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Doug Lane
31 years old
United States, Georgia
Born Jan-19-1990
I like the vidya and the vidya games, cooking, and weightlifting.
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13 Nov 2020

Hey guys! I've been gone for a while, and I've been busy! I just wanted to share a project I undertook this year. I built a silent stage rig with integrated in ear monitors, backing tracks, and an automated, synchronized light show platform through the use of MIDI-DMX protocol conversion. One of the other major perks of this setup is the unified audio source, which makes streaming audio for live performances a feature of the system, rather than an additional consideration. This video came from our first public reveal of the new system.

Since our first stream, we've made additional optimizations including setting up optional auxiliary speaker reinforcement for stage volume, wireless transmitters and receivers for the lights, and setting everything up for travel with minimal setup/teardown. This rig not only vastly reduces sound check time, but the considerations to deployability and modularity allow us to handle setup and teardown in the same time timeframe as traditional equipment (regular amps, acoustic drums, micing everything, not including lights) WITHOUT a crew!

Anyone else been working on building the spectacle around their performances? Show me what you've been doing to make yourself look cool!
5 Jan 2018
Just quick study into trying to write a riff around the concept of a waterfall in slow motion. The original riff was mostly clean and tapped, but I thought it would be cool to pick it with a lead sound in unison. This lick outline C#sus2 and Asus2 before going into open voices of B, C#m, B, and E. All in all, this was a fun exercise in using suspended chords without their usual function of setting up a resolution, as well as string skipping and position shifting on the neck.

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19 Dec 2017
I've been studying some of the composition from the old Pokemon games lately. Aside from the various Bike riding songs, This one really caught my ear! I can't believe how intricately yet simply the different tracks work together! Composers for these gaming systems shined so much because of the way they learned to work around the limitations of their onboard sound chip!

6 Dec 2017
Hey guys! I recently got this gorgeous JP15 with the new BareKnuckle Ragnarok set. This song is recorded entirely with this guy, let me know what you think! (Credits for the original song goes to A. Kaida, N. Mizuta and Kirikiri-Chan, from the RockMan and Forte OST.)
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3 Aug 2017
Hi guys!

First off, just for fun, I'd like to open this post up with a little bit of guitar porn. I've added a few S I C C guitars to my collection!

I've been working a lot on content creation for my YouTube channel, getting serious about recording and edition video for the first time. A lot of my stuff is based around doing metal covers for video game OSTs, and I've found that green screening is a great way to free up a lot of the on-screen space so that I can include larger clips of gameplay footage to go alongside my playing. I am, however, having some difficulty getting consistent results with chromakey. Does anyone have any tips or guides on how to properly do green screen and lighting setups the right way? I'm trying to avoid developing bad habits that will hamstring my video production later on.

Additionally, I'm finding that when I layer myself over other videos, my top layer videos are coming through as transparent. I'm using Sony Vegas 14, if anyone knows more about this. below is an example of what I'm talking about.

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