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30 Apr 2008
This is a real basic program I put together to help me learn to read music. I found myself learning the patterns from Guitar Pro too quickly, this randomly selects notes so it keeps you on your toes.

The zip file contains 2 files.


The first one, Notation.exe, is the one you run to start the app, but both files must be saved in the same folder. GT is a seperate app to detect the note being played.

You won't get much out of this unless you are able to plug your guitar into your PC's mic input as the current note will only progress when you play the correct note on your guitar.

It doesn't detect octaves(?) so a high E will progress to the next note even if it displayed as the lowest E, so you'll still need some idea of what your doing =p

Oh and I've only ever tried this on my PC so I have no idea how compatible it will be with other OS's (I use Vista) and other sound cards.
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7 Nov 2007
Hi Muris,

I'm having a real hard time with this.. My hammer-on and pull-offs are very weak. If I try and hammer-on harder, my pinky usually misses the string hah, and if I try to pull-off more, I hit the strings below it. If I try and go slower so I don't do that, the sound is almost lost before I get back to the first note.

Any tips?

26 Oct 2007
How are you suppose to play a part like this?


I can finger the two 3's by fretting all strings on 3 (Barre I guess?), but how are you suppose to strum that without hitting the D string?
17 Oct 2007
So I'm trying to learn the notes for all the frets and I ran into a "Fretboard Warrior" program which was a pretty cool idea. The free version didn't meet my needs though, probably because I'm so new. So anyways, I made my own version of this. It's not as flashy as the other one, but I think it has more features.

* Turn strings on/off
* Show last note when wrong
* Show fret #
* Do markers only
* Do whole notes only
* 1-99 minutes
* Goal given based on time and level selected

For now it does lack sound, I might add that later. This is helping me a lot. I started off easy with markers only and 1 string. Increased the level each time until I reached the goal. Then I did 2 strings, 3 strings, and so on.. Once I get those all down, I'll do whole notes.

Download Link

You do need the .NET Framework 2.0 if you don't have it already from Microsoft.;displaylang=en
7 Oct 2007
Are there any lessons I can't seem to find on how to play cleaner? Like exercises on how to use your left index finger or right thumb to mute the strings you aren't picking? I'm having a hard time getting the hang of this mellow.gif
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