learning that technique?

I was learning Overture 1928 and Summer Song for a while, and I felt guilty because thats ALL I did. But recently I've been thinking about just giving up on a practice schedule that I don't stick to and learn my favourite songs instead.

I'm pretty good, when learning songs, at thinking about what is going on in the song, not just blinding look at tabs etc, but I wanted to get your opinions on that.

Thinking about that while writing this, I guess this kinda reflects myself as a person! I never went to university and went straight into a job etc, guess I'm more ''doing'' than reading books etc tongue.gif
4 Feb 2016

I have inherited a bass guitar from my friend who is leaving the country for 6 months and I'd quite like to do some recording with it.

The problem is, I don't have an amp, so I was hoping to look into virtual amps. Does anyone have any experience with this? I will literally just be plugging the bass straight into my Focusrite and recording then applying effects etc after.

21 Nov 2015
I'm having total writers block.

Usually I can hear where I can take a song but I just CANT think of ANYTHING to go with this. The quality is terrible, my apologies I threw it together in 5 minutes as it came to me. It's based around E.

Any ideas? biggrin.gif
24 Apr 2015
Hi troops.

I have a chord progression which is in the key of D with two dominant chords. The chord progression is Emaj - G - F#Maj.

Now my theory isn't great, so I'm struggling with which scales to use over the solo. My initial thought was the F# Phrygian dominant scale, but then I realised that the Maj 3rd in F# is also the blues note in the E minor pentatonic scale. I don't actually have my guitar atm as I'm at work, but would this possibly fit? I don't see why not...

Also, arpeggios... How can I start thinking about those? I think my ear for notes is actually pretty good, but I suck with arpeggios.

Any input greatly appreciated! biggrin.gif
30 Mar 2015
Hey guys.

Recently a friend and I have endeavored to start a new band. We will be writing mostly progressive, space type music. The problem is, we are having difficulty finding a singer, and I personally would absolutely love to be able to do it. However, I really can't sing at all. I was just wondering if you guys think it would be worthwhile trying to improve my voice, or whether we should just persevere in our quest for a singer? Anyone here had a similar experience?

One of my favourite stories is Muse.. I heard a video of their earlier days and Matt was absolutely terrible. I personally love his voice, although a lot of people have issues with it.

Any advice would be great! haha
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