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Work is a big part of my life, im a director of a company called Coventry Grinders Ltd. Engineering based products & sevices.
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9 Mar 2012
Hello All.

Its been a while since I have posted on this forum. All part of getting old I am afraid! Been a member on this forum on and off since 2005. I have recently been getting back into my guitar. Going to a Noel Gallagher concert last week really inspired me to dust off the acoustic and start playing again. I have always been a player that can not get on with a plec. Always used my fingers.

I always really liked finger style playing and could master a few tunes like Brian Adams summer 69, fading out Radiohead and Pink floyd Is there any body out here.

I am now so rusty I am looking for some easier tunes or patterns to learn to get me back into the wing of things.
Can anybody recommend anything.

I found this geezer on Youtube who is in my opinion really good and again some inspiration for me. I know he may not be everyones cup of tea
16 Jun 2009

Not sure if im in the right section or not or if anyone can answer my question.

Thing is I play more acoustic guitar than elec. and im trying to teach myself a song from a fairly unheard of artist in the UK called Jon Allen. He sounds a bit like Rod Stewart. Plays a lefty like myself also. His new and first album is great if you like this sort of music.
The track I am trying to learn is called in your light. there is no tab up for it on the internet so figured i would have a go at learning it from ear. Now i am stuck :-(
What I want to know is, is there some theory behind working it all out. I know the guitar is tuned down 1 full step and the first chord is C. So is there a format to work out what possible chords are available?
I am rubbish at theory and do have a few chords that work, it it helps they are C , G, Am, Am/G , F, Dm7.

29 Oct 2008
Hi People.

I just thought i would post on here about my acoustic guitar as you may or may not have heard of this brand.
They are called Turner Guitars. They are machine made but hand finished and set up spot on. Based in the UK but are not made here just finished & set up I believe.

to quote their site.

"Each instrument is made using the finest solid spruce tops with precise scalloped bracing. They have a bone nut and saddle for extra tone and the fingerboard has a 45mm width at the nut making the guitar a ‘fingerstyle’ players’ dream"

I bought one (second hand left hander) and have been amazed by it. finish is great, nice low action and tone to die for. They are basically copies of Taylor guitars but done very very well and allot cheaper! I paid £275 Uk pounds for mine. You can find cheaper right handed versions as there are more of your right handers around. For us lefties choice is very very limited. Going to a guitar shop for a lefty gives you about 1-2 guitars to look at :-( in my case around where i live usually none are available but can be ordered in. To me thats no good as you want to try before you buy!

Turner guitars have lots of series of models going from series 30,40,50,60,70,80 & 90 the higher the series model the pricer they become. within each series they have different body shapes.

I bought a 74ce left handed grand auditorium shape electro acoustic. Out of all different brands i managed to try out, this one sang out to me the most, you cant believe tone for value.
Prices range from around £200 + to £800+ uk pounds. Second hand ones can be cheaper no doubt. look on ebay!

So there it is just thought i would let you know about my acoustic guitar and how good i find it to play. If you are looking for a new acoustic then I suggest (if you can find these in your countries) you try and check one of these out.
I would say its better than some more expensive branded guitars. Lets not be vain here its not about the name & make its the tone and playability.

They do have a website if you wanted more info. I think you can buy direct too.

Take care all, & keep Jammin'

23 Oct 2008
Hi there,

I am finding some of your lessons very insperational, loving Spanish Romance & Gran Vals. I never thought i would have the skill and patience to tackle such pieces. I found once I start I cant stop hehe. Much to my girlfriends annoyance.
I find the first part of Spanish romance quite straight forward (ish) but the second part needs alot more practice and work.
Thing is it sounds fantastic when i get it right which in turn motivates me to keep going. SO a big thankyou for doing these lessons. As you can see I have been a member on here since the start member number is in the low figures. I have been away from the site for some time now due to family comitments but came back recently to find how much it has changed and for the better. I have a few electric guitars but love my acoustic and play it the most I just like the sound of an acoustic better i think.

Right I do have a little problem on Gran Vals. Its the pull off from bottom E on fret 4 to 2. (8th bar on tab) the pull off becomes a problem if I am trying to bar the second fret with my index finger so I can play the A sting and bottom E together. I end up muting the A string as I cant seem to bar the whole fret & pull off. Its slightly annoying and hopefully will be fixed by practicing. The only work round I have come up with is to not do the pull off, it sounds ok for now.Just need to get it right. Similarly in bar 26 top E 7th fret has to be played with my thumb as barring there with my wierd concave fingers always mutes the B string.

Hope this makes sense as its late at night here in England...

Either way just a thank you for these lessons as its given me a real interest in Classical guitar playing. :-)


2 Jun 2008
Hi GMCers

Anyone else here with a guitar port by line 6.
Man i got one and its bloody fantastic!! I can now with just one lick of my mouse sound like my heros! + it can only get better with the internet database it has as more people add "patches"
So for those of you who like me know very little about effects and how to sound like the bands you want to, this is the ultimate answer! you basically have every amp every effects possible all at your fingertips/ mouse!
All plays though pc speakers so worth investing in some good ones. I did Gigaworks creative T40's a bit of money but well spent + threw my HiFi way now as I dont use CDs anymore all mp3'd onto HD!!

It would be good to hear anyone elses comment on this bit of kit.

Also if you have one , Does your crash and reboot your pc when you pull the usb out? mine does and its very annoying. I am very good on pc's but cant find (yet) the cause for this problem.

Take it easy Guys yeahman
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