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Guitar, football, gaming. Cloudburzt, Tottenham, Final Fantasy. Things like that make my world go around.
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Learning Rock Star
32 years old
Odense, Denmark
Born Jan-19-1989
My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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6 Apr 2021
For many years I used to wear band t-shirts a lot of the time, and I used to consider it a big part of me representing some music that way. Now, throughout the last 10 years I have gained a lot of weight, and that has meant that I couldn't fit into my old band t-shirts anymore. I could never find any in my current size, and I resorted to just buying some random logo t-shirts from a "big guy" store...

...that was untill the other day when I came across, where you can find a lot of things, including clothes (in bigger sizes). For instance search for "t shirt Stevie Ray Vaughan" or any other artist you like, or whatever else you could come up with. I haven't recieved my first order from them yet, but it's on the way, and I hope the quality is okay. It almost feels like I'm coming "home"/back to the old me. cool.gif Thought I would share the site with you guys. I'm not affiliated with them of course, I'm just excited laugh.gif

Now I can wear things like this again:

Attached Image

(Of course the goal is to lose the weight again, and I'm working on it, but it's a slow process!) smile.gif
6 Apr 2021
...for new chords and chord voicings. I don't know the actual term for this, to be honest. Open chords that is.

This came about from a thread on, where a person asked what other people's favorite chords are at the moment. This is more or less my response:

I thought I'd chime in with a shape that I quite like, rather than one single chord. The shape can easily be moved around, up and down the fretboard, but gives a few different flavors and chord and chord voicings. It goes through sus2, maj7, maj7(b5) and maj9.

Notice how the fingering stays exactly the same throughout:

    • Bsus2/D:
    • X 5 4 6 0 2
    • Emaj7:
    • X 7 6 8 0 4
    • Fmaj7(b5):
    • X 8 7 9 0 5
    • Gmaj7:
    • X 10 9 11 0 7
    • Amaj9:
    • X 12 11 13 0 9
    • Bmaj7:
    • X 14 13 15 0 11
    • Cmaj7:
    • X 15 14 16 0 12
    • Bsus2/D:
    • X 17 16 18 0 14

And then you are back at the "beginning" in the octave above the first chord. If you want to spice up the end of the sequence, you can alter the shape a bit to X 16 15 18 0 14 giving you a C#7add11 kinda thing..

I made a little thing using some of the chords (Bsus2, Gmaj7, Amaj9, Bmaj7, C#7add11, C#7add13):

Do you know any similar chord "tricks"?
1 Apr 2021
I'm gonna embarrass myself a bit here, but I thought I'd let you all see just how much production is needed for some tracks, especially when they haven't been recorded all that well, as was the case with this early demo version of one of my tracks.

Here's the finished (demo) product I had done in August:

And here is a version with all the COMPLETELY RAW stems, no mixing done: Attached File  Trapped_in_Ice.mp3 ( 6.78MB ) Number of downloads: 23

If anyone feels like taking on the mammoth task of mixing this and making it sound how they would envision it, here you have a link for the stems in WAVE file format:

I actually don't really know much about mixing, though it's a learning curve and I have gotten better with time, so I have generally just chosen some plugins for mixing, started with some presets and altered them a bit to make them sound how I wanted them to sound.

As said, feel free to download the wave files and play around, then share with us here if you want to. I have included a midi file with the time signature information, which might prove useful for importing into your DAW.
28 Mar 2021

Of course this related to my previous topic, but I felt so proud of this achievement that I hope it can warrant a topic by itself.

Let me know what you think! I worked very hard on this video for the past 12 hours, including getting to know Sony Vegas better.
25 Mar 2021
One of my all time favorite games is Final Fantasy 7, and I realized there weren't many metal covers of some of the songs, so I decided to try to do one. I'm hoping I can still ride the hype from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part I a bit.

I will be doing a full video production playthrough soon too. That's my plan at least. But for now, here's a quickly done video, so you guys can have a listen!

It is based upon this, which is the original track:

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