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3 Feb 2020
So I am trying to learning Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction album as I know most of Rust in Peace. The issue is I have some trouble with songs like Five Magics(the intro riff), Poison was the cure(main riff) etc so I figured I would go with slower tracks first. I have one question about "Ashes in your Mouth" as the intro is something like this:

Attached Image

Does anyone actually play it like this? As in the E5(no octave) first and then the B perfect 4th following it? Same goes for the F single note chug followed by the C perfect 4th interval. In all the videos I have seen of people playing it it looks like they just hit an E5(with the octave) twice and then an F5(with octave) twice.

Which is the correct way? The riff seems much too fast to be able to hit those select notes with such accuracy, even before factoring in the palm mutes. Is there a lesson here for this track? Couldn't seem to find it. Thanks heaps in advance!
26 Nov 2016
Hey guys, so I've been trying to improve my metal rhythm skills and am having trouble with the fast down picking sections of Master of Puppets and creeping death. I find my picking hand becomes physically tired out even before the riff changes. I like to chug pretty hard on the low E string so that could be a factor. What can I do? I can record myself playing the riffs as I have a decent webcam but just don't know what software to use with it to record.
13 Dec 2015

For the life of me I can't seem to get these bends down whilst playing the subsequent notes after them. First tab is from Megadeth's "Architecture of aggression", second is from Smoke on the water and the last is from Pantera's Cemetery Gates. I have particular trouble when it comes to the last two where I bend and have to play notes on the high B and high E strings almost instantly. I use .011s on the high E string on a 25.5 scale neck which makes it a bit harder to bend the notes a whole step with just the middle and ring fingers(as the index is needed for the high B and E notes). What can I do? Is it just really hard to play these licks with .011s? It should be noted that I play with my thumb behind the neck most of the time but I bring it out over the neck for bends and vibrato. I noticed most of the guys that play these licks keep their thumb over the neck the whole time which I cannot do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
6 May 2014
Hey guys, just a few questions:

1) When I was learning to play, I learnt off the Metal Method DVD series. The teacher always said that if you were to play a chromatic run along one string with all four fingers, that all four fingers should remain on the frets. So the index finger stays on fret 5 even after the middle finger is placed on fret 6, ring on fret 7 etc. I understand that part. However should we still apply pressure the the fret with the previous fingers? Or we loosen them and let them just rest on the fret? If we were playing a run of A, A sharp, B and C on the low E string for example, would fingers 1,2 and 3 be applied to frets 5,6 and 7 while the pinky is fretting 8? Or do we relax the previous fingers and just rest them on the frets once we are done with them?

2) I've been attempting to lighten the pressure that my thumb exerts on the back of the neck because that creates tension in the arm and hinders movement. When playing scales it is fine, but is it normal to use thumb pressure in the back of the neck to assist in fretting notes for things like chords and legato? I know with things like barre chords it is pretty much essential to use pressure from the thumb to make sure all the notes are fretted but what about non-barre chords and legato? I find with legato that my thumb almost automatically digs in for some reason...

Thanks in advance! Really want to know about these two!
1 Sep 2013
Hey there guys smile.gif

A little bit about me, I can play solos like Don't Cry, Estranged, Nothing Else Matters, the first Master of puppets solo, first Welcome Home Sanitarium solo, Yesterdays etc and all those are about a 3 to 4 in difficulty on this website but I noticed there aren't too many '5's in the lessons section. I have trouble with solos like Mr Crowley, Enter Sandman, Tornado of souls(was relieved to find out it was an 8 on here hehe) etc. I think I need solos that bridge the gap. Any suggestions?
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