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15 Sep 2008
Hey Dave, I love your lessons on modes. Theyre starting to really help me get out of the basic major and minor rut Ive been in, but I have a question that might be sort of dumb. I know that some modes are better for soloing over major keys, and some are better for minor. Dorion, Phrygan, and Aeolian are the minor and Ionian, Lydian, Mixolydian major. If your playing in the key of C major can you play an A Dorion or A Phrygian mode over it because its the relative minor, or do you have to stay with the major modes. Same thing vice versa, if your playing an Am, can you play C Lydian or Mixolydian? I hope my questions clear, thanks for any response.
8 Jun 2008
Attached File  Forever_and_a_Day.mp3 ( 5.7MB ) Number of downloads: 373

This is the early stage of one of my bands songs. Were a progressive metal band called Forever Undefined and were from Akron Ohio. Were influenced by a variety of different bands but I guess the most acurate description would be a mix between the brutality of bands like Lamb of God and Unearth and the technicality of Protest the Hero and the Human Abstract. Its only the drums and guitars at the moment so obviously its not mixed yet. Im the guitar that does all the sweeps and the solos. The other guitar player is a little softer, but please tell me what you think of the song. Any tips about how to go about the mix and how to improve the overall quality are definitly welcome. Hope you like it.
2 Jun 2008
So I have a little problem hopefully someone can help me out with. My bands trying to get a demo together so we went over to my friends house to record the drums. The drummer played in the guys basement and used some triggers and two microphones, but the walls and floor were made out of concrete so the tracks ended up having an intense amount of reverb. The guy who helped us out didnt have any recording software so he put all the drums together in one track and just gave us the files. I have Adobe Audition but Im wandering if theres any possible way to take out some of the reverb when all the drums are in one track. It doesnt seem likely, but id figure id ask just in case. Thanks in advance for any replies biggrin.gif
9 May 2008
Hey guys, Ive been thinking about going to the Musicians Institute in California. I love playng the guitar and it would be a dream come true to be able to make a living with the instrument, but Ive been looking up some reviews online and some pople have had some pretty negative experiences. I think the fact that its in Hollywood is sort of trying to make people think that as soon as they graduate their going to be the next big rockstar but I dont really believe that, I just want to learn to be an amazing guitarist. I live in Ohio, so obviously the move out there would be a big one, and I make about 12 bucks an hour so the tuitions gonna be hard to save up to. I think it would be worth it if I could play guitar as a job for the rest of my life though haha. I have alot of questions about it so maybe some of you can help answer them.

Has anyone been to this school or know anyone who has? What was your/their experience?

Were the instructors qualified professionals who had a genuine interest in seeing you improve as a musician?

Were there opprotunities for social networking and a social life in general?

Has your degree from the school gotten you opprotunities in the music industry you wouldnt have had otherwise?

Do you feel like you got your moneys worth and learned as much as you thought you were going to?

If you could go back in time would you apply again?

Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions, its a big investment so I need to know as much as possible before making my decision.
8 May 2008
Hey everyone, I recently got Adobe Audition and I wrote this song to break it in. It starts off pretty laid back but it picks up once all the pretty stuff is over and I get to shred some. I used a handheld recorder outside by storm drain for the rain effect in the intro. Constructive criticsm is appreciated and if you have any pointers on overall sound quality thatd be great. Even if you think it sucks id really like to know what you guys think. Thanks in advance.

PS. I see Kris has a song with the word Nocturnal in it but I swear thats a complete coincidence haha. I actually wrote and named the song 2 months ago before I got a chance to record it.
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Attached File  01_Nocturnal_City_Sleeps.mp3 ( 6.35MB ) Number of downloads: 397
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