Guitar Chat: Megadeath, Dream Theater, pentatonic scale shifting etc. 2007-06-30
Kristofer Dahl
Jul 3 2007, 08:46 PM
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10:20:36 Boggi: hey
10:55:53 Gen: hey rob
10:56:27 Gen: *whip* boo!
10:56:31 Gen: sry lol
11:19:06 Gen: you are here?
11:29:06 Pavel: hey guys!
11:29:22 Gen: hey pavel!
11:29:27 Pavel: jumped in to see who's online
11:29:27 Gen: whats up
11:30:35 Gen: so, when are you gonna receive your 7 string?
11:31:03 Pavel: I am expecting it in october
11:31:25 Gen: cool
11:31:53 Gen: hey i saw megadeth and dream theater last wednesday!
11:31:56 Gen:
11:32:34 Gen: exellent show
11:32:49 Gen: and dave mustaine gave me his pick!
11:32:55 Pavel: hehe cool
11:32:58 Gen: yea
11:33:09 Pavel: he gave you or he thowed it in the crowd?
11:33:48 Gen: i was in the first range, hand he shook al peoples hand, and when he shook mine he gave me the pick!
11:33:53 Gen: all*
11:33:59 Pavel: haha cool
11:34:03 Gen: yea
11:34:28 Gen: and dream theater played all the images and words album
11:34:36 Gen: from the beginning to the end
11:34:49 Gen: and aslo some otheres songs from scenes from a memory
11:36:06 Pavel: i saw them 3 weeks ago and it was amazing
11:36:11 Pavel: they played all my favorite songs
11:36:17 Gen: great
11:36:22 Pavel: well i gotta run - see ya later
11:36:31 Gen: its weird to see petrucci for real hehe
11:36:34 Gen: okay cya
11:36:41 Pavel: i'm at my friend's place so i'll get back here when i get home
11:36:43 Pavel: bye
11:36:46 Gen: bye
11:43:35 icedern: Morning
11:43:40 Andrew Cockburn: morning
11:43:44 Andrew Cockburn: just missed Pavel I see
11:44:12 icedern: yah, looks like he just left
11:45:07 Andrew Cockburn: so what ya practicing at the moment?
11:45:42 icedern: Pentatonic scale shifting
11:46:17 Andrew Cockburn: cool
11:46:30 Andrew Cockburn: I'm practininc Pavels Alt Picking lesson 1
11:46:59 icedern: I watched that one the other night. that lookes like a good one
11:47:14 Andrew Cockburn: I'm playing it at about 1% of his speed so far!
11:47:29 Robin: Hi everyone
11:47:34 Andrew Cockburn: Hi!
11:47:39 Gen: hi guys
11:47:45 Andrew Cockburn: Its also a great way of getting into 3 note per string scales
11:47:50 Andrew Cockburn: hi gen
11:48:03 icedern: Hey guys
11:48:04 Gen: so, how is this jem andrew?
11:48:07 Gen:
11:48:40 Andrew Cockburn: Its like sharing your musical life with one of Toliens High Elves
11:49:08 icedern: lol
11:49:32 Gen: lol
11:49:33 Andrew Cockburn: That's very good BTW
11:49:55 Andrew Cockburn: Woohoo ! My Steve Vai tickets just arrived inthe Mail!!
11:50:20 icedern: dang, thats awesome
11:50:53 Gen: great!
11:51:07 Robin: Ohh nice
11:51:16 Robin: I have Steve Live in Astoria London
11:51:24 Robin: on DVD of course
11:51:31 Robin: would have been awesome to be at a live show with him
11:53:18 Andrew Cockburn: YEah, Tender Surrender on that is Freakin awesome!
11:53:23 icedern: yeah i agree..i've never seen him
11:53:48 Gen: wisphering a prayer is also great
11:54:02 Gen: wishpering*
11:54:02 Robin: I LOVE blood and glory on that DVD
11:54:05 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah - this will be my first time - October in Hartford Connecticut
11:54:07 Robin: its so powerfull and beautiful
12:05:20 Robin: Sooo... Whats up?
12:05:29 Robin: *meow*
12:05:43 Gen: not a lot
12:05:50 Gen: and you?
12:05:55 icedern: theres that cat that sounds like its in my ceiling
12:06:01 Gen: lol
12:06:10 Robin: Heh, same here. Listening to some Nile stuff the uncreator posted
12:06:17 Robin:
12:06:34 Andrew Cockburn: Alt picking ...
12:06:55 Andrew Cockburn: can only type once every time I get through the exercise
12:07:04 Gen: hehe
12:09:11 Robin:
12:12:01 icedern: What do you think of Nile?
12:12:13 Robin: its really good
12:12:18 Robin: I like it very much
12:12:42 icedern: yah they are very technical
12:12:46 Robin: I'm not really into much technical death metal, but I've always liked Nile, even though I havent been listennig to it much.
12:13:01 Robin: but now and then I stumble across a song, I like their style
12:13:38 Robin: the uncreator always post some awesome stuff
12:13:58 icedern: I saw them live once before they made it mainstream in this really small venue...they were fun to watch
12:14:43 Robin: cool
12:16:40 Andrew Cockburn: ok time for lunch -l8r guys
12:16:51 Gen: later man
12:16:58 Robin: bye
12:17:13 Robin: Hi
12:17:19 signularis: hello
12:25:14 icedern: whoops..missed him
12:28:02 Gen: hehe
12:28:27 icedern: i need food!
12:34:20 Gen: lol
12:55:03 icedern: LOL i was just reading your post about favorite band and saw your fav guitar player was dave wonder you were all excited when i told you guys last night about the wrist band
12:57:37 Robin: Actually I think you read The Uncreators post
12:57:43 Robin: I posted right under him
12:57:53 Robin: But iron maiden was my favorite band for 3 years straight
12:57:59 Robin: and dave murray is amazing
12:58:22 icedern: doh i did ;P
12:58:22 Robin: been to two maiden gigs myself btw. Going again next year
12:59:16 icedern: they do one hell of an awesome show
12:59:26 Robin: Indeed, they are amazinfg
13:03:56 Aaron: hey
13:04:18 icedern: hey Aaron
13:04:39 icedern: Hows it going
13:04:54 Robin: HI
13:04:57 Aaron: its been ok
13:05:11 Aaron: i kinda put the fuitar down for a whil
13:05:15 Aaron: gutar
13:05:21 Aaron: guitar
13:05:35 icedern: Yah, i had to eat
13:05:58 icedern: so taking a little break. Sometimes its the best thing to do..cram cram cram...then take a break and when you go back you nail it
13:06:17 Aaron: i meant that i havent played for a couple weeks
13:06:31 icedern: ooh
13:06:36 Robin: sometimes, if you practice the same thing for hours, it just gets worse and worse. But the next day it goes smooth always nice with a ittle break
13:06:38 Robin: little*
13:06:48 Robin: couple of weeks you say? ouch!
13:06:58 Aaron: i never thought of that
13:07:15 Aaron: yep. i needed a break
13:07:15 icedern: dang
13:07:44 Aaron: my guitar playing was getting worse so i took a couple weeks off
13:08:39 icedern: Sometimes that all you need is to sit it down a bit and take a break
13:10:14 Aaron: brb
13:29:39 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
13:29:46 Slammer: hello anyone here?
13:29:50 icedern: Hey Slammer
13:29:53 Slammer: LOL
13:29:57 Robin: Hi
13:30:04 Slammer: what's up guys?
13:30:28 Robin: Lol, I'm practicing with a online metronome, so the volume is a bit high, my heart almost jumped to the roof when you made those *meow" sounds
13:30:39 icedern: Just practicing a bit
13:30:50 Slammer: LOL LMFAO
13:31:02 Slammer: sorry abou that
13:31:13 Slammer: he's back!
13:31:16 Robin: haha no problem dude
13:31:45 Slammer: you guys from Europe?
13:31:59 icedern: I'm not. i'm in us
13:32:01 Robin: Yep, norway
13:32:08 Slammer: where in US?
13:32:11 Slammer: Texas?
13:32:14 Slammer: Cali?
13:32:17 Slammer: NY?
13:32:22 icedern: Central illinois
13:32:35 icedern: land of the cornfields lol
13:32:36 Slammer: I used to Live in St Louis
13:32:46 Slammer: not too far
13:32:53 icedern: I love st. louis
13:33:03 Slammer: Now I live in the MIA!
13:33:09 Robin: I wanna go on a vacation to Texas some day. And buy me self one of them cowboy hats
13:33:16 Slammer: Florida
13:33:20 icedern: lol
13:33:35 icedern: only been to florida once
13:34:03 Slammer: Yes, when we used to take Trips to Chicago.... I would almost die looking at those CornFields!
13:34:15 Slammer: BORING!!!
13:34:22 icedern: haha..yah it is
13:34:35 Slammer: do they have Cornfields in NOrway?
13:34:39 icedern: you probably came up 55 when you would go to chicago..i'm just outside of bloomington/normal
13:34:42 Robin: Of course
13:34:47 Robin: dont they everywhere?
13:34:57 Slammer: Alaska??
13:35:01 Slammer: maybe
13:35:22 icedern: doubt its hot enough haha
13:35:30 Robin: I live in the middle of alot of corn fields and forest, so yeah we do
13:35:41 Slammer: quite the Contrast
13:35:49 Slammer: FOREST
13:35:53 Slammer: Cornfields!
13:35:59 Robin: and mountains!
13:36:00 Robin:
13:36:02 icedern: Doh, i just broke my pick up switch
13:36:08 Slammer: NO!!
13:36:11 Robin: D'OH >_<
13:36:33 Slammer: how long yo've been Playing Icedern?
13:36:34 icedern: well, just the plastic part
13:36:52 Slammer: I'm guessing you have a Strat style guitar?
13:36:58 icedern: i've been playing guitar for about 11 years..but pretty much straight rhythm
13:37:08 icedern: Les paul
13:37:13 Slammer: LP!
13:37:24 Robin: Mmmm les paul. gimme
13:37:24 Slammer: My Pickup used to Break
13:37:29 Slammer: on my Strat
13:37:38 Slammer: Pickup Switch*
13:37:48 icedern: hehe, well its the poor mans les paul...the epiphone
13:37:55 Slammer: AHAHAH!
13:38:06 Slammer: LOL
13:38:23 Slammer: that what people do! they say I have a Les Paul!!
13:38:26 Robin: still, they look nice hows the sound of the ephiphone les pauls different to the gibsno btw?
13:38:32 Slammer: and people think Gibson
13:38:50 icedern: I found gibsons to be more bassy
13:38:59 Robin: hmm thought so
13:39:06 icedern: at least the ones ive played
13:39:10 Slammer: Yes!
13:39:39 icedern: I really haven't had any complaints about my epi
13:39:51 Slammer: Robin has a Ibanez!!
13:40:04 Robin: Uhm, no I dont I think you're mixing me with someone else
13:40:09 Slammer: LOL
13:40:21 Slammer: well most people on GMC do
13:40:43 Robin: I have something called Flibson. I bought it in a backalley when I was on vacation in Porugal
13:40:53 Robin: Flibson explorer. They said it was the real deal
13:41:02 icedern: lol
13:41:16 Robin: Nah I'm jsut joking I have Gibson explroer
13:41:25 Slammer: NOOOOOO!
13:41:29 Slammer:
13:41:37 icedern: that was funny...flibson
13:41:42 Slammer: yes
13:41:53 Robin: Hehe yeah.. You know theres so many cheap copies that steal Fender logos and stuch
13:42:01 Robin: its kinda fun
13:42:12 Slammer: yes and Body Style
13:42:18 Robin: yep
13:42:21 icedern: I've only played an explorer once. I liked it
13:42:29 Robin: I love it
13:42:30 icedern: what do you play slammer
13:42:47 Robin: I think its so easy to play. also like the sound, and it doesnt weigh much at all
13:42:49 Slammer: Fender Showmaster QMT HH
13:43:12 Robin: hmm havent even heard of that I'm a nub with gear, I've only heard of fender stratocaster and telecaster
13:43:29 icedern: I just don't know much about fenders
13:43:52 icedern: afk really fast
13:44:05 Slammer:
13:44:32 Robin: Oh my god I love the looks of your guitar
13:44:54 Slammer: yes it sounds pretty good too!
13:45:19 Robin: looked a bit unusual with that body design combined with the strat head
13:45:57 Slammer: I like to call it a Hybrid between a Les Paul and a Stratocaster
13:46:01 Slammer:
13:46:09 Robin:
13:46:33 Slammer: Although it has a Basswood Body
13:46:45 Slammer: that's what JEM is made out of
13:46:55 Slammer: and Most Ibanez Guitars
13:46:59 Robin: cool
13:47:04 icedern: cool
13:47:05 Robin: theres my guitar, somewhere in that thread
13:47:08 Robin: also my dads strat
13:48:12 Slammer: I love Gibson
13:48:23 Slammer: that's a Really Nice Strat there
13:48:33 Slammer: probably Plays like a Beauty
13:48:40 Robin: havent played it in a long time
13:48:44 Slammer: with a Sweet Sound
13:48:46 Robin: man I'm gonna get it right now, brb
13:48:53 icedern: do you like your line 6?
13:48:56 Robin: havent played it for 4 years or something
13:49:00 Slammer: who?
13:49:04 Robin: talking to me? No I dont
13:49:48 Slammer: *whip*
13:49:52 icedern: slammer
13:50:01 Slammer: Yes I do Actually
13:50:18 Slammer: with my Guitar, you can get some Sweet Sounds out of that thing
13:50:21 icedern: Almost bought one
13:50:47 Slammer: yeah
13:51:04 icedern: ended up buying a Vox VT
13:51:13 Slammer: that's cool too
13:51:29 Robin: Man I'm playing the strat now! Cant remember that it was this awesome
13:51:35 Slammer: LOL
13:51:36 Robin: I was a newbie last time I played it.
13:51:42 icedern: haha
13:51:45 Slammer: Yes I love Strats
13:52:03 Robin: I like my exlporer best though. I've never ever tried anything like it. its so comfortable
13:53:16 Slammer: exlporer??
13:53:21 Slammer: LOL JK JK
13:53:24 Robin: explorer* typo
13:53:31 Slammer: I know just kidding
13:53:57 Slammer: I like Strats becuse They Easier to bend for blues and Stuff
13:54:00 icedern: i'm looking at getting a 7 string for my next guitar
13:54:15 icedern: I want that Low B
13:54:17 Slammer: 7 String!
13:54:22 Slammer: Yes
13:54:29 Slammer: you like to play Metal?
13:54:36 Robin: Woohoo I sound like SRV now
13:54:41 icedern: Yeah
13:54:45 icedern: haha
13:54:49 Slammer: figuesd
13:54:56 Robin: I play in a black metal band, if you were asking both.
13:55:13 Slammer: most people do like to play
13:55:16 Slammer: Metal
13:55:26 Slammer: Black Metal
13:56:15 Slammer: I prefer Thrash
13:56:27 Slammer: Lite stuff like Metallica
13:56:29 icedern: I like all kinds of stuff, just depends on my day
13:56:29 Robin: I love thrash aswell
13:57:07 Slammer: you guys like Nu Metal?
13:57:17 Robin: I hate it
13:57:23 icedern: I'm not a big fan, no
13:57:44 Slammer: Alive by POD is a Pretty good Nu Metal song I think
13:57:56 icedern: i mean, i've heard some stuff that i don't mind...but most of it is crap
13:58:21 icedern: yah I think thats one i don't mind listening to
13:58:35 Slammer: do you guys like bands like Creed?
13:58:37 Slammer: LOL
13:58:47 Robin: not really
13:58:49 icedern: *vomits*
13:58:51 Slammer: LOL
13:59:03 Slammer: what about Alterbridge?
13:59:12 Robin: Never heard of
13:59:20 Slammer: never>
13:59:23 Slammer: ??
13:59:31 icedern: hmm, i don't think i have either
14:00:14 Slammer: AlterBridge is Basically Creed without their Singer... but Now the Guitarist Plays a bunch of Crazy Fast Solos
14:00:59 icedern: oh yah i heard they had a new badn
14:01:01 Slammer: new Singer
14:01:04 icedern: band
14:01:20 icedern: I'll have to check it out
14:01:48 Slammer:
14:01:50 Slammer: LOL
14:02:31 Slammer: he could never do that in Creed
14:03:43 Slammer: *slap*
14:03:53 icedern: lol
14:04:10 Slammer: Robin has Fell Asleep
14:04:26 Robin: Hi again
14:04:28 Robin:
14:04:30 Slammer:
14:04:58 Slammer: him and his Gibson went Exploring
14:05:03 Robin:
14:05:05 Robin: Indeed
14:05:15 icedern: exploring some licks
14:05:20 Slammer: yes
14:05:45 Slammer: I'm guessing Robin is 22 and Icedern is 25!
14:05:55 Robin: Age?
14:05:58 Slammer: yes!
14:06:04 Robin: I'm 18
14:06:07 icedern: close, 27
14:06:17 Slammer: Close enough
14:06:28 Slammer: I'm only 12!
14:06:35 Robin: really? kewl!
14:06:41 Slammer: 6 years ago
14:06:42 Robin: good that you discovered GMC this early
14:06:46 Robin: Aha!
14:06:49 Slammer: LOL
14:07:07 icedern: haha, i was about to say thats amazing
14:07:08 Robin: got me there høhø
14:07:27 Robin: we can several 12-14 year old players on GMC actually. thats pretty amazing
14:07:30 Slammer: LOL
14:07:32 Robin: we got*
14:07:36 Robin: typo >-<
14:07:46 icedern: wish i got started at that age doing this
14:08:06 Slammer: Robin and I put together, are 9 years older than Iceman!
14:08:08 Robin: indeed. Or, actually I did. But I was so stupid. Didnt get any good before I discovered GMC
14:08:14 Robin: Hurray
14:08:39 Slammer: hey, Icedern I hope you don't mind me calling you Iceman
14:08:40 icedern: haha
14:08:48 icedern: nah, thats cool with me
14:08:58 Slammer: cuz I like to give ppl nicknames
14:09:04 Slammer: LOL
14:09:07 Robin:
14:09:45 Slammer: Robin is Already a Girls name.... sO I don't have anything for him
14:09:45 icedern: reminds me of top gun
14:09:48 icedern: ice man
14:09:53 Robin: Haha
14:09:58 Robin: its not a girls name in norway
14:10:14 Slammer: Batman and Robin!
14:10:19 Slammer: no
14:10:20 Robin: Indeed.
14:10:21 Robin: or RObin Hood
14:10:28 icedern: Its my fiance's name
14:10:28 Slammer: Iceman and Robin!!
14:10:32 Slammer: LOL
14:10:37 icedern: lol
14:10:46 Slammer: Damn pwnd
14:10:57 Robin: Dont got anythnig for slammer
14:11:06 Slammer: nope
14:11:11 Slammer: already a Nickname
14:11:19 Slammer: names Sam
14:11:30 Slammer: but I'm the Slammer
14:11:41 Slammer: HEY it's like Wrestling Names!!
14:11:52 Slammer: the Slammer vs. the Iceman!
14:11:56 Robin: heha
14:12:14 icedern: haha
14:12:17 Slammer: and Robin is the Girl Wrestler!
14:12:27 Slammer: LOl
14:12:39 Robin: Well I got long hair and I'm born and the "womens day", 8. march close enough!
14:12:47 Robin: and got a girls name, outside norway atleast
14:12:59 Robin: maybe I should get a sex change operation while I'm at it.
14:13:00 Slammer: Damn I was only kidding....... I didn't know!
14:13:10 Slammer: GoodBye
14:13:28 Robin: you leaving?
14:13:37 Slammer: your Scaring Me
14:13:41 Robin: hahaha
14:13:44 Robin: I'm joking god damnit
14:13:49 Slammer: me too!
14:13:51 Slammer: LOL
14:13:54 Robin: Hurray
14:14:06 icedern: I'm playing
14:14:12 Slammer: with Robin??
14:14:14 Slammer: LOL
14:14:17 Robin:
14:14:19 Slammer: sorry
14:14:21 icedern: cherry
14:14:27 Robin: I'm playing with my guitar actually
14:14:29 icedern: thats my guitars name
14:14:47 Robin: kewl
14:14:57 Slammer: I'm thinking about naming my Guitar Bitch
14:15:03 icedern: Memny was my Black SG
14:15:10 Slammer: so I can say....where's my Bitch!
14:15:14 Slammer: LOL
14:15:32 Robin:
14:15:39 Slammer: Just Kidding guys
14:15:39 icedern: there are a lot places you could go with that
14:15:59 Slammer: "don't want anyone to Misunderstand me"
14:16:08 Robin: Heha
14:16:13 Robin: no problem dude
14:16:16 Slammer: Just Kidding Kristofer!
14:16:16 Robin: its fun
14:16:22 Robin: Haha
14:16:26 Slammer: It's true
14:16:33 Slammer: I'm a good boy!
14:16:37 Slammer:
14:16:44 Robin: good
14:17:02 Slammer: iceman and Robin are a bad influence on me
14:17:10 Robin: Haha yeeeah blame us
14:17:15 Slammer: yes!
14:17:16 icedern: sorry, had a phone call
14:17:20 icedern: haha
14:17:26 Slammer: talking to Robin?
14:17:40 icedern: no, she is in iraq
14:17:43 icedern:
14:18:04 Slammer: I thought Norway?
14:18:10 Slammer: OH wait...
14:18:12 Slammer: nvm
14:18:15 Robin: who are we talking about? O_o
14:18:23 icedern: lol, my fiance
14:18:23 Slammer: JK
14:18:25 Slammer: LOL
14:18:32 Slammer: I'm a Big Joker
14:18:38 Slammer: most of what I say
14:18:40 Slammer: is Crap
14:18:43 Robin: hahah
14:18:50 Slammer: but It's fun
14:18:58 Robin: hmjæ
14:19:25 Slammer: hmjae?
14:19:38 icedern: norwegian keyboards
14:19:47 Robin: æøå
14:19:49 Robin:
14:19:59 Slammer: qwerty
14:20:06 Slammer: US keyboard!
14:20:14 Robin: qwerty indeed
14:20:41 icedern: §
14:20:50 Slammer: Iceman are you a Cubs fan?
14:20:56 Slammer: or White Sox?
14:21:02 icedern: Negative
14:21:05 icedern: Cards
14:21:11 Slammer: WHAT
14:21:21 Slammer: but that is a Sacrilidge
14:21:25 icedern: yessir
14:21:32 Slammer: you're from Ill
14:22:04 icedern: yah have always been cards fan
14:22:04 Slammer: I used to be A Huge Cards fan
14:22:15 Slammer: back in the Big Mac days
14:22:23 Slammer: 98 99 00
14:22:27 Slammer: 2000
14:22:34 Slammer: but then I moved
14:22:56 Slammer: My new team Won the WS in 2003
14:23:03 Slammer: so It's not too bad
14:23:10 Slammer:
14:23:13 icedern: oh so youre a marlins fan now
14:23:24 icedern:
14:23:25 Slammer: why yes... since 2001.
14:23:48 icedern: Robin's like, stupid american sport
14:23:52 Slammer: Hey, even though they suck... they are doing better then the Cards
14:23:57 Slammer:
14:23:58 Robin: Indeed >_<
14:24:01 Slammer: LOL
14:24:13 Slammer: it's better than that silly Soccer Stuff
14:24:17 Slammer: or football
14:24:21 Slammer: as you call it
14:24:26 Robin: I dont like sports in general, so I'm really into this conversation yeees.
14:24:28 Slammer:
14:24:35 icedern: Norwegians are fishermen
14:24:38 Robin: Haha
14:24:47 Slammer: Stereotype no.1
14:25:00 Robin:
14:25:03 icedern: hehe
14:25:26 Slammer: People from Kentucky don't have teeth.... TRUE!!
14:25:42 Robin: Americans eat at MacDonalds. Thats the stereotype of an american
14:25:58 icedern: blucky
14:26:00 Slammer: it's true
14:26:03 Slammer: Sadly
14:26:11 Robin: Well, actually. The whole world do
14:26:27 Robin: I hate macdonalds, its not food, its just some stuff with a little water taste in it
14:26:27 Slammer: that's why We have the Fattest Asses in the World
14:26:36 Robin: Indeed :/
14:26:45 Robin: Fish on the other hand, is healthy!
14:26:51 Slammer: I prefer Wendys!
14:26:59 Slammer: We Have Long John Silvers!
14:27:08 icedern: id eat fish everyday if i could
14:27:30 Slammer: hey, you know... I haven't eaten at Jack in the Box since I left St. Louis
14:27:42 Slammer: Damn...
14:27:47 icedern: we don't have em around here where i live
14:27:52 Slammer: you don't
14:27:54 Slammer: ?
14:28:06 Slammer: you where I haven't been either.... QT!
14:28:11 Slammer: I miss QT
14:28:35 Slammer: coolest Gas Station ever
14:28:43 icedern: QT
14:29:08 Slammer: yes
14:29:21 icedern: never heard of it
14:29:24 Slammer: you ever been to Granite City?
14:29:33 icedern: Through it
14:29:38 Slammer: LOl
14:29:46 Slammer: Robin Dead of Boredom
14:30:01 Robin: Haha, nah I'm playing guitar while reading
14:30:16 Slammer: ok then I keep putting you guys to Sleep
14:30:30 Slammer: Icey is your new nickname!
14:30:38 Slammer: it's easier to type
14:30:51 Slammer: LOL
14:30:59 icedern: ice
14:31:04 icedern: i
14:31:10 Slammer: no but it's not a Nickname
14:31:13 Slammer: Icey
14:31:18 Slammer: YEAH!!
14:31:50 icedern: haha
14:32:17 Slammer: who are the Cards Playing tonight??? (test)
14:32:47 Slammer: I bet he's checking
14:32:51 icedern: i'm not sure
14:32:55 icedern: i could look though
14:33:03 Slammer: NO you Fail!!
14:33:15 Slammer: LOL
14:33:28 icedern: I'm not going to be watching anyway. Going to a beer tasting tonight
14:34:04 Slammer: In Central Illinois.... there could be some Stereotypes here.... but I'll pass!
14:34:24 icedern: oh, i'm sure there are
14:34:38 icedern: like badasses, gods of everything...stuff like that
14:34:48 icedern: kidding
14:34:57 Slammer: We all went down to Billy Bob's house.... and Shared a Beer!
14:35:04 Slammer: LOL
14:35:09 Slammer: just kidding
14:35:18 icedern: that would be tennessee i think
14:35:47 Slammer: Oh sorry... you went to Billy Bob's Trailer!
14:35:55 Slammer: LOL
14:35:58 Slammer: JK JK
14:36:04 icedern: exactly
14:36:13 Slammer: don't listen to me I'm full of Crap
14:36:21 Slammer: Robin Left cuz he got offended
14:36:38 Slammer: poor guy
14:36:56 Slammer: See, I knew it
14:37:03 Slammer: *slap* *meow*
14:37:10 Robin: Huh what?
14:37:12 icedern: oops
14:37:19 Slammer: It's not nice to Make fun of people... Icey left
14:37:22 Slammer: Oh nvm
14:37:25 Slammer:
14:37:28 Robin:
14:37:44 Robin: I'm just reading the forums while taking a break from the horrible metronome
14:37:56 icedern: click click click click
14:38:00 Robin: so I might be a bit afk sometimes just *slap* me and I'll be right here
14:38:45 Slammer: yes
14:39:12 Robin: omg smithers whats happening??
14:39:19 Robin: private chat keeewl
14:39:29 Slammer: LOL
14:39:33 Robin: yeah I have a spider 2
14:39:41 Robin: dont like it
14:39:47 icedern: what
14:39:49 Robin: I think the sound gets a bit fake and plastic
14:40:07 Robin: Slammer talk to me in here please! not private
14:40:09 Slammer: Hey
14:40:14 Robin: Hi
14:40:17 Pantalaimon: hi
14:40:22 icedern: Hey there
14:40:22 Slammer: I'm just testing it out Robin
14:40:28 Robin: ah allright
14:40:33 Slammer:
14:41:07 Slammer: what up Panty?
14:41:09 icedern: Whats up Pantalaimon
14:41:22 Pantalaimon: haha nothin really, I was just checkin out what this chat thing was all about
14:41:24 Robin: panty... *giggle*. yuo and your nicknames
14:41:33 Pantalaimon: if people actually come in here and such
14:41:42 Robin: people sure do
14:41:46 icedern: yep
14:41:49 Pantalaimon: good to know
14:41:52 Slammer: Icedern is Icey, Pantalaimon is Panty!
14:41:59 Pantalaimon: ha
14:42:09 Pantalaimon: I've never heard that one before (sarcasm)
14:42:16 Slammer: it's easier to type
14:42:27 Pantalaimon: usually they just call me Pan
14:42:28 Slammer: is that your name in Real life?
14:42:30 Pantalaimon: no
14:42:31 Pantalaimon: haha
14:42:39 Pantalaimon: Pantalaimon is a character from a book
14:42:43 Slammer: but Panty is funner!
14:42:47 Slammer: LOL
14:42:51 Slammer: LMao
14:42:55 Pantalaimon: a book that's going to be a feature film soon actually
14:43:14 Slammer: which Book?
14:43:40 Pantalaimon: well, it's a trilogy really but the first one - The Golden Compass - is going to be coming to theatres this december
14:43:44 Pantalaimon: at least in America it is
14:43:50 Slammer: you in America?
14:43:53 Pantalaimon: yea
14:43:54 icedern: really? Fantasy?
14:43:58 Slammer: NY?
14:44:01 Pantalaimon: yea kinda icedern
14:44:04 Slammer: Texas?
14:44:07 Pantalaimon: Texas
14:44:10 Slammer: Cali!
14:44:13 Robin: texas? keeeewl!
14:44:22 Pantalaimon: yea, Austin, TX to be exact
14:44:25 icedern: Robin wants a cowboy hat
14:44:29 Robin: ohh lord
14:44:30 Robin: indeed
14:44:30 Slammer: Icey is from Illinois
14:44:32 Robin: I do
14:44:33 Pantalaimon: I don't really like 95% of texas
14:44:36 Pantalaimon: only Austin
14:44:37 Slammer: I from Florida
14:44:42 Pantalaimon: haha I used to live in FL
14:44:48 Slammer: Where?
14:44:51 Slammer: North?
14:44:51 Pantalaimon: and I'm gonna be movin to Chicago in a year
14:44:59 Pantalaimon: Brandon (Valrico) by Tampa
14:45:09 Slammer: oh yeah... I'm down in Miami
14:45:14 Pantalaimon: gotchya
14:45:25 Slammer: you do?
14:45:33 Pantalaimon: haha
14:46:00 Slammer: akward moment of Silence
14:46:03 Slammer: ......
14:46:04 Pantalaimon: indeed
14:46:13 Slammer: Well how long you've been Playing>?
14:46:16 Slammer: ?
14:46:24 Pantalaimon: seriously - not long - about 8 months
14:46:29 Slammer: oh yeah
14:46:33 Pantalaimon: but I got my first guitar about 4 years ago
14:46:33 Slammer: Muris!
14:46:35 Robin: Ahoyhoy
14:46:35 Slammer: is here
14:46:48 Slammer: We finally got a Instructor!
14:46:50 Slammer: in here
14:46:50 muris: hi guys
14:46:53 icedern: Hey Muris
14:46:54 Pantalaimon: hi
14:47:11 Slammer: Muris is Cool, I want to Be Like Muris!!
14:47:19 muris: what are you talking about,girls or notes?
14:47:24 muris:
14:47:41 icedern: haha
14:47:59 Robin: we are talking about american stuff 8)
14:48:12 muris: I see
14:48:13 Pantalaimon: hehe
14:48:29 Slammer: yes, Probably boring for you guys
14:48:39 Pantalaimon: where are you guys from?
14:48:44 Robin: "you guys"? Isnt everyone in here from USA except me?
14:48:54 Slammer: Muris isn't
14:48:55 Robin: I'm from Norway.
14:48:56 Pantalaimon: murs?
14:48:58 Robin: ah ok
14:49:14 Pantalaimon: norway wow
14:49:21 Robin: NORTH norway even
14:49:27 Pantalaimon: is it cold haha?
14:49:28 Slammer: *whip*
14:49:29 Robin: its quite cold here right now.
14:49:31 Robin: yes
14:49:39 Pantalaimon: does it ever get warm?
14:49:43 Robin: we have had about 1 week with real summer >_<
14:49:46 muris: Robin and I will step a side
14:49:52 Pantalaimon: it's like 99 degrees Fahrenheit here right now
14:49:55 Robin: it sure do, but only when its sunny. And so far this summer have sucked
14:49:58 icedern: Robin is from the land of snow and ice
14:50:01 Robin:
14:50:05 Slammer: NO, you guys are the Pros!
14:50:17 Robin: fahrenheit, where is that again?
14:50:32 Slammer: I'm am the Novice! I need to learn from you Masters!
14:50:32 Pantalaimon: haha America, we have stupid measurements here
14:50:33 Pantalaimon: i know
14:50:40 icedern: thats like high 30s or 40 c i think
14:50:48 Pantalaimon: yea like 40c
14:50:49 Robin: really? sounded like germany
14:51:20 Pantalaimon: it's 37.222 C
14:51:37 Pantalaimon: to be completely exact
14:51:43 icedern: cool close guess. Only time i ever used C was in New Zealand
14:51:46 Robin: 11 C atm here >_<
14:51:48 Slammer: Weather Chat!!
14:51:56 Pantalaimon: haha
14:52:05 Slammer: it beats the Heck outta Guitar
14:52:05 Robin: in the middle of the god damn summer
14:52:09 muris: cool,girls and weather
14:52:17 Slammer: YES!
14:52:20 Slammer: nothing better
14:52:28 Slammer: Esp. Here in Miami!
14:53:06 Slammer:
14:53:12 Robin: kewl
14:53:29 muris: probably
14:54:02 Slammer: Awkward moment of Silence
14:54:10 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
14:54:11 icedern: *whip*
14:54:15 Slammer: wake up
14:54:17 Slammer: People
14:54:20 Robin: *meow*
14:54:22 muris: so how is your playing going?
14:54:28 Slammer: um who???
14:54:32 Slammer: LOL
14:54:34 muris: all of you
14:54:45 Slammer: Well, It's going Great for me
14:54:47 Robin: going good. Currently practicing a instrumental song I made. blues/Rock
14:54:48 icedern: Mines going well
14:54:57 Slammer: sweet I love Blues
14:55:00 Slammer: and Rock
14:55:06 muris: any samples to hear?
14:55:08 Robin: Indeed
14:55:19 Robin: who?
14:55:24 Slammer: yes Robin?
14:55:34 muris: anybody
14:55:41 Robin: I need to practice it more before I can record it
14:55:44 Slammer: well I have some
14:55:46 Robin: I find it really hard. some of it
14:55:54 muris: that's fair tho
14:55:55 icedern: we have some stuff on our myspace
14:55:56 Slammer: But I'm embarresed
14:56:04 muris: any help from my lesson?
14:56:04 Robin: haha:
14:56:12 muris: or you're more into shred?
14:56:13 icedern:
14:56:23 Robin: sorry dude, I havent had time to check it out. I watched it though, AWESOME stuff
14:56:40 Slammer: I'm more a BLues -Rock Player Myself
14:56:44 Robin: = my band
14:56:51 icedern: I've just been a rhythm player so your stuff is to far advanced for me yet muris hehe
14:57:07 muris: that's cool
14:57:11 icedern: cool, we'll add you as a friend
14:57:23 Pantalaimon: = the band that I was in last yar, I just did vocals though. I wasn't a guitar player in this band. I wrote lyrics and vocals
14:57:25 Robin: strength of beer, awesome name
14:57:49 Slammer: hey Robin...
14:58:00 icedern: my friend who started it was big into lifting and his last name is beer
14:58:15 icedern: and we love our beers haha
14:58:17 Robin: Icedern, you look like The incredible Hulk!
14:58:36 icedern: lol thats not me, thats the bass palyer
14:58:40 icedern: player
14:58:43 Robin: Ah ok
14:58:47 Robin: Yes slammer?
14:58:50 icedern: i'm the wimpy dude with the tattoo
14:59:05 Slammer: I recorded this a Long time Ago... when I was just Starting.... It was the first thing I ever Recorded(so the Quality sucks) but
14:59:17 Slammer: on the Bottom
14:59:36 Slammer: It sucks but... It's one of the only things I got
14:59:38 Slammer: so far
15:00:02 Robin: quality isnt that bad
15:00:08 Robin: sounds good, well played
15:00:23 Slammer: well that was 2 years ago or so
15:00:35 Robin: Ah mkay
15:00:40 Slammer: But I was experimenting with too much delay LOL
15:01:20 Slammer: anyways when are you gonna put some songs up Robin?
15:02:04 Slammer: *slap*
15:02:16 Robin: yes
15:02:23 Pantalaimon: *listening to everyone's bands*
15:02:23 Robin: I have a oneman band
15:02:36 Slammer: LOL
15:02:38 Slammer: cool
15:02:41 Slammer: me too
15:02:42 Robin: But check out my myspace/(linked above). Creep Colony, my band
15:03:01 Robin: I have currently recorded 1 song myself, but gonna do the drums again and still missing vocals
15:03:15 muris: slammer
15:03:18 Robin: the drums are homemade btw. I also have another song dnoe, but I need to practice it more before I can record it
15:03:29 muris: got something to say
15:03:29 muris: more like advice
15:03:53 Slammer: Black metal
15:03:59 Slammer: robin
15:04:05 muris: this is in g minor key right?
15:04:12 Slammer: ok muris?
15:04:31 Pantalaimon: my band (linked above) had 8 songs - 5 went onto an EP that we recorded at this divey studio in Downtown Austin, 2 were unrecorded, and 1 was unfinished. the four songs on the myspace are all from the EP - I wrote the lyrics for Candid Pose and The Styrofoam Cup Symphony
15:04:35 Robin: yes slammer
15:04:52 Slammer: yeah... but man Like I said that was over 2 years ago and I did it on One Take...
15:04:53 muris: you were playing lots of pentatonic which is cool
15:05:12 Slammer: I couldn't play much back then
15:05:20 Robin: My band have near 60 songs. (bragging )
15:05:25 muris: of course
15:05:26 Pantalaimon: wow
15:05:32 Slammer: but Advice is Good
15:05:33 Robin: More than that if you count our early Iron Maiden days
15:05:39 muris: just to notice what'll make your playing smoother
15:05:44 Pantalaimon: how long have you been a band?
15:05:50 Slammer: ok
15:06:03 muris: dont lay down on note g all the time
15:06:03 Robin: talking to me? Uhm, about 2 or 3 years now.
15:06:20 Robin: But me and the drummer had this Iron Maiden thing goin on before that. We had about 7-8 songs
15:06:23 muris: specialy when chord Bb major is played
15:06:28 Pantalaimon: yea my old band was only a band for like a year/year-and-a-half
15:06:35 Robin: ah ok
15:06:47 muris: try Bb or D
15:06:50 Slammer: yeah...Thanks
15:07:09 muris: but you probably know this suff by now,right?
15:07:13 muris:
15:07:22 Slammer: I wish I would have known that back in 2005
15:07:24 Slammer: LOL
15:07:39 icedern: afk a bit, riffmeisters..gotta get ready for this beer tasting thingy
15:07:40 Slammer: Andrew theory lessons really help
15:07:52 muris: yes
15:08:04 muris: must listen to the chord progression
15:08:26 Slammer: Back then all I knew was that it was in Gm! LOL
15:08:36 Slammer: but it's cool, thanks
15:08:50 muris: got ya
15:09:15 muris: how about modes?
15:09:25 Slammer: Maybe one day I'll be Like Muris, Then I can tell Chord Progressions by Ear!
15:09:30 Slammer: Sweet
15:09:34 muris: those basic 7
15:09:39 Slammer: who me?
15:09:52 muris: you and rest of you
15:10:19 Slammer: Well, I haven't used them much in my Blues Playing
15:10:27 muris: ahh
15:10:28 Slammer: but I have them in book
15:10:33 muris: blues is full of them
15:10:35 Pantalaimon: Joe (me) is hungry, I'm out - gotta go feed my stomach
15:10:41 Slammer: Ok dude cya
15:10:41 Robin: to be honest, I'm not even sure what modes are? Some theory stuff atleast
15:10:47 Pantalaimon: peace
15:10:52 muris: point is
15:10:56 Slammer: Modes of the Major Scales!
15:10:59 Slammer: right?
15:11:07 muris: you all are playing then here and there
15:11:16 Slammer: Like Mixolydian
15:11:17 muris: well
15:11:22 Slammer: I play sometimes
15:11:26 muris: yes
15:11:29 Slammer: in My BLues
15:11:37 muris: but i have a bit different aproach
15:11:43 Slammer: Jimmy Page used them
15:11:58 Robin: I suck at theory so I dont know, but I add alot of "blue notes" to the pentatonic scale
15:12:24 Robin: I'd like to learn more theory, but I'm lazy when it comes to that
15:12:25 muris: those are cromatic passes,right?
15:12:35 muris: i talk about modes
15:12:48 Robin: haha, I dont know the difference
15:12:50 Slammer: Ionian is the Major Scale right?
15:12:54 Slammer: LOL
15:13:00 Slammer: we're Newbs
15:13:02 Robin: All that I dont know is theory in my eyes haha!
15:13:24 Robin: Hmm I'm a newb yes, but my playing is not newbish.
15:13:24 muris: good thing is to notice what is difference between some modes and major/minor scale
15:13:59 Slammer: AIB123!
15:14:03 AIB234: hahaha
15:14:05 muris: ionian and aeolian have no difference
15:14:05 AIB234: Hey everyone
15:14:10 Slammer: YES!
15:14:15 muris: they are like major and minor
15:14:16 Slammer: I have no idea...
15:14:22 Slammer:
15:14:29 muris: but what about the others?
15:14:38 Slammer: Lydian!
15:14:48 Slammer: IDK
15:14:51 Slammer:
15:14:59 muris: yes,tell me
15:15:09 Slammer: tell you what?
15:15:16 Slammer: ???
15:15:24 muris: about lydian
15:15:47 Slammer: well if you remove the n it spells Lydia!
15:15:52 Slammer: LOL
15:15:56 Slammer: sorry man
15:16:02 Slammer: I suck at Theory
15:16:10 Slammer: I'm stupid
15:16:18 Slammer: :?
15:16:31 Robin: Well, maybe not stupid, just lazy like me
15:16:43 muris: i was trying to help
15:16:53 muris: no point ha
15:17:08 Slammer: I don't know much about the Modes... I wish I did
15:17:34 muris: what do you know about dorian?
15:17:42 muris: hoiw can you find it?
15:17:59 Slammer: umm... Well In my book it says it is used in Jazz playing...
15:18:08 muris: it is
15:18:12 Slammer: ok!
15:18:19 muris: and in blues as well
15:18:25 Slammer: brb
15:18:45 Slammer: ok
15:18:58 Slammer: back
15:19:10 Robin: gabriels blues licks lessons are great, he use mixolydian there I think. It sounds really cool, I guess I should learn some of that stuff
15:19:27 Slammer: the Dorian mode is D to D Over D minor!
15:19:45 muris: yeah
15:19:52 muris: but what from D to D?
15:19:53 Slammer: *got my book*
15:19:59 muris: all cromatic?
15:20:50 Slammer: I don't know
15:21:05 muris: yes you do
15:21:30 Slammer: the 6th note is Sharpened!
15:22:00 muris: you ARE funny guy
15:22:03 Slammer: Hey where did everyone else go??? you leave me here! *whip* *slap* *meow*
15:22:18 muris:
15:22:20 Robin: Still here, I'm just to cluesless to open my mouth
15:22:28 Robin: clueless*
15:22:29 Slammer: He's interogating me
15:22:38 Robin: haha
15:22:45 Slammer: AIB234!! where are you at???
15:22:54 Slammer: *whip* *whip* *slap* *slap*
15:23:03 AIB234: on phone
15:23:10 Slammer: damn...
15:23:35 icedern: hah, i was shaving my head and the song "The song of lydia" by nevermore came on..i wonder if they use the lydian in that ;P
15:23:47 Slammer: Maybe!
15:24:00 icedern: *psalm
15:24:18 Slammer: does Icey know about Theory??
15:24:36 muris: it was easier to say i'm good with modes
15:24:49 icedern: pff, not near as much as I should
15:24:51 muris: again,just wanted to help
15:24:52 muris: no worries
15:25:13 Slammer: oh no... Your Great, It's just I'm dumb
15:25:14 icedern: But thats why i signed up to this GMC
15:25:29 Slammer: when it comes to Theory.
15:25:41 Slammer: But thanks for the Advice
15:25:56 Slammer:
15:26:16 muris: pleasure is all mine
15:26:31 Slammer: you've been making new lessons?
15:26:46 muris: sure
15:27:07 Slammer: do you sing?
15:27:26 muris: of course,but not in lessons
15:27:30 Slammer: LOl
15:28:07 Slammer: Hey, If I had a Song... with a Chord Progression of, C, Am, F,G what would be a Good Scale to play over it?
15:28:19 muris: singing is too important for playing
15:28:29 muris: it takes big part inside
15:28:31 Slammer: I've only used the C major scale
15:29:12 muris: there are many to play over it
15:29:30 muris: but most common and Cmaj/A min
15:29:35 muris: yep,you're right
15:29:38 Slammer: it's a Slow Ballad song
15:29:58 muris: you got it
15:30:05 Slammer: cool,
15:30:11 Slammer: do you play the Keyboard?
15:30:16 Slammer: or Piano?
15:30:24 muris: sure
15:30:30 Slammer: and Drums?
15:30:37 muris: a bit
15:30:44 muris: not good to record it tho
15:30:45 Slammer: Hey Robin he
15:30:51 Slammer: 's a One Man band
15:30:57 Robin: hehe yep
15:31:01 Slammer: Bass too!
15:31:04 Robin: still havent recorded anything 100%
15:31:45 Slammer: How do you know what scale to play over a Chord Progression??
15:32:22 icedern: catch you guys to taste some new beers
15:32:27 Robin: Me? I just use the minor pentatonic scale to everything. I play blues/rock'n'roll so... But I dont have that many craaazy chord progressions
15:32:30 Slammer: ok take care
15:32:31 Robin: Good bye!
15:32:40 muris: bye
15:32:58 Robin: I use some 12 bar blues, also some stuff with only 2 chords
15:33:10 Robin: I just use very simple major, minor and sus chords
15:33:16 Robin: and some chords I dont even know the name of
15:33:22 Slammer: Yeah I used too do that
15:33:37 Slammer: Minor Pentatonic over ever thing
15:33:47 Slammer: Probably not the Best thing though
15:33:59 Slammer: Because it can get boring
15:34:04 Robin: Indeed. But after this chat I decided to learn some modes, becuase Gabriel use it in his blues lessons
15:34:13 Slammer: LOL
15:34:22 Slammer: See, Muris did his Job
15:34:28 Robin: Well, when you think about it, as far as I know, for instance, Stevie ray vaughan and johnny winter have only used the blues scale
15:34:28 muris: slammer might help you
15:34:40 Slammer: Yes,
15:34:44 Slammer: SRV is cool
15:34:47 Robin: I'm only interested ni playing blues/rock so I doubt I will use any other craaazy scales
15:34:51 Robin: in*
15:35:02 Robin: But I use many blue notes, and if I learn some modes that will be great
15:35:10 Slammer: If I knew anything ABout modes I would love to help you!
15:35:22 muris: well
15:35:29 muris: you're cool with dorian
15:35:35 Robin: Thats no problem, andrew has an awesome lesson on modes
15:35:35 Slammer: YES!!
15:35:38 Slammer: one Mode
15:35:43 Robin: gonna read it later
15:35:44 Slammer: Actually
15:35:56 Slammer: I'm quite partial to the Mixolydian myself
15:35:57 muris: i guess you know lot more
15:36:13 Slammer: some Locrian can be fun
15:36:23 muris: and still making jokes here
15:36:40 Slammer: or perhaps the Phrygian
15:36:49 Slammer: I only got a book
15:36:50 muris: you see?
15:37:04 Slammer: I mean the Book has all the modes in it
15:37:18 Slammer: but I never took the TIme to Learn the,
15:37:24 Robin: brb
15:37:25 AIB234: okay I am off the phone now
15:37:25 Slammer: them*
15:37:51 muris: you did fine job with dorian
15:37:56 Slammer: because I figured if I'm gonna be a blues player I wouldn't need the Modes
15:38:03 muris: why dont you tell us about others?
15:38:15 Slammer: only the Minor Pentatonic
15:38:50 muris: is dorian odd in blues?
15:39:11 Slammer: ok.... Like the diatonic scales, each mode comprises eight notes from from root to Octave
15:39:48 muris: ok
15:40:05 Slammer: The notes used by ALL of the Modes equate directly to the white notes of a piano keyboard
15:40:20 Slammer: *by the way I
15:40:21 muris: hmm
15:40:29 Slammer: am readig out of my book
15:41:02 muris: i was learning to it the same way in music high school
15:41:06 muris: no big help of it
15:41:16 Robin: Gonna watch some simpsons, talk to you in 20 min brb
15:41:23 Slammer: ok
15:41:23 muris: but book is probably good
15:41:46 Slammer: Yes... but how do you know which Modes to play over which Chords?
15:42:08 muris: must find home chord
15:42:17 Slammer: the which Key it's in?
15:42:23 muris: look around at rest of the chords
15:42:27 muris: and you have it
15:42:40 Slammer: Ok, so... Am e f g
15:42:47 Slammer: chord progression
15:42:54 Slammer: which Mode would I play?
15:43:07 muris: tell me the home chord
15:43:21 Slammer: Am????? I don't know
15:43:35 muris: well then
15:43:49 muris: it's A min scale I guess
15:44:22 Slammer: Yes the A Aeolian mode?
15:44:41 muris: some will say
15:44:53 Slammer: Dude I'm learning Something!!
15:45:04 muris: awesome
15:45:10 Slammer: Pat me on the Back AIB234 *slap*
15:45:26 Slammer: *whip* me then!
15:45:36 Slammer: damn.. he's gone
15:45:48 Slammer: oh well
15:45:53 Slammer: Dude thanks alot
15:46:06 ace_frehely: hello?
15:46:11 Pantalaimon: hey there
15:46:14 muris: no prob
15:46:15 Slammer: hey Ace... I just learned the A Aeolian Mode!!
15:46:19 muris: hi
15:46:24 ace_frehely: awsome
15:46:29 Slammer: Muris is cool
15:46:35 Slammer: He teached me
15:46:48 AIB234: *late pat on back*
15:46:54 muris: and you're funny again
15:46:58 muris: i'm out guys
15:46:59 Slammer: He's probably gonna send me the Bill soon
15:47:01 ace_frehely: he teached u online
15:47:02 muris: see ya
15:47:09 Slammer: Ok man THanks!!
15:47:14 Slammer: for the Lessons!
15:47:17 AIB234: bye muris
15:47:26 Slammer: Damn
15:47:35 Slammer: he was only here for Muris
15:47:55 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
15:49:07 Slammer: and now I'm alone
15:49:22 Slammer: *meow* *whip* *whip* *slap* *meow*
15:49:40 AIB234: You need a new hobby Slammer
15:49:45 Slammer: YES!
15:49:49 Slammer: NO!!
15:49:52 Slammer: guitar is cool
15:50:13 Slammer: you guys need to get Out of Chat if your not gonna talk!
15:50:15 Slammer:
15:50:31 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
15:51:02 Slammer: well My other hobby is Watching Baseball Games but they don't come on untill 7 pm
15:51:12 Slammer: still 3 hours
15:51:36 AIB234: ewq
15:51:41 AIB234: I hate baseball
15:51:54 Slammer: it's a Man's sport
15:51:56 Slammer: son
15:52:29 Pantalaimon: i hate baseball too haha
15:52:29 Slammer: Well, if no ones gonna talk... I guess I'll go then
15:52:57 Slammer: If I had to Watch the Devil Rays I would hate Baseball too
15:53:22 Slammer: ok guys cya later
15:53:33 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
15:53:36 Slammer: bye
15:53:49 AIB234: ttyl
15:53:54 Slammer: bull
15:53:57 Slammer:
17:28:14 Robin: Hello
17:28:18 JOhn: hi\
20:01:41 Robin: Hi there
20:01:50 Robin: *meow*
20:33:31 Gen: oh sorry, i was away from keybord
20:33:34 Gen: hi
20:33:44 Gen: *meow*
20:34:00 Robin: hello
20:34:17 Gen: whats up
20:34:35 Robin: just plugged in mah guitar
20:34:47 Gen:
20:34:56 Gen: hey, you have a band righ?
20:35:01 Robin: yes
20:35:02 Gen: right*
20:35:16 Robin: two actually, but one of them is inactive at the moment. And I have a one man band giong on
20:35:25 Robin: do you play in any bands?
20:35:28 Gen: how did you find it, ot how did you joined it?
20:35:31 Gen: a ok
20:35:44 Gen: im searching for a band
20:35:57 Robin: Small town, everyone knows everyone. A friend of mine knew a drummer, wich I had met a couple of times before
20:36:10 Robin: they asked me if I wanted to join
20:36:24 Robin: and away we go still going. Only with a new bassist/vocalist
20:36:25 Gen: oh you re licky
20:36:34 Gen: lucky*
20:36:39 Robin: hehe yeah suppose I was pretty lucky with my band
20:36:42 Robin: where do you live?
20:36:50 Gen: in geneva, switzerland
20:36:59 Robin: ok
20:37:01 Gen: there s a lot of metal heads here but...
20:37:04 Robin: do you know anyone that play instruments?
20:37:13 Robin: friends or family or something. thats how I got 2 bands
20:37:35 Gen: yea some friends, but they are thousand way better than me haha
20:37:56 Gen: i have a guitarist friend who played about 5 years
20:38:03 Robin: aha ok
20:38:34 Robin: dunno really. if its a big city you're living in, isnt it possible to look for a band trrough newspapers or similar stuff?
20:38:48 Gen: but here, all the guitar or other instruments player do not believe in band...
20:39:00 Gen: yea its a pretty big city...
20:39:24 Robin: hmm people dont want bands you say?
20:39:51 Gen: but like i said, all instrument players that i know are gonna stop to play just cuz they think its to hard to live with music...
20:40:13 Robin: huh what?
20:40:20 Robin: too hard to live with music? I dont get it
20:40:31 Gen: to become a pro
20:40:36 Robin: maybe if you're going on tours and stuff every year, but maaan
20:40:57 Robin: dont necessarily need to go dead serious instant you know
20:41:07 Gen: they think the music buisness is to hard
20:41:15 Gen: yea i know
20:41:28 Robin: not really
20:41:35 Robin: not nowdays atleast
20:41:40 Gen: im only talking about friends, its not my case
20:41:54 Robin: now you can make a bunch of songs, go in a studio, send it to all record labels and stuff like that
20:42:07 Robin: I guess it was a bit different in the old days
20:42:13 Gen: yea, but i still have to practice lol
20:42:20 Robin: of course
20:42:20 Gen: lots of practice
20:42:40 Robin: but dont your friends just wanna start a band for fun?
20:42:52 Gen: they had one in the past
20:43:12 Gen: and they stoped to make music...
20:43:23 Robin: I mean, I hope I dont offend you when I say this, but if you play ONLY to get popular, thats jsut... well, you know. I play mainly becuase its fun and I love guitar playing
20:43:46 Robin: I'm not talking necessarily about you btw. When I say "you" I mean anyone
20:43:56 Gen: lol you know why i really want a band?
20:43:59 Robin: Becuase there are way too many bands like that
20:44:15 Robin: I'm sure it is becyase you want to play music
20:44:17 Gen: just cuz its a lot more fun to practice and play with others
20:44:18 ace_frehely: hello?
20:44:20 Gen: to share music
20:44:20 Robin: indeed
20:44:22 Robin: Hello
20:44:25 Gen: hi
20:44:26 Robin: yeah its great
20:44:33 ace_frehely: hi
20:44:33 Robin: but there are so many bands that play just to get rich
20:44:39 Gen: no matter if im popular one day
20:44:57 Gen: oh , i dont like this kind of bands
20:44:59 Robin: When In Flames got big, there was like THOUSANDS of bands doing the exact same thing
20:45:06 Robin: just to get popular
20:45:10 Gen: pfff
20:45:12 ace_frehely: [u]s
20:45:13 Robin: its like that with everything nowdays, sadly
20:45:23 Gen: yea
20:45:25 Gen: its sad
20:45:39 Robin: and thats how record deals think aswell, obviously. they only sign bands that are crap, and that play music that is "in"
20:45:43 Robin: jeeesus
20:46:04 Robin: I must say your friends are weird if they dont want to just play for the fun of it
20:46:04 Gen: lol$
20:46:06 Gen: lol
20:46:37 Gen: yea i know, they want to stop and work at their school to have a good job in the future
20:46:44 Gen: actually im in a school of art
20:47:04 Robin: well, its no problem with having a band and work/school at the same time
20:47:11 Robin: art ey? sounds interestnig.
20:47:28 Robin: I dont like school >-< stopped years ago atleast regular school, with math and stuff like that
20:47:49 Gen: they think : if you cant get popular with music, i must stop to play! and that really pisses me off!
20:47:54 Gen: haha
20:47:56 Robin: thats stupid
20:48:04 Gen: yea i know
20:48:23 Gen: you must stop to play*
20:48:31 Gen: i said "I"
20:48:33 Gen: lol
20:48:37 Robin: we got some bands like that here aswell
20:48:39 Robin: ah
20:48:47 Robin: we got a band that copies The Hives a 100%.
20:48:53 Gen: wow heeh
20:48:54 Gen: hehe
20:49:18 Robin: they play almost identical riffs, drum rythms, sound, sing the same way and THEY EVEN DO THE EXACT SAME THING ON STAGE AS THE HIVES!
20:49:21 Robin: I hate that band
20:49:28 Gen: hahaa
20:49:35 Robin: and the worst part is that they are really popular localy
20:49:44 Gen: oh
20:49:59 Robin: they dont deserve any posivitve attention, they just steal other peoples music
20:50:14 Gen: yea, i really dont like this kind of person
20:50:18 Robin: too many of bands like that nowday
20:50:26 Gen: sad...
20:51:19 Gen: when i said i want a band, its not really a band, its just a drummer, a bass player, a guitar(me) and eventually a singer(i say eventually cuz i love instrumental stuff )
20:51:28 Gen: lol
20:51:30 Robin: hehe yeah
20:51:36 Robin: its fun to just jam with someone
20:51:37 Gen: i mean, just to play toghether
20:51:40 Robin: yeah
20:51:44 Gen: yea its exactly that
20:51:47 Robin: I wish I had some gutiar friends.
20:52:09 Gen: and then, eventually make a band
20:52:17 Robin: I have a band, sure, but I dont play guitar solos in the band. They dont let me and I'm no shredder, they wont let me do blues/rock solos
20:52:28 Robin: so it would be fun with a blues band or something
20:52:38 Robin: or friends with the same interest, just to jam, as you said
20:52:40 Gen: oh, too bad, blues stuff s great
20:52:49 Gen: yea
20:54:49 Gen: aaa but i started only nine month ago, i really need to practice more!
20:54:53 Gen: lol
20:55:30 Robin: ah ok
20:57:55 Gen: but i have many friends who started guitar like a year ago( and i have to say that i play a lot better) and have a band just to impress chiks at the music class or in some home partys
20:58:06 Gen: actually they are not real friends lol
20:58:26 Gen: and i really hate this kind of band, and this kind of people too...
20:58:26 Robin: ahaha
20:58:33 Robin: really nice that you'r ebetter than them
20:58:36 Robin: indeed
20:58:44 Gen: i mean, they re not friends at all lol
20:58:54 Robin: lucky me got a band when I had played 1 month. Becuase my friends were beginners too
20:59:17 Gen: oh, your lucky!!!>_<
20:59:49 Gen: are you in a school or something like that?
20:59:52 Robin:
21:00:11 Robin: nope
21:00:20 Robin: I'm 18 now, I quit when I was 16
21:00:33 Gen: hey lol, like alexi laiho
21:00:37 Robin: I didnt go to college(if thats the correct word for it in english=?)
21:00:48 Gen: yea i think hehe
21:01:05 Gen: and, what was the reaction of your parents?
21:01:11 Robin: they think it was ok
21:01:14 Robin: my parents are really nice
21:01:20 Gen: oo
21:01:23 Gen: sure lol
21:01:25 Robin: not like all my friends parents, they HAVE to go to college
21:01:55 Robin: mom and dad didnt go to college either, but they both have had alot of graet jobs. And my mom get asked if she want jobs all the tmie
21:02:00 Robin: it was a different time back then
21:02:09 Robin: today its smart to get an education
21:02:10 Gen: wow
21:02:15 Robin: but I cant stand school, so I skipped it
21:02:30 Gen: and your playing guitar only?
21:02:32 Gen: lucky!
21:02:35 Robin: yeah
21:02:50 Robin: in the summer I work at this green house though. This really big "flower shop" thing
21:03:01 Robin: from spring to fall
21:03:05 Gen: actually, i dont like to draw...i dont like my school, but i cant stop, because of my mom
21:03:07 Gen: ...
21:03:11 Robin: ahh
21:03:24 Robin: art is great, I think atleast
21:03:26 Robin:
21:03:28 Gen: i can draw well but i just dont like it
21:03:38 Gen: yea, i really like to see, but not to do
21:04:04 Robin: hehe
21:04:14 Gen: and for the music its completely differents, i love to hear music and also to make it
21:04:34 Robin: Indeed
21:04:42 Robin: I'd like to live with playing music
21:04:51 Gen: and even if i go to school the day, i have to work the evening
21:04:54 Gen: yea me to ofc
21:04:58 Gen: too*
21:05:04 Robin: but then again, all the music styles I play isnt really popular so, it will take a while I guess
21:05:40 Gen: just try to make your own style, with melting all the styles that you like
21:05:52 Robin: yeah I am
21:06:06 Robin: I play just what I want to thats what I dont like about many pop bands, they play whats "in"
21:06:17 Gen: o yea i know
21:06:59 Robin: what style do you play?
21:07:08 Gen: i cant believe really have awsome parents
21:07:15 Robin: indeed they are.
21:07:21 Robin: they dont spoil me either, they are just great
21:07:26 Gen: oh lol some other peoples song for now ^^
21:07:34 Gen: and some gmc lessons
21:07:38 Robin: ah ok
21:07:41 Gen: blues stuff
21:07:46 Gen: but not mine
21:07:50 Robin: blues cool. I play blues aswell.
21:09:05 Gen: what could you play when you was like nine month of played?
21:09:09 Gen: do you remember?
21:09:13 Robin: just crap. I sucked so bad
21:09:19 Gen: playing*
21:09:27 Robin: power chords, some really crappy maiden intros and stuff that me and my band made
21:09:34 Robin: I sucked for the 4 first years of my playing
21:09:44 Robin: abuot 6 months ago I joined GMC and became good
21:09:52 Gen:
21:10:00 Robin: I learned more in the first couple of days on GMC than I did on 4 years of crap
21:10:16 Gen: yea, gmc is great
21:10:25 Gen: praise be to gmc
21:10:27 Gen: lol
21:10:58 Robin: yep
21:11:13 Gen: what time is it in your country?
21:11:21 Robin: 03:12 in the night
21:11:26 Gen: same here
21:11:28 Gen: hehe
21:11:35 Robin: yeah same timezone I guesss
21:11:50 Gen: yea
21:12:29 Robin: bleh, broke my second string today
21:12:31 Gen: i need to find some beginners like me lol
21:12:35 Gen: wow hehe
21:12:41 Robin: yeah that would have been great
21:12:53 Gen: i never broke a string, since i started to play lol
21:12:58 Robin: arent there any school or similar stuff that put toghether bands and stuff?
21:13:01 Robin:
21:13:05 Gen: but again, i only some some month ago lol
21:13:21 Robin: Well, I blame some of it on my guitar. The bridge is sort of sharp
21:13:27 Robin: but then again I play a bit harder than I used to do
21:13:33 Robin: I didnt break strings either in the start
21:13:40 Gen: a okay
21:13:57 Gen: yea there s some schools but there are expensive
21:14:48 Gen: i wish i liived in the states!
21:14:52 Gen: or in tokyo
21:14:59 Robin:
21:15:35 Gen: geneva is near france, so we speak french here
21:15:43 Robin: kewl
21:16:13 Gen: and all crappy rap and hip hop frenchys influences are comming here :|
21:16:21 Robin: haha
21:16:32 Robin: the only rap that is good is Run DMC. Rap from

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