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23 Jun 2019
Hello everyone,

the reason I made this post is that I want to get some help to set my guitar just right, I know this is more of a guitar learning community but I figured that I have to let my guitar siblings give me a hand in this.
And please do not tell me to take my guitar to a tech because there’s not guitar techs where I live, not even in a 3000 km radius. rolleyes.gif

So the thing is that I recently felt that my Ibanez RG655 plays a little bit difficult on the high frets, says from 19th - 24th frets and by difficult I mean that the strings seem to have a high action around those frets.
So I decided to make some measurements for that Super wizard HP neck and compare it to recommended measures which noted in the guitar manual that came with the instrument. Also please note that all the measurements that I did were done as instructed in the guitar manual.

Before I started to check the intonation, string action and the neck curvature, I decided to remove the (ESP arming adjuster) which I installed a on my guitar for more than two years now and had to readjust the spring tension and the trem angle, and let the guitar settle for two weeks.
here's a pic that show the ESP unit before i removed it

Attached Image

Also note that all the measurements where done several time during different time while I let the guitar set and nothing actually changed.

So here’s the check up that I did :

At first I check the intonation of the guitar, I tuned precisely, checked the intonation and I could say that it was almost perfect and non of the checked notes seemed to be flatter or sharper than they should be.

The next step I measured the Action on the Fourteenth fret as Recommended on the manual and it was as follows :
- The high E 1st string = 2.0 mm as shown in the pics below, while in the manual it is stated that the action on the 1st string at the Fourteenth fret should be (1.5- 1.7 mm)

Attached Image

- The low E 6th string action was 2.6 mm (see pic) where in the manual it was stated that it should be (2.0 - 2.2 mm)

Attached Image

According to what I know that before you start adjusting the guitar action by adjusting the floating trem stud bolts (my guitar has the Edge tremolo btw) I have to make sure that my neck is not bowing than what it should be in either direction so the third thing I checked was the Neck Curvature

The instructions in the manual says to fret the first fret ( I used a capo) and fretted the 18th fret with my finger and the recommended distance between the bottom of the string and the 8th fret, should be around (0.3 - 0.5 mm).
In my case it was hard to see a clear gab, and to be certain about that I did the business card test, I took a card (of a 0.5 mm thickness) and slipped it right between the string and the 8th fret, and I could say that the string was raised slightly but not too much, and I can confirm that there was no way to slip the card without causing the string to raise. Here’s some pics below shows the distance between the 8th fret and both of the E strings

Attached Image

Attached Image

So in my humble knowledge I can say that I have a slight backward bow even though I hear very little buzzing when I play the guitar acoustically but nothing too serious. And when I play the guitar plugged in I don’t hear anything wrong or any buzzing at all.

So I’m thinking to make a small tiny adjustment ( a couple of quarter turns) to the truss rod and let the guitar set and recheck the neck curvature.

Once that gets done and I get the recommended neck curve I will check the string action and make any adjustment if needed through the stud bolts and finally reinstall the (ESP arming) adjuster.

The reason I wanted to share this is to get your thoughts and Ideas, or you might recommend any other methods to make the measurements before I adjust the truss rod, or you might even correct me if I have any misunderstandings.

I’m also thinking of posting this on one of the Ibanez fanatic sites, like Ibanezrules or Jemsite.. but I need to get your opinion about this first, you could also recommend a reliable online resource where I might get a some help.

28 May 2019
Original lesson: Masters of Sweeping by Ben Higgins

Hello Everyone smile.gif
I've been working on this sweep lesson for almost a year now,
Let's see how that goes

<div class="youtube-embed"></div>
30 Jan 2019
Hello everyone

I recently started checking the prices of the Axe fx-2 on Reverb, And they seem quite appealing relatively to the previous prices and the new axe fx-3 price.

The ones descried with (excellent condition) their prices range from 1200 to 1500 USD.

So What to do u think about this choice?

Bear in mind that I don’t have any experience with the Axe FX unit before, and all I know it’s an amp modelling/sound interface that can be connected to Pc/Mac and you’re ready to go to record your guitar tracks along with jamming tracks in a DAW software.

I watched a couple of videos on Youtube of guitarist comparing the Axe Fx2 with Fx3 and they both sound almost close. I also see that the Axe fx2 is still on the racks of top guitarists/bands.

So any ideas, thoughts, recommendations, warnings, advice about other gear needed to have a flexible user experience with the unit are welcome. smile.gif

Or maybe you want to recommend another product why not ! smile.gif

Aslo if you have any experience of buying gears from Reverb please let me know how it was

Thanks all
30 Jul 2018
i found this at the jemsite forum
this guy who said that he simply knows nothing about guitars
comes in asking whether he should buy this guitar that he found in a nearby shop for only 99 USD.
9 Dec 2017
Original lesson: Bendy Blues by Chris Harrington

Every time I come here it feels like I'm in the supreme court of Guitar Critiques. :) I've been working on this for a while now, and tried to fix most of the things you noted in my previous takes, I hope you enjoy this one. And thank you so much for your guidance and support.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
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