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5 Jun 2008
Hey everyone.

I have a Line6 Spider III amp, and apparently its an older version with the pedal input labeled "pedal" instead of "FBV pedal." I cannot find any sort of pedal for sale that is compatible anymore. I really wanted a way to change presets in mid song without having to buy a slew of pedals. We've been modifying songs our band does to add some flavor to beat up songs, but I'm usually stuck in the same setting throughout, unless theres a significant pause in the song.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of the older pedals line 6 made?

If not, what would you guys suggest. My only other idea was to buy a tubescreamer and switch back and forth from clean to disto... but that would pretty much be ying and yang, no?

Thanks in advance guys.
17 Apr 2008
These are my first impressions, because I've only logged about 10 hours of playing time on this thing.

Edit: Forgot to mention, thanks to Goliath for introducing me to this guitar via this thread

I'm kind of dissapointed at this point. I do believe I can get to the point where I'm not dissapointed, but comparing this to the les paul Im used to playing... I guess I set myself up for failure.

1. The sustain is far less than my les paul. I was expecting less sustain, but this is a dramatic change.
2. I have to push the strings down much harder than what I'm used to (maybe this has to do with the action or whatever, im not sure).
3. The EMG's (81/85) sound only a fraction hotter than the stock LP's with regards to distortion. Hopefully this is just a problem with my amp (Line 6 Spider III).

2 and 3 don't bother me much, because I'm sure I can find its groove and make the guitar work for me. But the sustain issue... This is bad me thinks.

The Pros:
1. Floyd rose baby! The dive bombs, squeals, and just incredible wacky noises you can make are awesome!
2. Looks great, the black cherry finish is fantastic. No picture does it justice
3. Its light, and thin, and the frets that are hard to reach on the LP are very easy reach on the Hellraiser
4. Contrary to popular "interwebz" beliefs... the cleans from the EMG on the neck are great (atleast on this particular guitar), much better sounding than my LP. They are warm and full, and even sound good when your aggressive with the pick on them.

So heres a few questions I'd like to ask.

I want this guitar to be in Drop C, locked in... and never change the tuning really. Only time I would even unlock it would be to change strings. Looking around the net, I've read numerous articles citing that you need to adjust springs, widen screw holes (?), block the bridge etc... What do you guys suggest?

Should I get this thing professionally set up? Should I take it somewhere, and list my problems, and see if a professional could help me out?

Here's a picture of the 2 ladies, vying for my attention now.
13 Feb 2008
I wrote this for Vday for my girlfriend, and also happens to be the first thing that isn't a doodle/improv

Just wanted to share, and give my thanks to the community. A month and a half ago I didn't know what a chord progression was, and really could only play tabs.

I think im a little off of time with my mixing, but it will come with more expiermenting
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5 Feb 2008
Hello GMCers

I have a few questions for you guys and would like you to share some opinions also

My guitar now (Gibson Les Paul) was a gift from my father (and hes been known to take it to gigs) so I really don't want to modify it regarding pickups. It also has no whammy bar! I have been in love with Ibanez RG models for a long time and have always wanted one, but the more research I do, the more things I hear from people that turn me down.

Now I am dead set on getting an EMG-81 in something because I just love the sound

So here are my questions

1. on the RGT42DXFM model, in order to change out the pickups to say EMG-81 bridge and 85 neck... would I need to buy another "aftermarket" single coil for the mid pick up?

2. I've heard that the whammy is sub par on these models, what do you guys think? I know nothing about the things.

3. I want to start my quest of mastering whammy harmonics, what do you guys think of this model and pick up selection for this.

Anyone have one of these models and care to share how they feel about it?

Thank you guys in advance smile.gif
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