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Hmmm.. what about.. guitar? Then maybeeee Music? and then Art? And somewhere furter away: Philosophy, economics, politics...
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24 Dec 2010
This was actually meant as a sountrack for the gift unwrapping, but I decided to record it, so in 15 years I can take a look and see how badly I sucked biggrin.gif

So merry christmas guitarguys

23 Dec 2010
(nostalgic GMC chit-chat, how I love you guys..)

Its been a while guys, its 4 years since I started guitar playing by subscribing to gmc, its one year since I disappeared from here - I found a touring band and I dont really have much time to practice, other that practicing our songs and my solos etc..

But now I have a problem and I am back and beg for your help my friends....

(end of nostalgic GMC chit-chat)

As some of you know, year and half ago I bought a high range ibanez from 1996, its really a great guitar, unbelievably comfortable neck... but then one day, I went to guitar tech and just for the kicks I told him to install Zakk Wylde boomer strings, those extra thick ones. So he did it, but from that day, the action is UNBELIEVABLY HIGH. Like, worse on my crappy ashton stratocaster. The problem is my guitar tech doesnt know what is the problem and I lost my confidence in him.

And the worst part is, the guitar is really dificult to play now and as a student I cant afford a new one.. and we play every week. For now I just easied down my solos but heck.... i can shred and my guitar is blocking me.

The problem seems to be in the tremolo - i cant turn the screws on it anymore lower then they are now => to push the trem lower into body => thus lowering the action.

Too long dont read: How is it possible, that changing strings on extra thick (i got my favourite 11' daddarios back on now) screwed my action so much? Is it beyond repair? Should I blame the guitar tech for damaging my guitar?
19 May 2010
Hi friends,

in one month Sonisphere fest will take place in czech republic - the lineup is quite legendary - Metallica, Slayer, DevilDriver, Megadeth.... and one web server has 4 free places for bands on one of the stages. My band, DeLITE has signed up, we are currently seventh EDIT: sixth now! (so very close to being chosen!!!).

I'd like to ask you for a tiny help, it'll take you just a few seconds, its completely free.

You need to create acc on (just name pswrd and email...) - or connect it to your facebook account if you have one (this is even easier, just click).

Then go to and give DeLITE +3 points and send it. You may vote once per day.. but just doing it once would help us tons! czech republic is small country, so every vote has big impact! But if like 20 people will do it every day (that means 5 just from our band + 5 girlfriends smile.gif ) we are almost guaranteed to fulfill our musical dreams smile.gif

If anyone is interested, we play progressive/melodic metalcore. Promo CD songs can be found on (in czech language sadly) myspace is currently in making smile.gif

Thank you all!

10 Apr 2010
Hi guys,

maybe some of you noticed that few months ago I stopped being active here at GMC. Dont you think, I quit guitar or music tho. The reason is I joined a band, which was just about to hit the studio, so in two weeks I had to learn 5 songs by them through and through and put it on record... well I somehow managed to do it (insane times those were, for first time we wrote solo on scratch and recorded it 5 minutes later - thats the trade-off solo in Tomorrow) and now we have first results.

And since it was here with rest of GMC where I learned to play, I would like to hear your comments. Our gengre is somewhere around melodic/progressive metalcore. If you guys would like, I can post the lyrics.

The first song is Believe - its one of two calmer things we play (I love it tho...). Lyrically its about finding your own value and overally just being able to live with yourself and the mistakes you've done in past.

The second is Tomorrow - on the contrary one of faster things we have (also the first verse is INSANE to play precisely live..), coud be said is about all those people around us who try to tell us who we are and try to lie us into something - well and the guy just gets angry.

Comments and criticisms much appreciated smile.gif Just bear in mind, that its metalcore, so you mostly wont like the vocals I guess... ^^
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6 Jan 2010
Well its time for me, to stop using my Pod as an amp and buy myself something (its too much of hassle to carry it around week after week). Problem is, I am on really short budget. On the other hand, I dont really need stack or even valvestate.. I just want it to have a nice distorted tone.

Are there any options?
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