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9 Dec 2010
Hey guys!

I was wondering... I know the reason for using an FX loop, I guess. I mean, it's to make sure you get a delay after the preamp's distortion for instance, isn't it? Now I wondered, I have a nice Fender reverb pedal. If I need to play on an amp without an FX loop, how can I make sure it still sounds? I also sometimes use a DS-1, can I use that without fx loop as well?

2 Dec 2010
Hey GMC!

I recently installed some new pickups in my Les Paul, the so called Rocksong set from Tonerider. Tonerider is supposed to be just as good as Dimarzio and SD, but half the price! I've got myself the set, all was well, and I installed them. For some reason the bridge pickup seemed to have les output then the neck, even after resoldering. I adjusted the height of the pickups a bit to match it, but I guess now it's a bit to close to the strings.

Now the problem tongue.gif I've got some major buzz! When I touch the strings, there's no problem and there's no buzz, but when I don't touch it at all it's buzzy as hell tongue.gif Only turning the volume to 0 helps then. This is for both the neck and the bridge pickup. I think I've wired and soldered them correctly, they're being grounded.

What could be the problem? Should I double check the grounding?
2 Dec 2010

Hope you like it wink.gif It's the first time I've actually used a camera stand and it saves quite some time tongue.gif
1 Dec 2010
Hey peeps,

can anyone recommend the book/dvd Fretboard Roadmaps??

I wonder whether it's a good buy, I might ask it for x-mas. There's also a DVD version, which one should I get??


9 Nov 2010
Hey guys!

I've had some troubles with batteries in FX stomp boxes. Of course, I should use adapters! Now a friend of mine had a normal adapter, but with sever outputs! So he could hook up sever pedals to one adapter, in one wall socket. Can anyone tell me what these things are called adn where I can find them? thanks!
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