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7 Jan 2016;oe=57099F44

Hello, check this picture out.

The string tenstion between body and bridge, if played with high distortion, it will make a cringing harmonic sound, really loud nasty harmonics
The thing is, if you play a lot of modern metal in for example Drop B or C, with that tone, those harmonics are heard

something with the vibrations
This user put a foam beneath that tension

I put a cloth but I didnt help that much
I made a previous post about this, but this is a big error with a string through body guitar used for modern metal
that tension will cause such harmonics to be sounded, that you have to focus more on muting than actually playing

anyone else knew about this?

And is there some other way to solve this?
30 Dec 2015

I just ordered some 12-60 gauge strings for a 25.5 scale guitar to play in Drop B
Now I changed my mind and Im gonna play in Drop C instead

I ordered 3 sets :/

Drop C just sounds way better to me despite B being heavier

will this be too much tension?
Im not exactly a blues player, I never do anything but half tone bends on the highest string

Style: metal
Will 12-60 be good?
Right now im on 11-54 and it feels balanced
25 Dec 2015

I got my old ESP Horizon NT-II
Lovley guitar with ebony fretboard, I have one problem though

On my other guitars muting goes well. Ive learned muting by martin goulding the muting expert wink.gif

But on this guitar, its almost impossible to mute perfectly, especially for palm muted riffs
I have never encountered this problem except when I was a beginner

The guitars action was quite high, I have lowered it now but it made no difference
Pickups quite close to the string, might that be a problem?

Guitar is correctly setup for Drop C but it was the same problem in standard tuning

The thing is the guitar got a fixed bridge and string through body type
All my other guitars are not this variant.. Its just so hard to mute this thing

Dont know what to do! Harmonics and noice all over when riffing
12 Oct 2015

Music can almost be like nicotine, you want more and more and more all the time.
Buying a 7 string, lower tunings, experiment , more strings, more that and so on

I once bought a really nice ESP with ebony fretboard. It was a huge sale almost 30 % off so I got it pretty cheap

After playing a 7 string in Drop Ab for some time, I started playing this one again and its just great

7 strings and such a low tuning almost get too much
This 6 string in Drop C with the seymour duncan is just perfect and everything you need
It feels so compact and nice to play this 6 string and The tuning feels so balanced

So Im going to take a step back and use this guitar instead biggrin.gif its just phenomenal to play

What do you think?
Do we humans tend to want more not realising we already got the stuff we need?

12 Aug 2015
Hello there

I bet we all had this.
One day we love our musical ideas and one day we dont.
I spoke to other muscians about this and this happens to everyone.

Why is it so easy to get satsified with your own music, and some weeks later you will "dislike" your own music
You wont like your idea anymore

As an instrumental player, I have listened and composed so much instrumental stuff, that im now even starting
to get tired on the genre itself..
I dont know which of my compositions Im going to finish off into an actual song.

Some days I really hate my own music..

For me this is the hardest obstacle to find that extra piece of confience to actually finish something and get it out there
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