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20 Aug 2014
Hi guys,

I've been so lucky as to be making and researching symphonic metal for my Honours in Music.

I've now completed the track and survey for my research, and I'd like to invite you all to take part

SoundClound link - "Dawn"

Qualtrics Survey link

Also a facebook page, cus why not;

Cheers !
29 Jul 2012
Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out how to input my guitar to my laptop while listening to music (through iTunes or VLC media player).
I'm using Zoom H4 as an external sound card, plugged in by usb to my laptop.
The problem is, I can't find any software (or software setting on programs i already got) which allow me to listen to my guitar playing simultaneously to any other music.

I use FL Studio, easy to use compared to many other DAW's, and it needs ASIO4ALL to be able to accept input. However, ASIO4ALL can only support one output at the time, being FL Studio, and mutes anything else (iTunes, Firefox, everything).
I can insert audio clips in FL Studio and jam along like that, but its a pretty clumsy solution and eliminates being able to quickly skip between songs, using youtube without taking a long route of dowloading and converting files or while watching movies.

So in short; does anyone know a solution for enabling live play of guitar with other music software simultaneously ?

9 May 2012
For any prog.metal fans out there - Beyond the Bridge recently launched their debut-album, really great stuff

The link below is the first track of their album The Old Man and the Spirit
Whole album tells a story (much like Dream Theaters "Scenes from a Memory")

Highly recommended - enjoy !
18 Apr 2012
Hi guys,

Usually i record my audio into my Zoom H4 recorder (either through line out on amp to plugin or by mic) and it works ok, but I'd really like to do recordings straight to my computer, both for audio alone and for recording vid+audio (for instance to share ideas with the GMC community smile.gif )

But whenever I try setting it up i get a horrible buzzing. Its not detectable when playing, but in between every little break its really annoying.

What I do is using the line out on my amp (Spider IV 75w) with converter from regular jack to small jack for it to fit mic input on computer. Pretty simple and "cheap" (as in not buying additional gear) but that noise... I've tried turning distortion off, turning off my Boss CS-3, neither seems to be the problem. Also, my computer seems to have a hard time "keeping up" with my guitar, why is that? bad sound card?

Anyways, that "slow" problem goes away if I do line out to H4 recorder, then connecting it to the laptop by H4 line out to laptop mic input (i guess the H4 acts as a soundcard/processer?). But the noise is still there

Tried to record in both FL Studio 10 and REAPER; FL Studio get a good sound capture and accurate speed, but still got that noise. REAPER just gets ALOT of the static and barely the guitar cuts through...

Its not the coils either, the sound is there either way

Going mad guys, please help !
5 Apr 2012
Hi all !

How do you guys make drum tracks (without a drummer)?

I love making riffs and lyrics. Then I record them and put them in my audio software (FruityLoops 10 atm - if anyone have better suggestions I'm all ears).

Problem: I never get my drums tracks right. I got some sort of an idea of how I want it, but I just cant seem to program the loops. Adding a sampled bass is usually quite easy, but man that drum track.

This is mainly what is holding back the completion of my songs - after several days back and forth trying to make the drums right, I just scrap it.

So if anyone got any advice/strategy/software that can help that area of my music, I'd really like to hear about it.

Cheers !

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