Guitar Chat With Muris, Andrew Cockburn Etc. 2007-11-02
Nov 3 2007, 08:06 PM
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01:16:25 Cherio: yo
01:19:56 Cherio: dfghjkl
01:20:03 Cherio: k
01:20:08 Cherio: poihuy
01:20:29 Cherio: tgy
01:20:53 Cherio: lol
01:20:59 Cherio: o
01:21:23 Cherio: helloooooo
01:21:26 Cherio: lol
01:21:26 Cherio: lol
01:21:27 Cherio: lol
01:21:27 Cherio: lol
01:21:27 Cherio: lol
01:21:36 Cherio: lol tongue.gif
01:21:40 Cherio: smile.gif
01:21:45 Cherio: o.o
01:22:08 Cherio: 8) biggrin.gif :| lol :{ ohmy.gif sad.gif smile.gif wink.gif :? tongue.gif
08:27:22 I WILL rock you: tongue.gif
10:41:36 botoxfox: ???
15:46:50 Constie: hi there
15:47:59 Constie: damn seems like all you guys are still sleeping tongue.gif
18:02:51 NeedleAndShred: hey hey
18:04:09 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
18:04:24 NeedleAndShred: *slap* *slap*
18:04:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:04:39 Slammer: Robin
18:04:42 Slammer: *whip(
18:04:44 Slammer: *whip*
18:04:45 Slammer: *whip*
18:04:46 Slammer: *whip*
18:06:11 Slammer: sad.gif
18:07:44 Slammer: NeedleAndShred
18:07:44 Slammer: *slap*
18:09:22 NeedleAndShred: hey
18:09:23 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
18:09:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:09:28 Slammer: SUp?
18:09:33 Robin: hi slamber
18:09:37 Slammer: LOL
18:09:37 NeedleAndShred: playin with my new pocket pod
18:09:39 Robin: and needleandthread
18:09:43 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:09:54 Robin: whats up doods?
18:10:17 Slammer: nothing, I'm making a Secret "Lost episode"
18:10:20 Slammer: of the SS
18:10:28 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:10:29 Robin: super kewl
18:10:36 Slammer: and nobodies gonna hear it
18:10:42 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:10:45 Slammer: not even me
18:10:49 Slammer: cuz I
18:10:50 Slammer: am
18:10:51 Slammer: gonna
18:10:56 Slammer: email
18:11:01 Slammer: it to myself in 20 years
18:11:07 Robin: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:11:26 Slammer: gen is the guest
18:11:35 Slammer: LOL
18:11:36 Robin: haha really? super kewl
18:11:41 Slammer: well
18:11:46 Slammer: he doesn't know about it yet
18:11:49 Slammer: 8)
18:11:51 Robin: LOL
18:11:55 Robin: haha
18:11:58 Slammer: btw
18:12:06 Slammer: tell him to get his Butt on here
18:12:07 Slammer: NOW!!
18:12:13 Slammer: I know he's on WM
18:12:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:12:32 Robin: done mr. slamber
18:12:54 Slammer: "oh, hi slamber... s*** really"
18:13:06 Robin: haha
18:13:06 Slammer: LOL
18:13:16 Slammer: did you really say Slamber?
18:13:20 Robin: yes
18:13:21 Robin: lol
18:13:24 Slammer: LOL
18:13:39 Slammer: Blind dog eh Robin
18:13:45 Robin: haha
18:13:53 Robin: its blind DAWG robin
18:14:39 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:14:47 Slammer: where is da GEN
18:14:48 Slammer: ?
18:14:59 Robin: Gen says: ROFL Gen says: hahaahahahaah
18:15:03 Robin: that was his response
18:15:09 Robin: dont know if he's coming or not
18:15:13 Slammer: gen he rols to much
18:15:19 Robin: yeah
18:15:25 Robin: if he rofls too much he'll get aids
18:15:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:15:35 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:15:41 Slammer: tell him Slammer said so
18:15:43 Robin: and his ass have fallen on many times :s
18:15:49 Robin: "LMAO"
18:15:54 Robin: I'm worrited about him and his health
18:15:58 Robin: worried*
18:16:02 Slammer: LOL
18:16:29 Slammer: tell him to come or i'll do another ben interview
18:16:30 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:16:41 Robin: done
18:16:43 Slammer: "Ooh Lala"
18:16:50 Robin: lol
18:17:36 Slammer: tell him if he comes he'll be a senoir memebr
18:17:50 Slammer: LOL
18:17:52 Robin: it worked
18:17:57 Gen: LOLL
18:17:58 Robin: Its a trick gen, run!
18:18:03 Slammer: MUAHAHAHA
18:18:06 Gen: hahahah
18:18:10 Slammer: :{
18:18:14 Robin: lol
18:18:21 Slammer: 8)
18:18:25 Robin: 8]
18:18:30 Slammer: <8)
18:18:35 Robin: I'm a littel piggie :8)
18:18:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:18:54 Slammer: <:8)
18:18:57 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:18:58 Slammer: OMG
18:19:01 Slammer: GEN
18:19:01 Robin: you have a hat sad.gif
18:19:09 Slammer: look
18:19:19 Slammer: Patrick with eyebrowa
18:19:22 Slammer: Patrick with eyebrows
18:19:34 Slammer: <:8)
18:19:43 Robin: <|8) patrick with one big ugly eyebrow
18:19:50 Robin: and a hat
18:19:55 Robin: or no, thats just his head
18:19:55 Gen: LMAO
18:19:56 Slammer: caveman Patrick!!!
18:20:01 Robin: lol
18:20:20 Slammer: guys
18:20:23 Slammer: I gtg sad.gif
18:20:25 Slammer: be back later
18:20:30 Robin: good bye
18:20:33 Robin: and fare well
18:23:29 Slammer: NONOOON
18:23:31 Slammer: Nononnonono
18:23:34 Slammer: *slap*
18:23:44 Slammer: Tell gen to get his Ass back in here
18:23:49 Slammer: *whip*
18:23:52 Slammer: *slap*
18:23:55 Slammer: *meow*
18:23:57 Slammer: *whip*
18:23:58 Slammer: *meow*
18:24:00 Slammer: *whip*
18:24:02 Slammer: *slap*
18:24:04 Slammer: *slap*
18:24:05 Slammer: *slap*
18:24:06 Slammer: *whip*
18:24:11 Slammer: Nonononnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
18:24:15 Slammer: sad.gif
18:24:46 Gen: lol
18:25:52 Slammer: LOL
18:25:54 Slammer: *SLAP*
18:26:03 Slammer: Needle didn't like the *slap*
18:26:16 Gen: lol
18:26:35 Slammer: poor needlw
18:26:47 Slammer: I hope he doesn't Poke anyone 8)
18:26:58 Gen: lol lol
18:27:08 Slammer: tell Robin to get his ass back in here
18:27:10 Slammer: NOw
18:27:14 Robin: hi
18:27:27 Gen: hahaha
18:27:43 Slammer: it's the three Musketeers
18:28:04 Slammer: LOL
18:28:31 Gen: lol
18:28:36 Robin: zomg
18:28:49 Slammer: LOL
18:28:55 Slammer: I
18:28:58 Slammer: am
18:29:01 Slammer: the Horse
18:29:03 Slammer: sad.gif
18:29:08 Robin: 8[
18:29:20 Slammer: Gen is the Cardinal
18:29:32 Slammer: (because he's french)
18:29:41 Slammer: and Robin is Robin Hood
18:29:48 Robin: kewl
18:29:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:29:50 Slammer: LOL
18:29:52 Gen: lol lol lol
18:29:55 Slammer: I was thinking
18:30:04 Slammer: about when Zorro was singing
18:30:07 Robin: I steal from the poor and give to the rich
18:30:08 Slammer: 8)
18:30:33 Slammer: when Zorro was singing.... Vamos a la playa a comer Tortillas
18:30:57 Slammer: *Lets go to the beach to eat tortillas*
18:31:00 Slammer: 8)
18:31:04 Slammer: LOL
18:31:17 Gen: hahahah
18:31:21 Slammer: Well Gen speaks Spanish
18:31:25 Gen: yes
18:31:35 Gen: turkish too
18:31:37 Gen: russian
18:31:42 Gen: italian
18:31:52 Gen: all languages on earth
18:31:55 Gen: genian
18:31:58 Gen: slamerian
18:31:59 Slammer: and Norwegian
18:32:01 Slammer: ?
18:32:01 Gen: robinian
18:32:05 Gen: yes
18:32:08 Slammer: Rodstrupe
18:32:08 Gen: hallo slammer
18:32:10 Gen: LOL
18:32:24 Slammer: do you even know our secret Language?
18:32:30 Gen: yes!
18:32:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:32:36 Gen: (/%&%)( ?
18:32:55 Gen: çç&/()&)/&"*"ç))()=()/)? <8(
18:33:06 Slammer: <8( now I'm gonna Stavre.... Wrong Sentence.....I like my hat!
18:34:24 Slammer: *meow*
18:34:25 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:34:52 Gen: biggrin.gif
18:35:06 Slammer: LOL
18:35:14 Slammer: do you understand that ^^
18:35:15 Slammer: ?
18:35:56 Slammer: LOL
18:36:00 Slammer: *slap*
18:36:03 Slammer: GHEN
18:36:07 Slammer: GEN*
18:36:20 Slammer: Drink some swiss miss Cocoa
18:36:33 Slammer: put on some Chanel no.5
18:36:37 Slammer: and get ready to CHAT!
18:36:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:36:43 Slammer: .....
18:36:45 Slammer: ..................
18:36:46 Slammer: sad.gif
18:36:48 Slammer: sad.gif
18:39:15 Slammer: ok guys
18:39:23 Slammer: nothing looks like it's happening her
18:39:25 Slammer: e
18:39:29 Slammer: so I guess
18:39:30 Robin: 8[
18:39:33 Slammer: I'll check out
18:39:36 Slammer: I'll be back later
18:39:41 Slammer: then
18:39:42 Slammer: maybe
18:39:42 Robin: kewl
18:39:44 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:39:46 Slammer: buye
18:39:47 Slammer: buye
18:39:48 Slammer: buye
18:40:01 Gen: lol
19:46:47 peterorg54: sup
19:46:49 Understudy: hello peter
19:46:59 peterorg54: whats the shred ?
19:47:01 peterorg54: on guitar
19:47:10 peterorg54: im beginner
19:47:20 peterorg54: sup gm123
19:47:22 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:47:31 Understudy: are you asking what defines "shredding" ?
19:47:45 Understudy: hey GM
19:47:50 peterorg54: yeah
19:48:05 peterorg54: sad.gif
19:48:06 Understudy: "shredding" is just a term for a style of playing
19:48:27 peterorg54: ..
19:48:33 peterorg54: i dont get it
19:48:43 peterorg54: then why do they call it 'shred'
19:49:05 Guitar Master123: hi
19:49:09 peterorg54: sup
19:49:09 Understudy: shredders like Pavel, Muris, Marcus and David Wallimann ... they are called shredders because they use perfect techniques very fast
19:49:37 peterorg54: still dont get it..
19:49:39 peterorg54: sad.gif
19:49:51 peterorg54: u said it's style of playing ..
19:49:55 Guitar Master123: 8) What
19:50:02 Understudy: all the "shredders" like Gilbert, Vai, Malmstein.... it is a style of playing
19:50:16 Guitar Master123: uh huh
19:50:29 Understudy: they employ excellent technique, very fast and accurate
19:50:54 Guitar Master123: hello!:{
19:51:04 peterorg54: hi
19:51:04 Understudy: shredders use techniques mastered on the violin, only they mastered these techniques on guitar
19:51:08 Understudy: hi GM
19:51:30 Guitar Master123: wutup dog
19:51:35 Guitar Master123: ha!
19:51:57 Understudy: shredding is not just fast playing, it is mastering the techniques used on the guitar
19:52:31 peterorg54: what do u mean used on the guiatr ..
19:52:37 peterorg54: what do u mean by that
19:52:44 Guitar Master123: he means..
19:52:49 peterorg54: he means
19:52:49 Guitar Master123: woah
19:52:52 peterorg54: whoa
19:52:54 Understudy: the guitar is closely related to the violin
19:53:03 Guitar Master123: no
19:53:09 Guitar Master123: i disagree
19:53:12 Understudy: lol yes it is
19:53:18 Guitar Master123: no it is not
19:53:28 Guitar Master123: not really
19:53:40 peterorg54: k back to the topic
19:53:45 peterorg54: so
19:53:46 peterorg54: what
19:53:49 peterorg54: explain
19:53:49 Understudy: as far as playing technique, yes it is
19:53:50 peterorg54: NOW
19:54:00 peterorg54: :I
19:54:13 Guitar Master123: idk
19:54:28 Guitar Master123: i dont know
19:55:40 Understudy: peter, shredders use many picking techniques in a masterful way , with very fast , fluid playing
19:56:17 Guitar Master123: I am not very good at shredding sad.gif
19:56:43 Guitar Master123: i like careful melodies a lot more
19:57:09 Understudy: I am no shredder either smile.gif
19:57:20 Understudy: maybe someday
19:57:28 Guitar Master123: im bored. bye. i am goin to go eat some candy
19:58:00 peterorg54: ..
19:58:00 peterorg54: so
19:58:03 peterorg54: does that mean
19:58:46 peterorg54: ..
19:58:54 peterorg54: dont get it
19:58:58 peterorg54: sad.gif
19:59:10 peterorg54: is there any shred lessons ?
19:59:12 peterorg54: or something..
19:59:19 Understudy: have you seen Paul Gilbert on youtube ?
19:59:47 peterorg54: sry internet problem
19:59:49 peterorg54: yea
19:59:50 peterorg54: sure
19:59:52 peterorg54: why not
19:59:52 Understudy: smile.gif
19:59:59 peterorg54: so.. ?
20:00:26 Understudy: look at many of Pavels lessons , he is a shredder smile.gif
20:00:49 Understudy: or Muris, Davids, Marcus all those guys rip it up
20:01:08 peterorg54: ..
20:01:08 peterorg54: so shredders are good
20:01:09 peterorg54: ?
20:01:11 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:01:46 Understudy: shredders use perfect technique with fast playing, the perfect technique is what makes them shredders
20:02:25 peterorg54: so basically, shredders can play in so many different ways .. ?
20:02:38 peterorg54: and perfectly ?
20:02:52 Understudy: peter shredders are just guitar players, like you and I, only they have much better technique
20:03:19 Understudy: the perfect technique is what allows them to "shred" or play lightning fast
20:03:32 peterorg54: then whats the shred ..
20:03:34 peterorg54: like
20:03:49 peterorg54: fast + perfect + good technique .. ?
20:03:55 Understudy: you are killing me dude
20:04:01 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:04:04 Understudy: correct, now you get it
20:04:10 peterorg54: oh
20:04:12 peterorg54: is that it ?
20:04:24 Understudy: not just good technique, flawless technique
20:04:36 Understudy: yes that is it, it is not just playing fast
20:04:37 peterorg54: i c
20:05:13 peterorg54: so shredders gotta be good
20:05:18 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:05:30 Understudy: ask in the forum for a few of the instructors to explain it , I am sure they will have a similar reply
20:05:38 Understudy: yes peter, they rock smile.gif
20:05:48 peterorg54: im gonna be shredder
20:05:50 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:06:06 Understudy: good, I hope one day you do become that good of a player smile.gif
20:06:31 peterorg54: you r gonna see me on youtube
20:06:34 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:06:37 peterorg54: i hope
20:06:38 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:06:41 Understudy: I hope so man tongue.gif
20:07:34 peterorg54: oh yea
20:07:39 peterorg54: one more
20:07:47 peterorg54: is malmsteen like really mean man ??
20:08:07 Understudy: I would not know peter, I have never met the man
20:08:26 Understudy: I need to go afk for a few minutes, I'll be back
20:08:35 peterorg54: k
20:08:53 peterorg54: i heard malmsteen's personality is like really bad
20:08:54 peterorg54: ..
20:16:02 Understudy: sorry peter, I'm back
20:16:24 Understudy: yeah man I don't know, I like his shredding though smile.gif
20:16:48 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:17:21 peterorg54: if you can get Ibanez, Fender, Les paul for free
20:17:26 peterorg54: what's ur choice ?
20:17:37 peterorg54: only one of them
20:18:06 Understudy: for free ? would love to have a Les Paul studio, but a Gibson, not Epiphone
20:18:20 peterorg54: im thinking about buying new one, and gonna buy one of them
20:18:59 Understudy: I already have an Ibanez , and I don't care much for Fender
20:19:05 peterorg54: gibson les paul is too much for me right now ..
20:19:14 peterorg54: why not sad.gif
20:19:19 peterorg54: isnt fender good
20:19:42 peterorg54: im thinking about buying fender ..
20:20:08 Understudy: Fender is a great guitar, I just prefer a different sound than what Fender is known for
20:20:30 peterorg54: i need to go to store and play them all sad.gif
20:20:52 Understudy: I hate the Fender twang, but a good Fender will rock your ass off just like any other good guitar smile.gif , it depends on what you like
20:21:28 peterorg54: do you thinkg ibanez is able to make like .. rock sound ??
20:21:32 peterorg54: hi pp
20:21:36 PacmanProductions: hey
20:21:40 Understudy: hi pacman
20:21:43 peterorg54: not heavy metal
20:22:07 PacmanProductions: yeah i hate the telecaster twang
20:22:10 Understudy: sure peter, Fender is a great rock guitar also, it just depends on what kind of music you play and what sound you like
20:22:25 peterorg54: no i said ibanez
20:22:28 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:22:29 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:22:42 Understudy: Ibanez is good also
20:22:58 Understudy: I don't like the cheaper Ibanez guitars they sound like hell
20:23:01 PacmanProductions: hey muris
20:23:07 peterorg54: hi
20:23:10 muris: evening everybody
20:23:13 Understudy: Muris the shreddman is here
20:23:17 Understudy: hi Muris
20:23:18 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:23:23 muris: where is he?
20:23:28 Understudy: lol
20:23:30 muris: mean shradmandan or?
20:23:34 muris: wink.gif
20:23:34 PacmanProductions: lol
20:24:13 Understudy: Muris , Peter was asking me what shredding is, could you give your interpretation please
20:24:19 PacmanProductions: well ima see yall later
20:24:26 Understudy: ok c ya pacman
20:24:29 muris: see ya Pac
20:24:30 peterorg54: c ya
20:24:31 PacmanProductions: ima go rock some guitar hero 3
20:24:37 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:24:39 peterorg54: :I
20:24:40 PacmanProductions: cya
20:24:41 muris: ok
20:24:42 peterorg54: D:
20:24:43 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:24:51 muris: who asked about shred?
20:24:59 peterorg54: james
20:25:01 peterorg54: hes gone now
20:25:16 Understudy: peter was asking me what the definition of a shredder was, I think my interpretation confused him
20:25:26 muris: well it is confused
20:25:26 peterorg54: :I
20:25:40 peterorg54: james also asked
20:25:49 muris: mostly it's sort of "bad" name for fast playing
20:26:01 muris: or fast in general
20:26:12 muris: dunno
20:26:14 muris: guess so
20:26:16 Understudy: but it involves perfect technique, that allows the player to play that fast, aka shredding
20:26:25 peterorg54: if i call u shredder , you r gonna be mad ??
20:26:29 muris: good pointe
20:26:32 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:26:41 muris: sometimes it isn't soo perfect
20:26:46 muris: but it;s called shredd
20:26:50 muris: cause it's fast
20:26:53 muris: per example
20:26:57 peterorg54: why do they call it shred
20:27:04 muris: don;t get me wrong now
20:27:14 muris: Petrucci plays some picking stuff
20:27:18 muris: really fast
20:27:28 muris: but out of sync with left hand
20:27:31 muris: more like drill
20:27:41 muris: that's not perfect technique
20:27:47 muris: but it's called shredd
20:27:55 muris: so it's probably about speed
20:27:56 peterorg54: okok
20:28:01 peterorg54: so
20:28:10 muris: maybe I'm wrong
20:28:13 peterorg54: how are you
20:28:15 muris: can't tell for sure
20:28:20 muris: wink.gif
20:28:29 peterorg54: ok
20:28:35 peterorg54: fender stratocaster of
20:28:37 muris: I'm fine tho,thanks
20:28:40 muris: came from gig
20:28:42 peterorg54: ibanez rg
20:28:45 peterorg54: choose
20:28:46 peterorg54: NOW
20:28:53 Understudy: lol peter
20:28:55 muris: strat
20:29:04 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:29:05 muris: no floating bridge
20:29:07 muris: I hate it
20:29:10 muris: wink.gif
20:29:22 peterorg54: understudy choosed ibanez
20:29:29 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:29:33 muris: we aren't all the same
20:29:35 muris: wink.gif
20:29:39 peterorg54: i know
20:29:41 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:29:48 muris: someone hates cats
20:29:49 Understudy: no , I chose a Gibson Les Paul studio
20:29:55 muris: I hate floating bridge
20:29:58 muris: LOL
20:30:00 Understudy: I already have an Ibanez
20:30:18 peterorg54: what do you mean floating bridge
20:30:32 muris: up and down movements
20:30:39 muris: no contact with the body
20:30:47 peterorg54: oh
20:30:57 peterorg54: im kinda beginner now
20:31:00 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:31:06 muris: we all are
20:31:09 muris: wink.gif
20:31:35 peterorg54: no
20:31:36 peterorg54: no
20:31:39 peterorg54: that wasnt cool
20:31:43 peterorg54: just say ur good
20:31:52 Understudy: lol peter
20:32:09 muris: got it
20:32:15 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:32:18 peterorg54: what do u mean got it
20:32:20 muris: so,you guys are from states?
20:32:22 peterorg54: u said ur beginner
20:32:31 Understudy: yes Muris, I live in florida
20:32:39 peterorg54: live in oregon here
20:32:40 muris: really?
20:32:48 muris: tell me,is city called
20:32:49 muris: help me
20:32:55 muris: Fort L...
20:33:02 Understudy: Fort Lauderdale
20:33:08 muris: yeah smile.gif
20:33:13 muris: is that near you?
20:33:19 Understudy: many very rich people live there smile.gif
20:33:34 peterorg54: for example my grandpa
20:33:34 Understudy: that is on the east coast, I live on the gulf of Mexico
20:33:38 peterorg54: kidding
20:33:41 peterorg54: :I
20:33:57 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:34:11 peterorg54: gulf of mexico
20:34:12 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:34:24 muris: ok
20:34:27 muris: just asking
20:34:32 Understudy: Fort Lauderdale is maybe 4 hours drive from here Muris
20:34:40 muris: I see
20:34:43 muris: thanks smile.gif
20:34:57 Understudy: Are you going to visit there ?
20:35:29 muris: well no actually
20:35:33 muris: what about Delray Beach?
20:35:34 Understudy: lol
20:35:59 Understudy: I think that is east coast also
20:36:11 peterorg54: what about tokyo
20:36:16 muris: I'm asking this cause Stan Hinesey lives there
20:36:25 muris: Florida as well
20:36:29 muris: so I was thinking
20:36:37 muris: if you ever come there
20:36:43 Understudy: Brian Johnson from AC/DC lives 20 minutes from me smile.gif
20:36:43 muris: just to tell him hi from me
20:36:58 muris: but no prob smile.gif
20:37:03 peterorg54: whoa
20:37:05 peterorg54: whoa
20:37:15 peterorg54: whoa
20:37:21 peterorg54: whoa
20:37:29 peterorg54: are you serious
20:37:48 peterorg54: zuup sam
20:37:51 muris: why,is that odd?
20:37:56 peterorg54: no
20:37:59 muris: saking someone to say hallo to someone?
20:38:00 muris: man
20:38:02 Understudy: yes peter I met him a few years ago, and went to dinner with him and his wife, we ate and had a few drinks and chatted for several hours
20:38:16 muris: ahaa
20:38:17 peterorg54: whhoa
20:38:17 Slammer: we did?
20:38:17 muris: Slamm
20:38:20 peterorg54: so cool
20:38:30 Understudy: hi slammer
20:38:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:38:35 Slammer: sup ppl
20:38:36 Slammer: ?
20:38:45 muris: all fine
20:38:47 muris: you?
20:38:55 Slammer: never better
20:39:08 Slammer: smile.gif
20:39:14 Slammer: so whats new?
20:39:24 peterorg54: fender stratocaster or ibanez rg ??
20:39:26 peterorg54: sam
20:39:28 peterorg54: choose
20:39:32 Slammer: Fnder
20:39:35 peterorg54: hehe
20:39:35 Slammer: Fender
20:39:36 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:39:36 Understudy: Muris, excuse my spelling, but are you still living in Sarievo ?
20:39:42 peterorg54: 3:1 now understudy
20:39:45 muris: it's Sarajevo
20:39:46 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:39:47 muris: I do
20:39:49 muris: wink.gif
20:39:57 Slammer: Fender is more Versatile IMO
20:39:59 Slammer: Althought
20:40:10 Slammer: I woundn't use it for hard stuff
20:40:10 Understudy: I would really love for you to poat some pics of your city
20:40:17 Understudy: post*
20:40:20 muris: sure,why not
20:40:28 peterorg54: hard stuff
20:40:30 peterorg54: ?
20:40:36 peterorg54: like metal ?
20:40:40 Slammer: like Hard Rock and Metal
20:40:44 muris: or skipping?
20:40:47 muris: LOL
20:41:00 peterorg54: :I
20:41:01 Slammer: although you can get a Double Distortion Pedal ohmy.gif
20:41:02 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:42:13 Understudy: peter, you are not asking the original question that you asked me, you asked if I would take a Fender strat, Ibanez or a Les paul if given one for free and I said Gibson Les Paul studio
20:42:41 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:42:57 Slammer: LP have a big neck
20:43:14 Understudy: yes and fat ass tone smile.gif
20:43:31 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:43:32 peterorg54: big neck ??
20:43:46 peterorg54: like thick ??
20:43:50 Slammer: brb
20:43:54 peterorg54: no
20:43:56 peterorg54: no brb
20:43:58 peterorg54: answer
20:43:59 peterorg54: now
20:44:04 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:44:27 Understudy: peter what kind of Fender do yuo want ?
20:44:32 Understudy: you*
20:44:39 peterorg54: well
20:44:43 peterorg54: start
20:44:46 peterorg54: ..
20:44:53 peterorg54: strato
20:45:03 peterorg54: i said start
20:45:05 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:45:18 Understudy: I don't want a Fender, you start lol
20:46:23 Slammer: the truth is NO guitar is really any better than any other, It's all personal taste and what you want out of it
20:46:43 Understudy: that is not true slammer
20:46:46 Slammer: LOL
20:46:51 Understudy: lol
20:46:53 Slammer: it's All Opinion
20:46:57 peterorg54: cool movie line sam
20:47:19 Slammer: just like Understudy is Opinionated... but he's not right either
20:47:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:47:34 Understudy: if you had a Hondo that was 80 dollars it would not be as nice as a vintage 57 gibson, so yes there is a quality difference
20:47:59 Slammer: I was implying about peter's three choices
20:48:24 peterorg54: ??
20:48:41 Understudy: I will agree with slammer that each player has a preference for sound and feel of the guitar, but there is most definately a quality difference, NO PIZZA FOR SLAMMER
20:48:50 muris: strat,rg or les paul
20:48:54 muris: almost same class
20:48:58 muris: really individual
20:49:03 Slammer: Right
20:49:09 Slammer: that what I was getting too
20:49:13 muris: Hondo and vintage
20:49:16 muris: well smile.gif
20:49:26 muris: Hondo
20:49:27 Understudy: lol Muris gets my point
20:49:27 muris: LOL
20:49:45 peterorg54: can ibanez make bluesy sound ??
20:49:50 Understudy: yes peter
20:49:52 muris: why not?
20:49:53 peterorg54: no
20:49:55 peterorg54: yes
20:49:56 muris: ask Stach
20:50:00 muris: if you dare wink.gif
20:50:01 Slammer: and you Obviously didn
20:50:03 Slammer: 't
20:50:05 muris: Satch *
20:50:05 Slammer: Understudy
20:50:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:50:26 Understudy: I didn't do what slammer ?
20:50:30 Slammer: get my point
20:50:37 Slammer: LOL
20:50:38 Understudy: sure I did
20:50:46 Slammer: I wasn't comparing a Hondo
20:50:47 Understudy: and I agreed
20:50:56 muris: Hondo is cool
20:51:01 muris: btw,what's that??
20:51:04 muris: LOL
20:51:06 Slammer: LOL
20:51:19 peterorg54: sam has six pack by the way
20:51:24 Slammer: I do
20:51:26 Slammer: 8)
20:51:30 Slammer: ?
20:51:31 Understudy: Hondo is a cheap japan made guitar that you could buy for 35 dollars tongue.gif
20:51:31 peterorg54: ugh
20:51:32 muris: who is sam?
20:51:37 peterorg54: my brother
20:51:48 muris: uncle?
20:51:53 Slammer: sister?
20:51:58 muris: nooo
20:52:03 muris: it'd be Samantha
20:52:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:52:13 muris: or Sam
20:52:15 muris: yep
20:52:37 Slammer: my name is Chester
20:52:38 Slammer: sad.gif
20:52:42 muris: LOL
20:52:52 muris: LOL
20:53:04 Understudy: well, it is nice to disagree with you Chester tongue.gif
20:53:14 Slammer: Sure thing Undie
20:53:19 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:53:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:53:31 muris: is Chaster your real name indeed?
20:53:37 Slammer: sad.gif
20:53:41 muris: really
20:53:43 muris: no joke
20:53:44 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:53:46 Slammer: no my name is Slammer
20:53:46 Understudy: act your age, not your shoe size Slammer.....
20:53:47 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:53:58 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:54:02 Understudy: lol
20:54:02 Slammer: I have big feet...
20:54:06 peterorg54: l.ol
20:54:16 peterorg54: bigfoot
20:54:20 Slammer: YES!
20:54:26 muris: is it Slam?
20:54:51 muris: maybe you told it before
20:54:52 muris: I forgot
20:55:00 Slammer: ues
20:55:01 Slammer: yes*
20:55:06 Slammer: my name is Slam
20:55:12 muris: ...
20:55:14 Understudy: what ever slammer
20:55:20 muris: yep
20:55:22 peterorg54: my name is sushi
20:55:34 Understudy: I will just call you Uncle Bingo
20:55:46 muris: Understudy ,what's your name?
20:55:54 Understudy: my name is Ronnie
20:55:59 Slammer: Wood?
20:56:00 muris: ohh yeah
20:56:01 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:56:04 muris: saw it forum
20:56:07 muris: thanks smile.gif
20:56:11 muris: in *
20:56:12 Understudy: smile.gif
20:56:27 muris: guess you're older than these guys tho
20:56:28 muris: LOL
20:56:33 Slammer: much....
20:56:38 Slammer: I'm only a kid
20:56:38 Understudy: yes slammer, you figured it out, I am Ron Wood.
20:56:39 Slammer: sad.gif
20:56:59 Understudy: yes Muris I turned 38 last week
20:57:02 Slammer: me and pete only combine to make 31
20:57:08 peterorg54: l.ol
20:57:24 muris: that's cool Ronnie
20:57:25 peterorg54: im 21
20:57:30 Slammer: yes
20:57:32 muris: what do you do for living?
20:57:33 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:57:38 peterorg54: and hes 10
20:57:57 peterorg54: i do eat
20:58:02 Understudy: I work on refrigeration equiptment and air conditioning
20:58:02 peterorg54: and poop
20:58:03 Slammer: I live
20:58:11 muris: nice
20:58:17 muris: hope it's going well
20:58:20 Understudy: I make stuff cold smile.gif
20:58:20 muris: salary etc
20:58:32 peterorg54: it would be funny if u said that to me
20:58:34 peterorg54: l.ol
20:58:55 Understudy: eceonomy here in the states is poor at best Muris, so I am stashing cash away like a squirel hiding nuts smile.gif
20:59:04 muris: yeah
20:59:09 muris: same here
20:59:14 muris: and almost everywhere
20:59:16 muris: smile.gif
20:59:20 Understudy: yeah sad.gif
20:59:21 Slammer: and now we all know MUAHAHAHAHA
20:59:31 muris: kids?
20:59:36 Understudy: but at least we have our guitar gear paid for , right ?
20:59:45 muris: well said,yes smile.gif
20:59:49 Understudy: no kids for me
20:59:55 muris: married?
21:00:07 Understudy: yes I have a beautiful wife smile.gif
21:00:16 muris: glad to hear smile.gif
21:00:16 Slammer: does she play guitar?
21:00:29 Understudy: no slammer, she is an artist, a painter
21:00:35 muris: great
21:00:40 peterorg54: cool
21:00:42 muris: my brother used to paint a lot
21:00:45 muris: oil stuff
21:00:46 Slammer: she can paint a guitar...
21:00:53 Slammer: yeah ohmy.gif
21:00:53 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:00:58 muris: but digi stuff moved him into corel,PS etc
21:00:58 Understudy: yes she could slammer smile.gif
21:01:01 muris: shame imo
21:01:10 Slammer: you should let her paint your guitar
21:01:16 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:01:18 Understudy: yeah many artists had to do that Muris
21:01:27 muris: sadly yeah
21:01:44 muris: does she paint old techniques or ?
21:01:51 Understudy: she doesn't do any digital artwork, she hand paints using acrylic smile.gif
21:02:02 muris: that's great
21:02:07 muris: you know
21:02:11 Understudy: she does portrait work and wildlife
21:02:12 muris: it's like dying art
21:02:25 muris: modern time
21:02:35 muris: has good and bad sides
21:02:43 muris: hope she has fine costumers
21:02:50 muris: regarding to portraits etc
21:03:17 Slammer: Muris you know you remind me of someone
21:03:20 Understudy: she is putting a group of bird paintings together , she is going to have her web site made soon, so I will link it when it is ready smile.gif
21:03:32 peterorg54: someone who
21:03:34 muris: great,thanks Ronnie smile.gif
21:03:38 muris: who Slamm?
21:03:39 Slammer: someone I think you look like
21:03:46 Slammer: hes
21:03:48 Slammer: on this show
21:03:48 muris: and that one is?
21:03:50 Slammer: called
21:03:54 Slammer: Numbers
21:04:01 muris: never heard of
21:04:02 Slammer:
21:04:07 Slammer: him
21:04:08 muris: guess it's comedy or som
21:04:09 muris: LOL
21:04:16 Slammer: no it's a drama
21:04:19 Slammer: LOL
21:04:20 muris: ahh
21:04:24 muris: thanks mate
21:04:25 muris: LOL
21:04:48 Slammer: I think there is some resemblence between you to
21:04:50 Slammer: two*
21:04:53 Slammer: LOL
21:04:56 muris: well it is
21:05:00 muris: similar nose
21:05:05 Understudy: Muris where was your gig tonight ? local in town ?
21:05:05 muris: no,really
21:05:11 muris: maybe hair a bit
21:05:11 Slammer: I was thinking HAIR
21:05:14 Slammer: LOL
21:05:15 muris: that'd be all
21:05:23 muris: but not fully
21:05:27 Slammer: yeh
21:05:29 muris: my isn't that much
21:05:34 muris: curled is the word?
21:05:46 Slammer: yeah
21:05:49 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:05:50 muris: yeah
21:05:56 muris: but thanks for the hint wink.gif
21:06:16 Slammer: LOL
21:06:17 Slammer: so pete
21:06:25 muris: so Ronnie
21:06:25 Slammer: did you go to guitar center yet?
21:06:26 muris: LOL
21:06:40 peterorg54: yes i did
21:06:41 Slammer: WHo wants Pizza?
21:06:49 peterorg54: is it pizzahut
21:06:54 Slammer: Slammer's Pizza
21:06:55 Slammer: sad.gif
21:07:01 muris: yeah
21:07:08 peterorg54: go eat it all by urself sam
21:07:08 Slammer: I send it by post
21:07:09 muris: house delievery?
21:07:15 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:07:20 peterorg54: jk
21:07:21 Slammer: only $54.99
21:07:24 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:07:25 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:07:29 Understudy: lol slammer
21:07:29 Slammer: JK JK
21:07:30 muris: will ship to Bosnia?
21:07:45 Slammer: sure overnight $108.88
21:07:48 muris: will it be cold by then>?
21:07:49 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:07:53 Slammer: no It
21:07:54 Slammer: s
21:07:57 Slammer: HOt
21:07:59 Slammer: because
21:08:05 muris: with mushrooms?
21:08:06 Slammer: I ship
21:08:07 Slammer: it
21:08:09 muris: cheese?
21:08:12 muris: all stuff?
21:08:12 Slammer: yes
21:08:17 Slammer: Pepperoni
21:08:18 Understudy: magic mushrooms ??
21:08:21 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:08:24 muris: no magic
21:08:27 Understudy: lol
21:08:28 Slammer: No magic
21:08:29 muris: regular once wink.gif
21:08:30 Slammer: only
21:08:38 Slammer: Plain Mushrooms
21:08:42 muris: might be
21:08:42 Slammer: and Olives
21:08:48 muris: so,will ship?
21:08:52 Slammer: and Banana Peppers
21:08:53 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:08:56 Slammer: sure
21:08:59 Slammer: I'll ship
21:08:59 muris: no pappers please
21:09:16 Slammer: If I ohnly had a pizza buiness .... sad.gif
21:09:20 muris: well go ahead then
21:09:24 muris: I'm waiting
21:09:34 Slammer: ok brb
21:09:37 muris: ok
21:09:54 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:09:56 muris: making one,know him
21:09:59 Understudy: "slammers bosnian pizza shuttle" delivered hot or you pay double !!
21:10:06 muris: LOL
21:10:10 Slammer:
21:10:20 Slammer: there
21:10:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:10:23 muris: ahhhhhh
21:10:25 muris: in deep
21:10:29 Slammer: Print it out and eat it
21:10:30 peterorg54: u made me hungry
21:10:30 Slammer: LOL
21:10:45 muris: that was NOT deal Slam!!!!!
21:10:49 Slammer: sad.gif
21:10:55 muris: no,it wasn't
21:10:59 Slammer: :?
21:11:03 muris: NO
21:11:09 Slammer: but But .....
21:11:12 muris: NO
21:11:13 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:11:17 Slammer: but.....
21:11:17 muris: NO NO
21:11:20 Slammer: I don't know how to make Pizaa
21:11:24 muris: ahh
21:11:26 muris: ok then
21:11:31 Slammer: sad.gif
21:11:34 muris: NO
21:11:46 muris: NO
21:12:00 peterorg54: customers are complaining
21:12:06 muris: YES
21:12:15 muris: NO
21:12:17 muris: LOL
21:12:23 Slammer: I'll Have Spider Entertain them
21:12:33 muris: ??
21:12:38 Slammer: he can tell them jokes
21:12:40 Slammer: LD
21:12:41 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:12:51 muris: don't get it
21:12:52 muris: but
21:12:58 muris: my english sucks
21:13:02 Slammer: Spiderusalem from the forums
21:13:04 Slammer: LOL
21:13:05 muris: don't get me serious
21:13:08 muris: LOL
21:13:27 Understudy: Muris, your english is very good actually
21:13:33 Slammer: yes
21:13:36 muris: well thanks
21:13:44 muris: I'm fine with short sentences etc
21:13:45 Slammer: better than most americans
21:13:48 Slammer: LOL
21:13:49 muris: more complex thing
21:13:52 muris: and I'm out
21:13:55 muris: LOLO
21:13:59 muris: LOL
21:14:02 Slammer: well
21:14:03 muris: not LOLO
21:14:08 Slammer: did you teach yourself?
21:14:16 muris: not really
21:14:22 muris: just chat and that's it
21:14:27 peterorg54: whoa
21:14:31 muris: movies
21:14:38 muris: music did the most of the job
21:14:43 muris: I lerned french
21:14:47 Understudy: what language do you speak in Bosnia ?
21:14:54 muris: bosnian
21:14:55 Slammer: Bosnian?
21:14:58 Slammer: Ahh
21:15:00 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:15:07 muris: similar to serbian,croatian etc
21:15:20 Slammer: how do you say Slammer there?
21:15:28 muris: Slamer
21:15:28 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:15:31 muris: with one m
21:15:35 Slammer: oh
21:15:38 Slammer: sad.gif
21:15:38 peterorg54: whoa
21:15:39 muris: we use method called
21:15:43 peterorg54: what aoubt peter
21:15:46 muris: one sign,one sound
21:15:49 Slammer: Pet
21:15:53 peterorg54: .....
21:15:58 muris: no double letters
21:16:01 Slammer: ahh
21:16:08 peterorg54: so peter is just peter ?
21:16:18 muris: it's piter
21:16:21 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:16:25 peterorg54: sad.gif
21:16:30 peterorg54: do they say like
21:16:30 muris: the way we spell it
21:16:31 Slammer: Peter= Pedro
21:16:33 peterorg54: pie + ter ?
21:16:35 peterorg54: or
21:16:43 peterorg54: like same sound with peter
21:16:47 muris: piter
21:16:53 muris: it it same sound
21:16:57 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:17:01 muris: listen to your saying
21:17:04 Slammer: oh yeah
21:17:14 peterorg54: pieter would be funny
21:17:15 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:17:16 Slammer: pi x diameter
21:17:25 Slammer: is the curcumference
21:17:30 muris: Peter
21:17:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:17:35 muris: has 2 E leters
21:17:43 muris: 2 different sound
21:17:46 peterorg54: yea
21:17:50 muris: well
21:17:57 muris: we don;t have that issue
21:18:03 muris: that's why it's piter
21:18:12 peterorg54: whoa
21:18:13 muris: we write as we speak
21:18:17 muris: and oposite
21:18:25 Slammer: Muris vous parlez français ?
21:18:33 muris: Oui
21:18:35 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:18:38 muris: but badly
21:18:38 Understudy: how do you say, hello or good day ?
21:18:43 muris: really
21:18:43 peterorg54: muris iz kool?
21:18:51 muris: learned in high school
21:18:53 Slammer: we say
21:18:56 Slammer: ello govnah
21:18:58 muris: was years ago
21:19:15 muris: we say
21:19:19 muris: zdravo
21:19:20 muris: or
21:19:23 muris: dobar dan
21:19:27 muris: zdravo is like hello
21:19:35 muris: dobar dan is good day
21:19:38 peterorg54: i say gonichiwa
21:19:49 Slammer: Je ne parle pas le français ? sad.gif
21:19:50 Understudy: zdravo smile.gif
21:19:57 muris: zdravo smile.gif
21:20:15 Slammer: Dobar Shredmandan
21:20:18 muris: it is bit hard for western folks
21:20:36 muris: we have lots of gramm
21:20:50 muris: but it's really steady
21:20:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:20:59 muris: no mistakes or anything
21:21:14 muris: like word YOU
21:21:28 muris: how many?
21:21:55 muris: with just you,number of persons isn't listed
21:22:21 muris: might be one or more
21:22:35 muris: we use TI for one person
21:22:35 Slammer: ciao
21:22:43 muris: and VI for more of them
21:23:01 muris: ciao bella wink.gif
21:23:12 Slammer: In hawaii they say Aloha
21:23:13 Understudy: you is singular, intended use is directed to person you are speaking with
21:23:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:23:22 muris: yeah
21:23:42 muris: and you is used for more persons also
21:23:44 muris: right?
21:24:00 Understudy: no, you is singular, one person
21:24:16 muris: and what about more folks?
21:24:21 muris: isn't that you as well?
21:24:44 Understudy: no, you is only 1 person
21:24:52 muris: and for more?
21:25:01 Understudy: they or them would indicate more than 1 person
21:25:33 muris: I thought it was like
21:25:37 Slammer: hey Muris I was wondering do you ever practise other Instructors lessons?
21:25:42 muris: me,you,she ,he
21:25:54 muris: we,you they,them
21:26:18 Understudy: me is when talking about yourself, ex she gave the guitar to me
21:26:46 Understudy: they said I could play guitar if it was not too loud for them
21:26:57 muris: of course
21:27:06 Understudy: he plays guitar, but he really sucks
21:27:06 muris: but for example
21:27:10 Understudy: lol
21:27:27 muris: correct me if I'm wrong please
21:27:31 muris: let's say
21:27:38 Slammer: Understudy is gonna become a new teacher here
21:27:48 muris: Slam and I did something
21:27:48 Slammer: right??
21:27:53 muris: now
21:27:55 Understudy: yeah, english lesoons tongue.gif
21:27:58 muris: are you able to asko
21:28:06 muris: you did that?
21:28:16 Slammer: asko?
21:28:16 muris: speking to me and Slam?
21:28:20 muris: aks *
21:28:24 muris: ask*wink.gif
21:28:51 Slammer: hmm....
21:29:06 Understudy: you would have to indicate that it was plural, so you could ask, did you guys do a lesson together, or did you two goobers practice today
21:29:17 muris: yeah
21:29:24 Slammer: yeah Muris and I did a lesson together!!!
21:29:25 muris: so it can;t be just you
21:29:35 muris: but there's word you
21:29:43 muris: that was my point
21:29:45 Understudy: correct muris, that would specify just the person you are speaking with
21:30:01 muris: all I wanted to say
21:30:15 muris: we use different word for more people
21:30:21 Slammer: Muris taught me the D chord and I taught GEN
21:30:34 Slammer: 8)
21:30:41 muris: I did?
21:30:53 Slammer: when we did a lesson together remember?
21:31:06 muris: i think it was G
21:31:10 muris: or D
21:31:13 Slammer: oh yeah
21:31:17 Slammer: G/D
21:31:18 muris: can;t recall
21:31:19 Understudy: is Bosnian a gutteral language like german ?
21:31:19 Slammer: maybe
21:31:29 muris: ahh
21:31:41 muris: not familiar with word gutteral Ronnie
21:31:46 muris: what that means?
21:31:54 Understudy: ok, sorry hard to desrcibe smile.gif
21:32:25 Slammer: Guttural is a term used to describe any of several consonantal speech sounds whose primary place of articulation is near the back of the oral cavity, and include some velar consonants, uvular consonants, and pharyngeal consonants.
21:32:33 Slammer: 8)
21:32:39 muris: ah no
21:32:43 Understudy: like the german language is spoken from the throat, it is called gutteral sounding
21:32:49 muris: lke U with small dots above?
21:32:53 Understudy: lol slammer great now I am confused too
21:32:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:33:12 Slammer: LOL
21:33:13 Slammer: LMAO
21:33:15 Slammer: sorry
21:33:16 Slammer: sad.gif
21:33:29 muris: I think it's not
21:33:35 muris: know sound of german
21:33:43 muris: they are using throat a lot
21:33:44 muris: we don't
21:33:54 muris: so I guess it's not that group smile.gif
21:34:20 Understudy: I like to learn other languages, I know a little french, german, mandarin and now hello in Bosnian smile.gif
21:34:33 Slammer: do you know spanish?
21:34:35 muris: great smile.gif
21:35:00 Understudy: I know enogh spanish to get in a fight in the barrio, or get me out of one smile.gif
21:35:07 Understudy: enough*
21:35:14 Slammer: ah, que bueno
21:35:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:35:27 Slammer: btw
21:35:46 Understudy: but the spanish I speak is slang, not proper spanish
21:35:51 Slammer: Muris remembers my Anagram Talk.... he begged me to stop
21:35:53 Slammer: LOL
21:36:00 muris: stop!!!
21:36:02 muris: LOL
21:36:03 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:36:11 Slammer: Elvis = Lives
21:36:14 Slammer: LOL
21:36:17 muris: stop
21:36:20 Slammer: LOL
21:36:22 muris: please]
21:36:24 Slammer: one more....
21:36:25 Slammer: sad.gif
21:36:28 muris: it goes for hours
21:36:31 muris: ok
21:36:33 muris: just one
21:36:40 muris: wink.gif
21:36:46 Slammer: Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
21:36:48 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:36:51 Slammer: LOL
21:36:51 muris: LOL
21:36:53 muris: LOL
21:37:02 Understudy: if he practiced guitar as much as he goofed around in chat , he would surpass Steve VAi !!!
21:37:18 Slammer: oh I practise quite alot
21:37:21 Slammer: I only chat
21:37:24 muris: you do?
21:37:27 Slammer: Nights and weekends
21:37:35 muris: fair enough
21:37:36 Understudy: I know slammer, I am only teasing you
21:37:49 Slammer: becuase half the time I'm here you're here too
21:37:52 Slammer: LD
21:37:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:38:04 muris: me?
21:38:11 Understudy: lol me
21:38:15 peterorg54: no me
21:38:16 muris: LOL
21:38:24 muris: so who is it?
21:38:27 peterorg54: me
21:38:35 Slammer: well peterorg54 is here more than me
21:38:40 muris: ahhh
21:38:40 peterorg54: no
21:38:46 Understudy: I come into chat when I am going to practice, slammer comes in and I lose 2 hours of practice lol
21:38:46 peterorg54: just as much as you
21:38:49 muris: no practicing then Peter??
21:38:58 Slammer: Understudy always sees me here because he's here aswell
21:38:59 Slammer: and
21:39:06 peterorg54: yes practicing peter
21:39:11 Slammer: Muris always comes in when I leave LOL
21:39:21 muris: well
21:39:23 Slammer: Except tonight
21:39:23 muris: might be
21:39:25 Slammer: MUAHAHAH
21:39:28 Understudy: lol
21:39:29 muris: or it is oposite
21:39:35 muris: LOL
21:39:43 Slammer: I'm here by defalut
21:39:46 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:39:54 Slammer: so...
21:39:54 muris: you're default GMCer
21:40:05 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
21:40:09 Slammer: and I can't even watch lessons
21:40:09 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:40:11 Slammer: LOL
21:40:13 muris: you should take number 1
21:40:16 muris: ask Kris
21:40:21 Slammer: sad.gif
21:40:37 Slammer: LOL
21:40:39 peterorg54: gtg
21:40:40 muris: he doesn't need it
21:40:41 Slammer: no
21:40:46 peterorg54: cya
21:40:47 muris: lets vote
21:40:50 muris: bye
21:40:56 muris: I'll vote for you
21:41:00 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:41:01 muris: no doubt about that
21:41:04 Slammer: and no one else
21:41:06 Slammer: tongue.gif
21:41:07 Understudy: I have been working on learning scales positions on the fretboard and playing diagonal, vertical, horizontal and tomorrow I start 3 note coils per string and 4 note on sunday
21:41:11 muris: you're wrong
21:41:20 Slammer: oh thats right muris
21:41:23 Slammer: I ws gonna sk you
21:41:25 Slammer: ask
21:41:30 Slammer: something
21:41:34 muris: hit
21:41:44 Slammer: do you have any tips for memorizing the fretboard?
21:41:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:41:49 muris: LOL
21:41:52 muris: you silly
21:41:56 Slammer: sad.gif
21:42:07 muris: there's thread
21:42:11 Slammer: I use the Magic Triangle Technique
21:42:12 muris: around 200 posts
21:42:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:42:32 muris: Ronnie
21:42:34 Slammer: the Magic Triangle Technique is the best IMO
21:42:45 muris: about scales
21:42:48 Understudy: learn scales and chord patterns within the scales and you will learn the fretboard
21:43:08 muris: try to locate all notes on every single string
21:43:25 muris: main thing is to memorize semi and whole tones
21:43:36 muris: after that it's piece of cake
21:43:44 Slammer: well I know the 5th and 6th strings
21:43:51 Slammer: and with the MTT
21:43:56 Slammer: I can find them easy
21:44:05 Slammer: LOL
21:44:24 Understudy: I have become a scale junkie, I love them and there are so many the possibilities never end with learning it all
21:44:39 muris: scale is base for everything
21:44:50 muris: whatever you play,you're using some scale
21:45:12 muris: even with riffing
21:45:14 muris: LOL
21:45:37 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:45:41 Understudy: Muris , do you have your own studio at home ?
21:45:58 muris: I do
21:46:19 Understudy: is that the studio in your pics on your myspace page, all wood I think ?
21:46:20 muris: it's more like home studio
21:46:26 muris: ahh
21:46:29 muris: not that one
21:46:34 muris: that's another studio
21:46:37 muris: from my friend
21:46:57 Understudy: that is a very nice little set up your friend has, I am envious smile.gif
21:47:07 muris: well it is
21:47:14 muris: nothing too much tho
21:47:21 muris: but does the job
21:47:23 muris: I mean
21:47:30 muris: comparing to huge studios
21:47:35 muris: SSL'a and stuff
21:47:58 Understudy: I don't know what that is Muris
21:48:11 muris: it's brand for mixing consoles
21:48:16 muris: huge and expensive
21:48:16 Understudy: oh ok
21:48:31 muris: there's a guy here
21:48:33 Slammer: Red Duty Sun is a anagram for Understudy
21:48:38 muris: got one few years ago
21:48:39 Slammer: Random i know
21:49:04 muris: payed around 500.000 euros
21:49:12 muris: ...
21:49:15 Understudy: wow
21:49:18 muris: yeah
21:49:22 muris: it is too much
21:49:54 Slammer: 500.00 eur = 724.349 usd
21:50:01 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:50:03 muris: LOL
21:50:07 muris: culc
21:50:10 Understudy: I have a friend that used to work at White Castle sound studios in Hollywood, he did work on Bark at the moon by Ozzy, crazy to see that place
21:50:19 muris: yeah
21:50:34 muris: those are really masive complexes
21:50:45 muris: lot's of cabins,rooms etc
21:50:54 Understudy: yeah, I got to tour the studio years ago when he worked there, it was amazing
21:51:00 muris: nto saying about equipment smile.gif
21:51:14 muris: fortune
21:51:58 Understudy: I need to afk a minute, I will be back smile.gif
21:52:12 muris: ok
21:53:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:53:43 Slammer: so Muris
21:53:48 Slammer: any new lessons?
21:54:11 Slammer: oh wait maybe they are top secret ohmy.gif
21:54:19 Slammer: like a
21:54:26 Slammer: Lesson in the Style of Kris
21:54:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:55:03 muris: sorry
21:55:06 muris: was out
21:55:09 muris: well
21:55:17 muris: I did few new lessons
21:55:23 muris: one in style of
21:55:33 muris: and lest one in Bb minor serial
21:55:40 muris: last /
21:55:49 Slammer: coolio
21:55:57 Slammer: the free videos are fun to watch
21:55:58 muris: not in his style
21:56:10 Slammer: oh yeah
21:56:13 Slammer: make a hip hop
21:56:15 Slammer: lesson
21:56:20 muris: ahh
21:56:24 Slammer: like In da club
21:56:28 Slammer: 50 cent
21:56:32 muris: wink.gif
21:56:33 Slammer: P. diddy
21:56:39 Slammer: Jay-z
21:56:40 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:56:43 Slammer: LOL
21:56:44 muris: M.C.Hammer
21:56:48 Slammer: MC Muris
21:56:55 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:56:55 muris: yep
21:57:10 Slammer: "yo, it's me muris can't you see"
21:57:16 Slammer: LOL
21:57:42 muris: wink.gif
21:58:26 muris: tell me
21:58:36 Slammer: ?
21:58:39 muris: would you like pick with my name on it?
21:58:52 Slammer: Muris pick hmm.....
21:58:56 Slammer: is it a light pick?
21:58:56 muris: really
21:59:10 muris: I got dozen of it from Ernnie Ball
21:59:15 Slammer: LOL
21:59:20 Slammer: Hey I know
21:59:43 muris: I can ship it if you want
21:59:43 Slammer: you could make a Collab and whoever had the Best Solo would win a pick
21:59:49 Slammer: LOL
21:59:50 muris: was thinking to post thread
21:59:54 Slammer: yeah
21:59:59 Slammer: you should
22:00:06 muris: not about price
22:00:21 muris: but anyone who wants it
22:00:30 muris: just leave name and address
22:00:36 muris: no prob to dhip it
22:00:43 muris: ship*
22:00:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:00:58 Understudy: guys, I need to log. It was great chatting with you Muris. Slammer I am sure I will see you soon. Have a good night
22:01:09 Slammer: NO
22:01:10 Slammer: NO
22:01:10 muris: ok Ronnie
22:01:11 Slammer: sad.gif
22:01:14 muris: wa nice too
22:01:16 Slammer: now I'm gonna be alone
22:01:17 muris: night smile.gif
22:01:19 Slammer: cuz
22:01:23 Slammer: muris always leaves
22:01:27 Slammer: when it's just me and him
22:01:30 Understudy: I will talk to you guys soon, be goos smile.gif
22:01:31 muris: I'll stay here a bit more
22:01:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:01:35 muris: it's 3 am
22:01:38 Understudy: good*
22:01:44 muris: but few minutes won't kill me
22:01:44 Slammer: but it's the Weekend
22:01:48 Slammer: I know
22:01:53 Slammer: I'll get a bunch of pll in
22:01:56 Slammer: ppl
22:01:59 Slammer: I'll make a thread
22:02:06 Slammer: saying Muris Chat
22:02:12 Slammer: from
22:02:14 Slammer: for
22:02:17 Slammer: 30 mintues
22:02:20 Slammer: or 1 hour
22:02:22 Slammer: LOL
22:02:32 muris: I'm here more than 1 hour
22:02:35 muris: am I?
22:02:41 Slammer: yes you are
22:02:48 Slammer: LOL
22:02:48 muris: there you go wink.gif
22:02:56 Slammer: I'll make the thread
22:03:36 muris: what kind?
22:04:22 Slammer: a muris chat Session thread
22:04:23 Slammer: LOL
22:04:29 Slammer: so tons of ppl will some in
22:04:32 Slammer: come*
22:04:37 Slammer: and when they all come in
22:04:39 Slammer: you say
22:04:42 Slammer: Goodnight guys
22:04:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:04:47 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:04:53 muris: so,that's how you see me?
22:04:57 muris: ....
22:04:59 Slammer: no/....
22:05:02 muris: ....
22:05:04 Slammer: I was just joking
22:05:08 muris: ..
22:05:10 muris: .
22:05:12 Slammer: thats What I would do
22:05:15 Slammer: LOL
22:05:19 muris: .
22:05:21 Slammer: NVM just a dumb joke
22:05:25 muris: wink.gif
22:05:30 Slammer: :?
22:05:36 Slammer: anyways
22:05:45 Slammer: here I go the thread will be up in
22:05:47 Slammer: 5....4...
22:05:49 Slammer: 3....
22:05:51 Slammer: 2.....
22:05:55 muris: can't believe
22:05:57 Slammer: 1...............................
22:06:02 Slammer: it;s live
22:06:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:06:31 muris: LOL
22:06:37 muris: you really did it
22:06:38 muris: LOL
22:06:41 Slammer: oh wait... it doesn't show you're in the chat
22:06:43 Slammer: only me
22:06:44 muris: they can see us
22:06:49 Slammer: on the main screen
22:06:51 Slammer: sad.gif
22:06:51 muris: it shows
22:06:54 Slammer: it does
22:06:55 muris: from time to time
22:06:56 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:06:58 Slammer: well
22:07:03 muris: odd,yeah
22:07:05 Slammer: now it only says Slammer
22:07:10 Slammer: sad.gif
22:07:10 muris: try now
22:07:14 muris: reload page
22:07:21 muris: works strange indeed
22:07:26 Slammer: hmm....
22:07:31 Slammer: still doesn't work for me
22:07:32 Slammer: sad.gif
22:07:36 muris: yeah
22:07:42 Slammer: see it works
22:07:43 muris: have to ask Kris about it
22:07:43 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:07:48 muris: LOL
22:07:49 Slammer: Hello Matt
22:07:59 Matt Capasso: Hey whats going on guys
22:07:59 muris: hi Matt
22:08:11 muris: cahting a bit
22:08:18 muris: and Slam is posting threads
22:08:21 muris: that's it
22:08:22 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:08:28 Slammer: did you see the thread?
22:08:33 Slammer: (say yes)
22:08:35 Matt Capasso: yes
22:08:36 muris: LOL
22:08:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:08:39 muris: shut up
22:08:42 muris: LOL
22:08:42 Matt Capasso: i acually came here b/c of it
22:08:44 Slammer: sad.gif
22:08:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:08:55 muris: LOL
22:08:56 Slammer: great
22:09:03 muris: you were whispering
22:09:05 Slammer: it never shows that you're in
22:09:06 muris: I heard you
22:09:09 Slammer: that why ppl
22:09:11 Slammer: don't come in
22:09:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:09:18 muris: well
22:09:23 muris: i saw myself few times
22:09:27 muris: in another tab
22:09:31 muris: LOL
22:09:55 muris: you see?
22:09:58 muris: it aint working
22:10:08 Slammer: I edited the post
22:10:11 Slammer: LOL
22:10:12 preownedguitar: hey guys
22:10:22 Slammer: hello
22:10:24 Slammer: preownedguitar
22:10:26 muris: hi there
22:10:34 Slammer: what's on your mind?
22:10:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:10:40 muris: LOL
22:10:56 Slammer: see it did work!!!
22:10:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:10:59 preownedguitar: just trying to lay down some track in reaper and trying to setup my
22:11:00 muris: man
22:11:04 preownedguitar: X3 pod live
22:11:07 Andrew Cockburn: yo!
22:11:08 muris: now I just CAN"T go to sleep
22:11:10 muris: LOL
22:11:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:11:14 Slammer: and it's 3 am
22:11:14 muris: hi Andrew smile.gif
22:11:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:11:25 Andrew Cockburn: Any later and you'll need to stay up!
22:11:32 Andrew Cockburn: Hi guys
22:11:39 preownedguitar: 'hey
22:11:41 muris: oh,you got Pod X3?
22:11:42 muris: great
22:11:46 Slammer: hello Andy
22:11:49 muris: works fine?
22:11:54 preownedguitar: yeah well what happened is i bought the pod xt live
22:11:57 preownedguitar: and it crapped out on me
22:12:01 preownedguitar: they sent me this instead
22:12:08 muris: same price?
22:12:11 preownedguitar: yes
22:12:16 muris: nice wink.gif
22:12:20 preownedguitar: because they took so long
22:12:23 preownedguitar: took like over a month
22:12:25 muris: I see
22:12:27 preownedguitar: to get anything
22:12:27 Andrew Cockburn: you like it?
22:12:31 preownedguitar: yeah
22:12:42 preownedguitar: you can do vocals and bass
22:12:46 preownedguitar: 2 guitars at once
22:12:49 Zephyr: on
22:12:50 preownedguitar: with dif tones
22:12:51 muris: I lay eye on new toy
22:12:55 muris: that guy Tony
22:12:58 muris: infected me
22:12:59 Slammer: man the main screen only shows me and Andrew in chat
22:13:06 Slammer: LOL
22:13:11 Andrew Cockburn: hats cos were the important ones
22:13:13 Zephyr: ¡Hola!
22:13:13 Slammer: look how many ppl came Muris
22:13:20 muris: LOL
22:13:21 muris: man
22:13:26 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, Muris is a big attraction
22:13:32 Slammer: I know
22:13:33 Maximus: hello
22:13:35 muris: like monkey or?
22:13:41 Zephyr: Looks like Slammer should go into the advertising business.
22:13:41 Slammer: that's why I came up with the IDea
22:13:43 muris: LOL
22:13:43 Slammer: LOL
22:13:45 preownedguitar: nah the polar bear
22:13:49 Andrew Cockburn: No, like accomplished and experienced musician wink.gif
22:13:54 muris: ahh
22:13:56 muris: ok then
22:13:59 Andrew Cockburn: smile.gif
22:13:59 muris: thanks tho wink.gif
22:14:15 muris: and yeah
22:14:17 muris: Slamm
22:14:20 muris: I hire you
22:14:25 muris: as my booking agent
22:14:26 Zephyr: biggrin.gif
22:14:29 muris: you have a job!
22:14:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:14:38 Slammer: great!!
22:14:44 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Muris, love your Bb lessons
22:14:45 Slammer: you can pay me in Lessons
22:14:45 muris: where is our next stop?>
22:14:50 Slammer: LOL
22:14:52 muris: thanks Andrew
22:14:58 preownedguitar: yes it sounded great
22:14:58 Slammer: Bedlam
22:15:00 Slammer: hello
22:15:01 muris: was thinking what to do next
22:15:05 Bedlam: hi
22:15:11 muris: and chose to play in non common key
22:15:19 Andrew Cockburn: DO the same riffs in C and say its a different lesson wink.gif
22:15:25 muris: LOL
22:15:29 Zephyr: You could sell anything, just make an ad with a pic of Muris in the corner and an arrow pointing at him... crowds would
22:15:31 Andrew Cockburn: noone will know
22:15:36 Slammer: muris is like Santa Claus
22:15:50 Slammer: everyone wants to take a Pic with him
22:15:53 Slammer: LOL
22:16:00 Zephyr: oops
22:16:15 Andrew Cockburn: Muris is my guitar hero wink.gif
22:16:16 muris: I need a hat for that wink.gif
22:16:25 muris: am I?
22:16:27 Slammer: Maximus
22:16:30 muris: it ios weird
22:16:33 Slammer: how's it going?
22:16:39 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, after tha Bb stuff - was beautifully phrased
22:16:48 muris: thanks Andrew
22:16:56 Bedlam: I agree, the Bb lessons are great
22:16:58 Zephyr: My friend, Sam always wears a Santa hat for no reason, all through the year... he's my hero... tongue.gif
22:17:05 muris: nothing new I guess,just folowed molodie
22:17:07 muris: or som
22:17:16 Andrew Cockburn: I also hate you for playing so well lol
22:17:26 Bedlam: we all do Andrew
22:17:27 muris: knew it
22:17:34 Bedlam: wink.gif
22:17:35 muris: so who loves me??
22:17:37 muris: Slamm?
22:17:43 Slammer: what?
22:17:55 muris: nothing....
22:17:58 muris: LOL
22:18:01 Andrew Cockburn: lol
22:18:04 Zephyr: lol
22:18:04 Slammer: hmm...
22:18:15 Slammer: Muris always tells me he loves me....
22:18:19 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:18:28 Andrew Cockburn: I thik he wants some love back now ...
22:18:30 muris: but you lve me too,right?
22:18:42 Slammer: hmm......
22:18:45 Slammer: LOL
22:18:48 muris: LOL
22:18:51 peterorg54: suup
22:18:51 Zephyr: Aww... how sweet.
22:18:52 Slammer: sure why not
22:18:55 Andrew Cockburn: How can you not love the guy that made the Bb lessons???
22:19:03 muris: LOL
22:19:04 Slammer: but only if he buys my Cyberpizza
22:19:07 muris: the Bm guy
22:19:11 Slammer: ohmy.gifP
22:19:22 preownedguitar: ah the bowl movement guy
22:19:29 preownedguitar: oo pepto bismol
22:19:37 muris: Andrew,about amp,how's it going?
22:19:48 Andrew Cockburn: Pretty good - may do some more tomorrow
22:19:53 Andrew Cockburn: But waiting to move really
22:19:53 muris: great!!
22:19:54 Slammer: preownedguitar you're still here
22:20:00 preownedguitar: yeah
22:20:03 muris: saw blog ,looks awesome
22:20:03 Slammer: LOL
22:20:10 Slammer: so what guitar do you have?
22:20:11 Zephyr: That reminds me, thanks for the JEM... not loving it too much with the new body, but it works...
22:20:12 peterorg54: sma ur still here
22:20:15 peterorg54: and muris
22:20:17 muris: I'm really excited to see its progress
22:20:19 Slammer: that's Preowned
22:20:19 peterorg54: *sam
22:20:36 Andrew Cockburn: I'll get there eventuialy, then I'll do some recording withit
22:20:39 preownedguitar: i have an ibanez prestige and fender strat 96 atm
22:20:52 muris: lovely smile.gif
22:20:52 Andrew Cockburn: Hope it works ...
22:20:57 Slammer: Exorcize asks about the chat he can't come in
22:20:58 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:21:06 muris: I bet you can;t wait too
22:21:06 Zephyr: oops, I was talking to Andrew, not you, Slammer
22:21:15 Slammer: LOL
22:21:18 Slammer: I wasn't
22:21:20 muris: maybe he needs Java
22:21:56 Slammer: Fender 96
22:21:58 Slammer: nice
22:22:04 Slammer: is it a Strat?
22:22:11 muris: ?
22:22:19 Slammer: oh doh
22:22:21 Slammer: nvm
22:22:23 Slammer: LOL
22:22:26 muris: wink.gif
22:22:26 Slammer: just reread it
22:22:27 Zephyr: lol
22:23:00 Andrew Cockburn: Muris - I have a question
22:23:07 muris: sure smile.gif
22:23:13 Slammer: how do you play?
22:23:17 muris: LOL
22:23:33 Andrew Cockburn: Did you use your scrunchie for the intermediate Bb lesson? I couldn't tell
22:23:46 muris: uhh,my english
22:23:53 Slammer: sad.gif
22:23:56 Slammer: Belam
22:23:56 muris: scrunchie
22:24:00 Slammer: Bedlam
22:24:01 muris: what;s that?
22:24:01 preownedguitar: hair tie
22:24:03 Slammer: come back
22:24:06 Andrew Cockburn: the black thing you use to dampen the strings
22:24:12 muris: ahh dumpener
22:24:15 muris: not really
22:24:15 Andrew Cockburn: wink.gif
22:24:18 preownedguitar: like tieing a sock around the top
22:24:20 muris: it stays on first fret
22:24:22 Slammer: this chat is starting to get smaller....
22:24:23 Andrew Cockburn: ok, was curious
22:24:24 Slammer: sad.gif
22:24:29 muris: but doesnt have effect actually
22:24:37 Slammer: quick get Spider in here to tell jokes
22:24:43 muris: only on 3rd and higher
22:24:47 Andrew Cockburn: ahh, I see
22:25:01 muris: it's lactic material
22:25:14 muris: lastic *
22:25:19 Zephyr: So, the other day I tried out a Jem at the local Guitar Center, it was terribly out of tune, and as it had a Floyd Rose, which I have no idea how to use, I din't even bother trying to tune it. Anyways, I tried messing around with it unplugged just to see how it played, and I was surprised! I actually didn't like how it played at all, the neck seemed very slow and uncomfortable. Do you think it was just that guitar, or are they like that in general?
22:25:21 Andrew Cockburn: so its slacker on the fitsr couple of frets
22:25:25 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:25:31 muris: and I made it to dumps on 3rd fret
22:25:36 muris: yeah
22:25:40 muris: has space
22:25:42 muris: a lots of
22:25:48 Andrew Cockburn: ok
22:25:55 Slammer: peterorg54
22:26:00 Andrew Cockburn: Zephry - all Jems suck, I hate mine
22:26:05 Andrew Cockburn: NOT!!!!
22:26:08 Zephyr: Someday, I hope to find a tuned one to see how it sounds, but hopefully, it will play better, or my dreams will be shattered...
22:26:23 Zephyr: lol I almost cried for a second...
22:26:26 Andrew Cockburn: I live the neck but it takes a little getting used to because it is very flat
22:26:36 muris: I think it's just that one single guitar
22:26:49 muris: Jem is fine instrument
22:26:52 Andrew Cockburn: BTW, with a floyd, you tune it at the nbottom not the top
22:26:57 Zephyr: Hmm, maybe. I think it also might just have been sticky from use, but I'm not sure.
22:27:02 Andrew Cockburn: use the fine tuners not the main tuners
22:27:09 Slammer: So andrew what is the Cockburnian mode?
22:27:17 Zephyr: Yeah, I know, but I've tried tuning them before and it was a painful experience
22:27:25 Andrew Cockburn: Its also called the sreally sharp ionian
22:27:27 muris: I feel you
22:27:30 Slammer: Oh yeah
22:27:36 Slammer: is it usefull?
22:27:39 Andrew Cockburn: its #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7
22:27:40 muris: that's why I don;t play floated for years
22:27:48 Andrew Cockburn: Very useful for playing out of tune
22:27:51 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:28:01 preownedguitar: i love tuning with the bridge
22:28:11 muris: I do as well
22:28:17 muris: but not with floating
22:28:50 Andrew Cockburn: I'm glad I have at least one guitar with a Floyd but I don't want it on all of them
22:28:54 Slammer: Andrew were you a Metalhead as a teenager?
22:28:57 Andrew Cockburn: Nope
22:29:00 Andrew Cockburn: Hate metal
22:29:03 muris: LOL
22:29:09 Slammer: what about Punk
22:29:12 preownedguitar: hes a seals and croft man
22:29:14 muris: Slamm has aawesome question
22:29:17 Slammer: it was big when you were young
22:29:20 preownedguitar: lol
22:29:23 muris: continue Small
22:29:23 Andrew Cockburn: I like more melodic stuff - thats why I love some of the stuff Muris does
22:29:24 Slammer: in the UK I think
22:29:28 muris: Slamm*
22:29:29 muris: LOL
22:29:41 Andrew Cockburn: I guess it was, a lot of my friends liked it
22:29:49 Andrew Cockburn: But not me
22:30:08 muris: punk,always reminds me of noise
22:30:10 muris: dunno why
22:30:19 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, hate punk too!
22:30:23 muris: wink.gif
22:30:23 Slammer: while they were listening to the Sex Pistols you choose Eric Johnson
22:30:27 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:30:46 muris: hi Cliford
22:30:46 Andrew Cockburn: More like Floyd anbd Zep
22:30:48 Zephyr: Hmm... I played an EJ Strat the other day, and it sounded amazing!
22:30:50 Slammer: LOL
22:30:55 ClifordACDC: hey
22:31:14 Andrew Cockburn: hey
22:31:20 ClifordACDC: by the way theres suposed to be 2 f's but i made a mistake
22:31:24 Slammer: Clifordacdc biggrin.gif
22:31:38 ClifordACDC: tongue.gif
22:31:47 muris: ff
22:31:50 muris: got it wink.gif
22:32:02 Slammer: I had a good question for Muris eariler
22:32:02 muris: is that octave?
22:32:18 Andrew Cockburn: f - f - yes smile.gif
22:32:18 Slammer: I asked if he was a Rapper... MC Muris
22:32:33 Andrew Cockburn: I bet he could rap
22:32:42 ClifordACDC: lol
22:32:42 muris: I'm not gonna be Rapper Slamm
22:32:44 muris: EVER!!
22:32:45 Slammer: sad.gif
22:32:47 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
22:32:56 muris: I lied
22:33:00 Zephyr: lol
22:33:01 muris: really
22:33:06 Slammer: andrew
22:33:08 Slammer: and Muris
22:33:11 Slammer: can be a rap duo
22:33:13 ClifordACDC: i dont think i can see muris as a rapper
22:33:15 Zephyr: I knew you were a rapper at heart...
22:33:16 Slammer: RUN GMC
22:33:22 muris: I play tune Killing me Softly with my cover bend
22:33:29 muris: we do it in some funk groove
22:33:29 ClifordACDC: biggrin.gif
22:33:34 Andrew Cockburn: My name is Muris, I'm a bad ass guy, play ionian low, Dorian high
22:33:34 muris: and I do rap part
22:33:39 ibanezkiller: i just got back from playing a show...
22:33:39 Slammer: YES!!!
22:33:44 muris: yep..
22:33:46 muris: I lied
22:33:59 Andrew Cockburn: HAHAHA
22:34:13 muris: but it is only for the job!!!!
22:34:23 muris: you have to understand that!!!!
22:34:26 Andrew Cockburn: Hmmm
22:34:32 muris: please!!!!
22:34:32 Andrew Cockburn: How did it go Ibanez?
22:34:37 Slammer: ibanezkiller what show?
22:34:46 Zephyr: scared us for a second, Muris!
22:34:51 Andrew Cockburn: Muris we thk you secretly like it!
22:34:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:34:58 muris: wink.gif
22:34:59 ibanezkiller: good we played at starbucks
22:35:01 muris: I don;t
22:35:05 muris: but I have to
22:35:06 ClifordACDC: thats cool
22:35:14 muris: LA?
22:35:17 ibanezkiller: yeah we made 120 dollard so
22:35:21 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:35:31 Slammer: can I be your manager?
22:35:33 Zephyr: My sister worked at Starbucks for a while... she was a barista.
22:35:34 muris: Starbucks,where?
22:35:42 ibanezkiller: PA USA
22:35:47 muris: man,
22:35:55 muris: I'm dumb with shortcuts
22:36:00 muris: need the name of the city
22:36:01 muris: LOL
22:36:04 preownedguitar: pennsylvania
22:36:11 muris: ok
22:36:12 ibanezkiller: Dublin
22:36:14 preownedguitar: its near new jersey
22:36:20 ibanezkiller: city name (town)
22:36:23 ibanezkiller: yes
22:36:30 ibanezkiller: 30 minutes
22:36:32 Wyvernx: Hello!
22:36:35 muris: why killer?
22:36:42 muris: Wyvernx ,hi!!
22:36:53 ibanezkiller: i dont know...
22:37:02 muris: wink.gif
22:37:04 ibanezkiller: shredding so hard lol
22:37:08 muris: LOL
22:37:09 muris: ok
22:37:11 ibanezkiller: i break them!
22:37:13 ibanezkiller: lol not
22:37:17 muris: LOL
22:37:19 muris: not
22:37:21 ibanezkiller: i cant afford that
22:37:28 Andrew Cockburn: It sounds macho anyway smile.gif
22:37:38 Wyvernx: How long did it take for you to start shredding Muris?
22:37:38 ibanezkiller: lol
22:37:43 Zephyr: Hmm, so my uncle is buying our family Cd's for Christmas, what do you guys recommend? All I have is Vai and Satch... I was thinking A Via Musicom? What do you think I should get?
22:37:54 ibanezkiller: i got a question...
22:37:57 muris: hard to tell
22:38:00 Slammer: Barney's greatest hits
22:38:06 muris: can;t desribe what shred is
22:38:06 Wyvernx: lol
22:38:13 muris: really
22:38:17 muris: is that speed?
22:38:19 muris: or?
22:38:22 ibanezkiller: what scales/modes are used in neoclassical?
22:38:26 Zephyr: lol I was thinking about that...
22:38:35 Wyvernx: a combination of all your techniques you've learned
22:38:38 muris: Barney LOL
22:38:40 Wyvernx: that's how I define shred
22:38:43 muris: ahh
22:38:52 muris: well,it took years for sure
22:39:04 muris: I didn't count,was just practicing
22:39:13 Wyvernx: Hmm...
22:39:17 muris: and I still learn
22:39:19 muris: everyday
22:39:25 muris: that's main thing
22:39:27 Wyvernx: that's good
22:39:27 muris: smile.gif
22:39:44 muris: Slamm,you're ok?
22:39:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:39:52 muris: LOL
22:39:53 Slammer: my dumb internet
22:39:56 Slammer: :{
22:40:00 Zephyr: Bye... Oh, hello there!
22:40:01 Wyvernx: happens to me too!
22:40:02 muris: hold on buddy
22:40:07 Slammer: Bellsouth has gone south
22:40:13 Slammer: :{
22:40:27 Slammer: I prefer Comcast
22:40:33 Andrew Cockburn: Cablevision!
22:40:36 muris: Andrew,more questions about amp,may I?
22:40:42 Andrew Cockburn: Please do!
22:40:47 muris: thanks smile.gif
22:41:09 muris: preamp,section,tunes,how many,chales,how many,drives,gain,what stage?
22:41:15 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:41:15 muris: tunes*
22:41:23 muris: tubes*
22:41:24 Andrew Cockburn: lol
22:41:25 muris: ahhh
22:41:27 muris: LOL
22:41:34 Slammer: kahall
22:41:38 Slammer: Welcome to the jungle
22:41:44 muris: hi Kahall
22:41:44 Wyvernx: lol
22:41:55 kahall: hello all
22:41:57 ibanezkiller: we've got fun and games
22:42:00 Zephyr: Bienvenidos!
22:42:01 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:42:04 Slammer: Hola
22:42:06 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, so it has a 2 stage 12ax7 preamp, with a passive tonestack, then a single EL34 power stage - should be about 10 watts output
22:42:07 Slammer: HI
22:42:08 Zephyr: And cookies!
22:42:12 Slammer: Guten Tag
22:42:15 Slammer: 8)
22:42:18 ibanezkiller: mmm cookies
22:42:23 Wyvernx: who speaks Spanish fluently here?
22:42:34 Slammer: well
22:42:34 kahall: Oreos I hope
22:42:39 Slammer: I speak some...
22:42:41 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Kahall
22:42:43 ibanezkiller: yeah
22:42:54 muris: sounds like fun Andrew
22:42:56 kahall: hello andrew
22:42:57 Slammer: Wyvernx como le va?
22:42:57 Zephyr: I speak it kind of well... only 2 years of it so far, but I love the language!
22:43:00 muris: so one channel?
22:43:13 Andrew Cockburn: Will be Muris - I'll do some tweaking and mods to get a sound I like
22:43:19 kahall: I speak a form of english only
22:43:21 Wyvernx: me va muy bien
22:43:22 muris: cool
22:43:25 Slammer: if we get Fretdancer69 in here
22:43:26 Andrew Cockburn: and maybe add some 12ax7 to make it higher gain
22:43:27 Slammer: he's from
22:43:32 Slammer: Honduras?
22:43:34 Slammer: Ithink
22:43:35 muris: I guess you're not gonna stop after this one,right?
22:43:39 Wyvernx: oh that's cool
22:43:40 Andrew Cockburn: No way!
22:43:47 muris: knew it smile.gif
22:43:56 Wyvernx: I'm from Guatemala/Salvador
22:43:59 Andrew Cockburn: I want a reallyu nice clean amp, and something thats good for lead
22:44:04 Wyvernx: born in US though
22:44:22 muris: mean lead from amp or extra pedal over clean channel?
22:44:24 Slammer: me Madre de costa rica
22:44:27 Slammer: smile.gif
22:44:31 Zephyr: Soy de California... pero ahora estoy en Washington!
22:44:33 Andrew Cockburn: A nice lead sound straight from the amp
22:44:46 muris: so 2 channels?
22:44:52 Andrew Cockburn: If you get that right you shouldn;t need peadlas too much
22:45:07 kahall: I have not even plugged into my amp in about 2 months.
22:45:09 muris: or one with very versatile gain?
22:45:13 Andrew Cockburn: Eventually probably yes, this one is only a single channel
22:45:21 Wyvernx: Yo estaba por aya el ano pasado
22:45:34 Zephyr: Has anyone played any of the Carvin Legacy line? The Vai signature amps?
22:45:41 Andrew Cockburn: Versatile Gain is good, but you also would want different voicings for lead and clean so different channels probably
22:45:50 muris: I see
22:45:58 muris: not gonna bother you anymore here
22:46:06 Slammer: LOL
22:46:08 muris: tho I have millions of quesions smile.gif
22:46:09 Slammer: man
22:46:10 muris: any how
22:46:16 Andrew Cockburn: Catch me on MSN sometime and we'll talk more smile.gif
22:46:19 muris: fringers crossed an go for it!!!!
22:46:22 Slammer: Fretdancer69 really wants to sound evil
22:46:23 Andrew Cockburn: Thanks
22:46:24 muris: sure smile.gif
22:46:24 Slammer: LOL
22:46:26 kahall: this time last week I was at a Van Halen concert. I wish there was another one this week. ;-)
22:46:27 Zephyr: lol I saw that
22:46:40 Wyvernx: lucky
22:46:41 muris: ahh
22:46:47 muris: who said Van Halen???
22:46:54 kahall: me
22:47:01 muris: you are mind reader
22:47:13 preownedguitar: van hallen in kansas?
22:47:15 kahall: it was a very good show. all the band sounded great, suprisingly even dave
22:47:18 muris: I just uploaded lesson In Style Of Eddie wink.gif
22:47:20 kahall: yes KC
22:47:25 preownedguitar: lol nice
22:47:27 kahall: no way
22:47:31 Wyvernx: O_O
22:47:31 muris: yep wink.gif
22:47:35 kahall: is it live on the site yet?
22:47:37 Wyvernx: on my way!
22:47:44 Wyvernx: lol
22:47:45 muris: just uploaded
22:47:46 Slammer: maybe you could make a lesson in the style of andrew
22:47:52 Slammer: called
22:47:52 muris: probably shall be live in few days
22:48:03 Wyvernx: oh,
22:48:07 Wyvernx: nevermind
22:48:11 Andrew Cockburn: Andrew who?
22:48:16 kahall: that is fine cuz I am still working on a few of your older lessons
22:48:19 Slammer: you
22:48:20 preownedguitar: you listen to 98.9 kahall?
22:48:20 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:48:23 muris: I can't make amps...
22:48:26 Andrew Cockburn: I don;t have a style ...
22:48:29 Slammer: you could call it Practical Tritones
22:48:33 Slammer: for fret
22:48:40 kahall: 98.9 is a sports station here, I am in springfield mo
22:48:45 preownedguitar: ah
22:48:47 Andrew Cockburn: ANyway, I don;t play, I just talk about it a lot
22:48:49 kahall: about 2 hrs from kc
22:48:51 Zephyr: He, we have a classic rock station on 98.9 that I listen to all the time
22:48:57 muris: you do play Andrew
22:48:58 Slammer: 93.1 here
22:48:59 preownedguitar: 98.9 the rock in kc
22:49:03 muris: but I can;t build an amp
22:49:06 muris: true
22:49:10 Andrew Cockburn: Shhh, don;t tell everyone!
22:49:14 kahall: I am familiar with the rock
22:49:17 Slammer: kahall I grew about across the state
22:49:17 muris: got it wink.gif
22:49:23 Slammer: St louis
22:49:25 Slammer: LOL
22:49:27 kahall: cool
22:49:36 kahall: been there many times as well
22:49:42 Andrew Cockburn: I'll wait till I'm as gfood as ytou Muris before I tell anyone I can really play
22:49:55 Zephyr: Anyways, I have to go, see you all later!
22:50:01 ibanezkiller: peace
22:50:03 Wyvernx: I wonder how you can get a cool old video game kind of sound on the guitar?
22:50:13 kahall: heh, no one knows I play the guitar yet Andrew, cuz I dont yet. heh!
22:50:13 ibanezkiller: yeah
22:50:16 Andrew Cockburn: Use the pacman pedal that Dragonforce have wink.gif
22:50:18 Slammer: if I'm was as good as muris I would go crazy
22:50:23 Wyvernx: I would like to have that kind of sounf
22:50:23 Wyvernx: lol
22:50:33 Wyvernx: *sound
22:50:35 Andrew Cockburn: Then you need to PRACTICE!!!
22:50:51 muris: and not chating
22:50:52 ibanezkiller: how do you guys get your drums??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:50:52 muris: as I do
22:50:54 muris: LOL
22:50:58 kahall: I practice more than I do anything else when I have free time.
22:51:02 Andrew Cockburn: At the music store?
22:51:06 ibanezkiller: no lol
22:51:08 kahall: but it has only been about 7 months
22:51:10 ibanezkiller: for backing tracks
22:51:23 Andrew Cockburn: Keep it going khall
22:51:27 Andrew Cockburn: kahall
22:51:36 kahall: Oh I will
22:51:37 Andrew Cockburn: Hows your progress been?
22:51:46 kahall: slow but steady
22:51:48 ibanezkiller: drum machine or software?
22:51:51 Andrew Cockburn: Best kind
22:51:59 The Uncreator: hello hello all
22:52:03 muris: hey TU!
22:52:04 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Uncreator!
22:52:05 Slammer: The Uncreator !!!!
22:52:06 Wyvernx: hello!
22:52:07 Slammer: The Uncreator !!!!
22:52:07 kahall: I get stuck on a lesson and obsess about it
22:52:08 Slammer: The Uncreator !!!!
22:52:08 Slammer: The Uncreator !!!!
22:52:17 Andrew Cockburn: The Uncreator!!!!
22:52:22 Slammer: YES!!!
22:52:25 The Uncreator: Trust all is going good then? smile.gif
22:52:26 kahall: obsess? this not even a word is it?
22:52:27 muris: Is it??
22:52:38 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, obsess IS a word - I should know!
22:52:49 kahall: it just does not look right...heh!
22:52:55 The Uncreator: Obsess is what i do over stuff like say....Iron Maiden smile.gif
22:53:03 Slammer: Andrew I want to Nominate Muris to be a senoir member
22:53:06 muris: knew it smile.gif
22:53:09 Andrew Cockburn: Hah
22:53:11 ibanezkiller: any help with drum software???
22:53:12 Andrew Cockburn: No need
22:53:13 kahall: hey, its the world famous UC
22:53:17 Slammer: I meen
22:53:18 Andrew Cockburn: Instructor trumps Senior
22:53:19 Slammer: Mean*
22:53:23 muris: just remember one great tune
22:53:24 Slammer: he's always on
22:53:28 muris: Sea of Madness
22:53:28 The Uncreator: Besides kris, i think instructor is the highest position
22:53:38 Slammer: and he's helpfull
22:53:42 Andrew Cockburn: Maybe Muris could be a Senior Instructor ???
22:53:45 kahall: I know that
22:53:45 Wyvernx: yup
22:53:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:53:47 kahall: for sure
22:53:47 The Uncreator: ahhh
22:53:58 The Uncreator: a new rank in the GMC Echelon i see?
22:54:05 Andrew Cockburn: LOL I don;t thnk so
22:54:07 muris: writen by Smith,right?
22:54:15 Andrew Cockburn: There aren;t enough instructors to have a hierarchy
22:54:20 Andrew Cockburn: maybe when we get to 50 or so ...
22:54:22 ibanezkiller: ? nvm then
22:54:26 Wyvernx: that'd be scary
22:54:36 The Uncreator: i like the word hierarchy for some reasoj
22:54:39 The Uncreator: reason*
22:54:53 Slammer: ok then I want to nominate The Uncreator to be a senior member
22:54:53 Andrew Cockburn: ibanezkiller - look at EZDrummer or Addictive drums
22:55:02 ibanezkiller: thanks
22:55:15 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, I think he might be a good candidate
22:55:20 Slammer: I mean
22:55:22 Slammer: he;'s always
22:55:23 The Uncreator: ahhh thanks guys
22:55:23 Slammer: one
22:55:28 Slammer: and
22:55:30 Slammer: he's helpfull
22:55:39 Wyvernx: he's one?
22:55:44 Slammer: and he never Swears on the boards
22:55:44 Wyvernx: lol
22:55:48 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, but he is obsessed with the word hierarchy
22:55:53 The Uncreator: lol
22:56:01 Andrew Cockburn: Unfortunately theres a rule agasinst that for Seniors
22:56:02 muris: anarchy??
22:56:03 Slammer: wait he is?
22:56:04 Slammer: ohmy.gif
22:56:06 muris: who said that??
22:56:13 Andrew Cockburn: He just admitted it ...
22:56:26 The Uncreator: yeah, i can only say hierarchy twice a day on the forums
22:56:36 The Uncreator: and i just used those 2 here today in the chat room!
22:56:41 muris: what about chat?
22:56:43 Andrew Cockburn: Any more and he gets banned - we warned him 5 times already
22:56:53 The Uncreator: yeah it got pretty hectic
22:56:56 Andrew Cockburn: Forum & Chat - total of 2
22:57:08 muris: what is the punish?
22:57:15 Andrew Cockburn: So for that reason alone he'l probably never make senior sad.gif
22:57:26 Wyvernx: too bad
22:57:29 Slammer: don;t worry guys I think one day we'll all be senoir members....
22:57:31 Andrew Cockburn: Sorry man, but rules are rules ...
22:57:32 Slammer: or not
22:57:34 Slammer: sad.gif
22:57:42 muris: you will buddy
22:57:47 muris: just practice hard
22:57:47 Slammer: LOL
22:57:50 muris: LOL
22:57:54 Andrew Cockburn: smile.gif
22:57:55 Slammer: LMAO
22:57:55 The Uncreator: Punishment is a ghost sent by Andrew changes my guitars intonation and action overnight
22:58:09 Wyvernx: I'd hate that!
22:58:14 Andrew Cockburn: You figured it out already? Wow, you're smart
22:58:27 Slammer: I spend to much time in chat to be a senior member 8)
22:58:28 The Uncreator: I noticed it this morning actually, i kinda cried
22:58:36 Slammer: I get on everybodies nerves
22:58:37 Slammer: LOL
22:58:46 Wyvernx: not mine!
22:58:50 Slammer: speaking of
22:58:52 Slammer: I gtg
22:58:53 Slammer: LOL
22:58:54 muris: maybe senior chater??
22:58:58 Andrew Cockburn: Are you ever NOT on the chat?
22:59:02 Slammer: sad.gif
22:59:13 The Uncreator: ahhh, well have a good night Slammer!
22:59:15 Slammer: well
22:59:18 Slammer: something
22:59:19 kahall: what about a "Way Cool Jr" catagory?
22:59:21 muris: bye Slamm
22:59:30 Wyvernx: good night
22:59:32 kahall: or whatever you call it
22:59:36 Andrew Cockburn: seeya slam, chatter extrodinaire
22:59:38 Slammer: every single chat log from the past three months I'm in it 8)
22:59:51 Wyvernx: scary
22:59:51 The Uncreator: its an achievement few have reached
22:59:54 Andrew Cockburn: Is that supposed to surprise us ????
22:59:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:59:58 muris: you are senior chater indeed
23:00:01 Slammer: yes
23:00:06 Slammer: now I'm happy
23:00:08 The Uncreator: All hail Slammer, the chatter master
23:00:14 Slammer: I'm a senoir Chatter
23:00:21 The Uncreator: *whip*
23:00:22 muris: so,2 t letters
23:00:23 Slammer: I get to annoy you al for free
23:00:24 muris: knew it
23:00:27 Slammer: bye
23:00:42 Andrew Cockburn: ANd quiet descends upon the chat ...
23:00:45 Andrew Cockburn: damn
23:00:46 ibanezkiller: lol
23:00:47 Andrew Cockburn: hes back
23:00:50 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:00:51 The Uncreator: What do we do when slammer is gone? lol
23:00:55 The Uncreator: oh hes back
23:00:55 muris: he's back of course
23:00:57 Slammer: wait
23:01:00 Slammer: I was
23:01:00 Wyvernx: you sleep is fast
23:01:01 Slammer: gonna
23:01:03 Slammer: ask
23:01:03 muris: why leaving free toy behind
23:01:04 Slammer: if
23:01:05 muris: LOL
23:01:07 kahall: ok, I am out. later all
23:01:08 Slammer: someone
23:01:11 Slammer: could
23:01:15 Andrew Cockburn: seeya kahall
23:01:16 The Uncreator: Salmmer takes half a second sleeps lol
23:01:23 muris: bye Kahall
23:01:23 Andrew Cockburn: Spit it out slam
23:01:32 Slammer: When muris leaves.... if someone could reply tothe thread and say he;s gone
23:01:34 Slammer: otherwise
23:01:38 Slammer: ppl will come in all night
23:01:39 muris: LOL
23:01:40 The Uncreator: sure thingg
23:01:42 The Uncreator: lol
23:01:43 Slammer: looking for him
23:01:46 muris: LOL
23:01:52 muris: and you'll be here
23:01:56 Slammer: ok I'm off the wash the dishes... sad.gif
23:01:58 muris: as my booking agent
23:02:01 The Uncreator: Have fun
23:02:05 Andrew Cockburn: bye - and go this time!
23:02:08 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:02:14 Andrew Cockburn: smile.gif
23:02:20 ibanezkiller: whats you favorite guitar tunning? im trying new tunings
23:02:22 Slammer: Andrew Cockburn gets annoyed just by the thought of slammer
23:02:29 muris: you scary him Andrew
23:02:32 Slammer: ohmy.gif
23:02:37 Andrew Cockburn: Indeed I do :{
23:02:37 Wyvernx: I like standard!
23:02:40 Slammer: bye
23:02:40 The Uncreator: Favorite guitar tuning: Standard or Open Dm
23:02:41 Slammer: biggrin.gif
23:02:51 Andrew Cockburn: And quiet descenbds upon the chatr
23:02:54 muris: he'll be back
23:02:56 Wyvernx: or Eb like Iced Does it
23:02:59 The Uncreator: in 5 minutes
23:03:00 ibanezkiller: yeah
23:03:04 Wyvernx: *Iced Earth
23:03:06 muris: in 5 secs
23:03:07 ibanezkiller: i love open tunning
23:03:08 The Uncreator: Iced Earth is ownage
23:03:09 ibanezkiller: s
23:03:14 Wyvernx: yeah
23:03:16 muris: cmon man
23:03:22 Wyvernx: too bad Barlow left though ;(
23:03:23 The Uncreator: Open tunings are fun, i love how Opeth and Evergrey use them
23:03:32 The Uncreator: Barlow sings for Pyramaze now
23:03:36 ibanezkiller: i played some at starbucks and it went over well
23:03:36 The Uncreator: and i love tim owens
23:03:40 ibanezkiller: so im trying to use more
23:03:46 Wyvernx: Yeah they're both cool
23:04:01 muris: speaking of drop tunnign
23:04:06 muris: haven't used it a lot
23:04:12 Wyvernx: why?
23:04:12 muris: locking tremolo etc
23:04:17 Wyvernx: oh
23:04:26 The Uncreator: I got my washburn tuned to Drop A Right now smile.gif
23:04:27 muris: but Im getting new custom
23:04:29 muris: soon
23:04:33 Andrew Cockburn: I don;t use altered tunings often at all
23:04:34 muris: 7th wink.gif
23:04:40 Wyvernx: I wish I had a locking tremolo system
23:04:50 ibanezkiller: i got one they are nice
23:04:52 The Uncreator: they do have there cons
23:04:53 Andrew Cockburn: Is this a new new guitar?
23:05:02 The Uncreator: my washburn?
23:05:02 muris: yeah,will be
23:05:05 The Uncreator: oh that
23:05:06 Andrew Cockburn: Cool!
23:05:17 The Uncreator: Muris, how much is it costing you?
23:05:20 muris: 2 humbuckers this time
23:05:24 muris: pure power
23:05:26 muris: wink.gif
23:05:31 Andrew Cockburn: He gets it for free cos he is a good person
23:05:37 muris: LOL
23:05:40 ibanezkiller: lol
23:05:43 The Uncreator: and a because he is Muris
23:05:45 muris: not sure of personality
23:05:49 muris: but it is free
23:05:50 Andrew Cockburn: The Muris
23:06:03 Wyvernx: .... I need that status!
23:06:15 muris: I need big letter m
23:06:19 muris: please!!!!!!!
23:06:27 The Uncreator: I need a new car
23:06:33 ibanezkiller: yeah
23:06:35 muris: same here
23:06:38 Andrew Cockburn: and insuranceand moey for SATS smile.gif
23:06:43 The Uncreator: lol yeah
23:06:44 ibanezkiller: gass prices are horrible
23:06:56 Andrew Cockburn: But you have some cash from your digitech now lol
23:06:58 Wyvernx: they're around 3.20 over here
23:07:08 Wyvernx: dollars
23:07:08 The Uncreator: yeah i do smile.gif
23:07:08 ibanezkiller: weres that
23:07:20 Wyvernx: LA California
23:07:27 Andrew Cockburn: same here in souther CT
23:07:29 The Uncreator: wow, its about $2.89-$3.00 where i am, California has it bad
23:07:31 ibanezkiller: oh how about those fires
23:07:38 The Uncreator: those gotta suck
23:07:46 Wyvernx: They're mostly gone
23:07:50 ibanezkiller: oh
23:07:52 ibanezkiller: cool
23:07:58 Wyvernx: It was really hot though the first day
23:08:16 Wyvernx: +10 degrees than normal on a already hot day
23:08:21 The Uncreator: we got those down here a few months ago, the entire city where i am, covered in smoke coming from a few hundred miles away
23:08:29 Wyvernx: It was around 90 or so
23:08:33 Andrew Cockburn: Ahh well guys, I gotta go
23:08:41 ibanezkiller: k
23:08:43 Wyvernx: bye Andrew
23:08:47 muris: me too folks
23:08:52 muris: wanted to go earlier
23:08:53 The Uncreator: Have a good night Andrew (or morning...?)
23:08:55 Wyvernx: but why
23:08:58 Andrew Cockburn: bye all - Muris - go to sleep!
23:08:59 muris: and then Slammer posted thread
23:09:00 muris: LOL
23:09:04 Wyvernx: lol
23:09:08 muris: really
23:09:08 Andrew Cockburn: Night for me
23:09:09 The Uncreator: ok ill see ya later Muris
23:09:13 muris: guy is killing me
23:09:15 muris: LOL
23:09:19 muris: bye guys
23:09:19 Andrew Cockburn: :0
23:09:22 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
23:09:30 The Uncreator: Cya all around GMC!
23:10:02 Wyvernx: I want to meet Paul Gilbert
23:10:23 The Uncreator: ok i let everyone know Muris left
23:10:30 Wyvernx: I wonder how that'd be like
23:10:31 Wyvernx: ok
23:10:53 The Uncreator: well, if you met a god, then you kinda know what its like to meet sir gilbert
23:11:12 Wyvernx: Yeah...maybe
23:11:23 Wyvernx: I'm in the area
23:11:24 peterorg54: damn
23:11:25 The Uncreator: i would love to see him live
23:11:27 peterorg54: everyone is gone
23:11:34 The Uncreator: Yeah....
23:11:36 peterorg54: i was just about to ask a question
23:11:36 Wyvernx: I should make an effort to meet him
23:11:36 peterorg54: ...
23:11:37 peterorg54: sad.gif
23:11:45 Wyvernx: yup seems kinda lonely noe
23:11:47 Wyvernx: *now
23:12:01 The Uncreator: oh well
23:12:09 peterorg54: how do you do 'double string bends' ??
23:12:12 peterorg54: im beginner
23:12:17 peterorg54: answer
23:12:18 peterorg54: NOW
23:12:26 Wyvernx: I have trouble with those two
23:12:28 Wyvernx: *too
23:12:32 peterorg54: is it just double string bends .. ?
23:12:36 peterorg54: like it saids ??
23:12:38 The Uncreator: press you finger firmly over the 2 strings and keep them pressed like that as you bend the strings
23:12:44 The Uncreator: it sounds just like it is
23:12:49 Wyvernx: you have to kinda barre with either your index or middle
23:13:24 Wyvernx: It's hard to add vibrato to those
23:13:45 The Uncreator: Some bar with the ring finger, and use the index and middle for extra support, helps with vibrato too
23:13:57 Wyvernx: I should try that
23:14:05 peterorg54: so is it like just 2 string bends .. ?
23:14:10 peterorg54: just like it saids ??
23:14:13 The Uncreator: Exactly like it sounds
23:14:17 peterorg54: oh
23:14:19 Wyvernx: I've been working excessively on sweerp picking
23:14:24 peterorg54: ok
23:14:25 Wyvernx: *sweep
23:14:27 peterorg54: thank you
23:14:28 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:14:43 The Uncreator: im satisfied with my sweeps as of now, working on 8 finger tapping, and tapping in geeral
23:14:51 The Uncreator: general*
23:15:02 Wyvernx: tapping is fun
23:15:20 The Uncreator: yeah it is, especially on new strings
23:15:22 peterorg54: it sounds so different when paul gilbert plays it ..
23:15:24 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:15:31 Wyvernx: Do you know how to do those nubbings like Buckethead does?
23:15:34 peterorg54: double string bends..
23:15:38 peterorg54: im talking aoubt
23:15:39 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:15:40 The Uncreator: Nubbings?
23:15:45 Wyvernx: Yeah
23:16:07 The Uncreator: is it used in tapping?
23:17:00 Wyvernx: It's from figure 5 from the Buckethead lesson
23:17:15 The Uncreator: have a link?
23:17:26 Wyvernx: I'm trying to but I can't
23:17:34 The Uncreator: shoud i just search buckethead lesson on youtube?
23:17:43 Wyvernx: yeah it's easier
23:17:56 Wyvernx: It's the one with the head mask
23:17:56 The Uncreator: to make it easier, who put the video up, the username
23:18:11 Wyvernx: Tirple
23:18:40 The Uncreator: alright im watching it
23:19:08 Wyvernx: sweet!
23:19:15 Wyvernx: It's figure 5
23:19:26 Wyvernx: I want to learn what he's doing
23:21:38 The Uncreator: haha
23:21:43 The Uncreator: oh man i know that
23:22:03 Wyvernx: you know how to do it?
23:22:06 The Uncreator: the concept is amazingly simple but the actual execution is pretty difficult
23:22:24 The Uncreator: hold on a sec, i know a video that explains it
23:22:35 Wyvernx: Can I see?
23:22:56 The Uncreator: gotta find the link
23:23:03 Wyvernx: cool
23:26:11 The Uncreator: Reb Beach, one of the first guys to use it regularly, he is one of the first guys i know of to do it
23:26:28 Wyvernx: I will watch!
23:26:55 The Uncreator: thats what buckethead does on the part where he goes from low to high strings
23:27:25 The Uncreator: the first part, is just two finger tapping, played fast, with what souds like a single not between each tapped not
23:27:29 The Uncreator: note*
23:30:51 Wyvernx: It's pretty similar, but I think Buckethead does just the continous tapping down the scale
23:31:20 The Uncreator: its my closest guess
23:31:21 Wyvernx: But that sounded really smooth though, I should try doing something like that
23:31:55 The Uncreator: thats what i use, i have the same "barring" problem
23:32:21 Wyvernx: I didn't understand the probelm he had when he was tlaking about it
23:32:34 The Uncreator: well i gotta get goin, i got work in the morning
23:33:01 Wyvernx: ok then take care!
23:33:04 The Uncreator: have a good night ....(or day)
23:33:09 The Uncreator: cya

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