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> Take 2: Funky Satch, Lesson By Piotr Kaczor
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post Sep 26 2019, 06:08 PM
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Accomplished Tone Master

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Original lesson: Funky Satch by Piotr Kaczor


I have difficulties with the guitar right now. Everything seems so difficult.
In order to continue playing with pleasure, I decided to play again this lesson.
It is very very hard but I know her. I worked 1 month every day to improve my old take (2015)

I opted for Th3 preset - It is a little more organic on the headphone.
I recorded the guitar alone with the microphone of the go pro.
I mixed them both, it makes the sound a little bigger, I think it’s pretty cool.

I had fun putting the rhythm on the right and the metronome on the left on the first section.

My opinion: it is very hard to keep the timming,
I still have some progress to make but I am at the maximum of my current capacities

I await your feedback, positive or negative smile.gif

<div class="youtube-embed"></div>

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Sep 27 2019, 11:04 PM
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Hi mate!

There are some moments when we don't feel inspired. We just need to get back to the reason why we first started playing guitar: to have fun.

Your work on this lesson is not bad at all. I think that even the trickier sections sound very precise here. The main element to improve here is timing, mostly during the first section (chords) but also a bit during the solo that also can be improved by adding some more dynamics.

I feel that you could improve your overall groove just by relaxing and letting your body, foot or/and head going and moving with the music. If you check Piotr, you'll see him headbanging a bit while soloing. Try it, you'll find a bit trickier to play everything precise and after some takes you'll start to notice the difference in your groove and feeling.

It's an 8! Keep on the good job!

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Todd Simpson
post Sep 29 2019, 01:33 AM
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NICE!!! That one finger bend was awesome btw. Bending to tone is not easy, even harder with one finger. This is a wad of tricky bites packed in to a groove. Your technique here is impressive. This lesson is so much about the groove that I'd say you could afford to loosen up just a bit in terms of your picking hand and left hand. Letting the pick go far wide and letting it rake a few mutes strings can flare to and thump. This tune is so different than the precision work you diving in to a bit ago. It's a very good thing IMHO to balance learning groove, which is much looser and more involves more emotional playing, with technical bits that require precision and a bit more sterile playing. I hope that makes sense.

Keeping guitar fun is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING imho. More important than anything else. If it's not fun, people just put the guitar down. If it becomes a chore, not something to look forward to, progress is difficult and practice is tedious. Finding what makes it fun is hard since it's a moving target that changes as you grow. Glad that you found fun in this lesson. Keep finding ways to keep it fun no matter what. It's the best way to keep playing and that alone is the secret to getting better. smile.gif
Solid 8
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Darius Wave
post Oct 1 2019, 10:11 PM
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Hey there!

If you notice, Piotr in his original take has also some kind of swing in his timing. There is a particular type of flow in this lesson. I think not always rhythm and time have to be square. Comparing to original lesson you did really well with the timing....maybe besiders the final 3 strums smile.gif

There are some imprefections I feel like there is a hand sync issue time to time. Maybe not all all these runs are fully loaded into muscle memory.

I guess there is just a slice of "breathing presence" missing. It's tricky to explain. In your tone there is more of 4-6 kHz as a "breath" range while I feel like in Piotr's there is a slightly higher treble like 6-8 kHz and it maes things less harsh. No to consider your tone to be harsh at all. Just comparing.

At 1:09 there was a perfect occasion to practise the circle piocking that I know you are currently working on. You can see Piotr using it at these fast runs.

In general I see no particular technical things I could spot as a reason for any of issues. Piotr's right hand technique is different so may cause difference in sound but anything to fix in your take is rather some confidence missing than mistakes in playing.
Well done!
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Kristofer Dahl
post Oct 7 2019, 07:59 AM
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GMC Founder & Rocker
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
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Very nice!

I think the lead starting around 00:30 features one your finest so far - it feels very inspired!

Darius is right - rhythm wise this lesson breathes swing. This is also appropriate considering the topic - Satch quite often deploys quite a bit of swing. And he has said in interviews that he constantly challenges himself to get swingier in pieces like Satch's Boogie etc. I would say the biggest difference rhythm wise between yours and Piotr's take is that his is a little less stiff and with more emphasis on swing.

Keep it up - you get an 8 from me!

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post Oct 11 2019, 11:04 AM
Post #6

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Pass: 8

Thanks for letting me know it was a new take on a previously "pass" lesson! cool.gif

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