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36 years old
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LOOOVE playing the guitar ^^
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14 May 2012
Hey there fellow men.

I was wondering if some of you now of a good place to get Tabs ( or sheet music if thats the only option ohmy.gif ) or have some tabs for
Agent Steel "The day at Guyana"

Its just a nice song for getting your metal standards down, little bit of everything xD

Unfortunately I dont have the time to try and transcribe it myself ( well Its prolly a good exercise but .....)

Anyway any of you can help?

Would be much appreciated

Cheers Lixxx
12 Apr 2012
edit: I apparently started a new topic, but this post should obviously be in my mentoring Topic. If some admin could move it there or just delete it. (preferably after Alex had a chance to read it biggrin.gif )

Hey Alex,

Im putting together an etude to summarize some techniques Im working on, plus trying to put my synchronization to a test.
Unfortunately Im stuck with two arpeggios that I have trouble analyzing.

The general Tune is in A-minor.

Ok here is my fingering low to high for the first arpeggio: e a c a - that would be A-minor arp I would say in the 5th inversion ( 5th in root I mean).
Because I previously play: A root, a8 , c , e , a , f , c , I was wondering if the a f c would indicate an f major arp and therefor the changes so far would be : A minor F major and A minor again.

Ok after the -e a c a- I play -f a b a- which I would say is f major #4

A minor F major A minor F major#4 each for 1/2 Bar.

But then I kinda mixed those two arp for the second turn and came up with -e a b a d#- that is where I dont know.
Is it an A 9th sound ? But what does the d# indicate than , is it the final chord ??
Or a B mixolydian where the 4th descends into the 3rd

Would be glad If you could help me out and I will post you the guitar pro file as soon as Im done xD

Cheers Lixxx
8 Jan 2012
Hi GMC People,

My name is Lixxx ( well thats obviously a nick though it would be awesome if it was not tongue.gif )

I started playing guitar when I was bout 16 years old and for the following 3 years I was playing almost every minute of the day.
Since I liked the Bluesbrothers Movie ( oddly enough I saw the 2nd one first) especially the ending, where all the guys got together to jam.
I thought thats what I want to. Generally folks in my area played Nirvana and that like, so I had a rly hard time finding a blues band and by hard time I mean I failed to find one xD.

So I took lessons from a friend.

Unfortunately I lost some ( or most infact ) of my discipline when I didnt find ppl to play with.
A few years ago I decided to go at it again and this time for real.
So I started practicing again (secretly cursing my former lack of patience XD )

The thing with learning by yourself that I found VEEERY frustrating is, WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I LEARN sad.gif sad.gif .

Luckily I recently found this site. Im absolutly stunned by its content ( there are a few rotten eggs out there on the net as we all know)
Now Im back to playing everyday every free minute that I have ( well gotta earn money at some point in the day )

Im here mainly to enhance my playing and have a nice chat here and there.

ATM I play heavy stuff like Hardrock Metal but also some blues here and there.

Ok I think thats enuff Info for know ( or forever )

See yall around and keep rockin

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