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17 Apr 2017
First check these video's, for those who never heard of it the digitech cabdryvr is an IR cab. solution pedal.

So they don't use an amp...I mentioned before as currently I'm using an old processor as a clean amp, it has a super basic cab. sim. but gives me 5 bands of parametric eq. With those eq's I replicate clean preamps smile.gif either by ear or for example, I make a preset using amplitube or any vsti then analyze its responce and replicate that with the eq.

This isn't do-able for many guitar players out there but products hint evolution to that direction. Amp-in-a-box pedals are already popular, even wampler makes an amp for them now. Everything is getting more and more customizeable.

Imagine; drive from a vox, eq from a fender, cab from marshall, poweramp sound from mesa...won't take too long until someone makes a processor that works in this fashion but easy enough for a guitar player to use. It's already happening in the plug-in world and even analog to some extent.

11 Apr 2017
They are still going to use RW on the Pro series and AVRI series only. Elites and all Fender Mexico guitars will no longer have it.

Sourse is from a dealer but the info was erased (probably requested by Fender) so sorry no links.
1 Apr 2017
And a funny video about it smile.gif

29 Mar 2017

I don't care much for the spiderman movie but hoping this will be good smile.gif
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