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26 Feb 2008
Well I feel stupid because I know that I can find lots of info on the web about the topic of tubes and tube upgrades. I own a 1982 Marshall JCM800 50 watt head model 2204 I have done a complete cosmetic restoration, and it looks brand new. The head has incredible tone and HUGH volume for a 50 watt head But.. It has started to make a little noise here and a buzz there. I'm going to send it to a local reputable amp tech who is Marshall certified for a complete once over and new tubes. I bought the head off Ebay with very little knowledge of this amps history. I know the caps have been replaced recently and the impedence switch has been replaced. The USA model comes with 6550 power tubes and ecc83/12AX7 preamp tubes. My question is do the specs of the power tubes make them all sound the same, or due they vary by manufacturer? I want to keep this amp unmodded to retain value. But I would also like to get a little more gain. Can I change one or all of the preamp tubes to have more gain on tap. I would value your experienced opinions.
23 Feb 2008
Hello David, Thanks for all of your fine lessons. I find all of your Pentatonic lessons to be very helpful at this point in my developement. Purely from lack of experience I am unable to tie down your tone, specifically in the last minor pentatonic scale lesson. I find it very pleasing and I would like to ask your formula/settings if I may. Thanks and keep up the great work.
20 Feb 2008
Well, I have asked once in the past regarding new tubes in my JCM 800 50 watt amp. There were many responses but there seems to be no agreement. I was finally put in touch with a reputable Marshall certified Technician, and he told me... Obviously a degraded sound quality would be a hint but he would test if the tube had become microphonic, which means Sensitivity to vibrations causing noises and ringing. Tubes are especially prone to microphonics and will self-oscillate. He told me to turn on the amp and let it warm to operating temperature. Then, with the rear sheild removed (on my JCM Model) yours may vary, to lightly tap on the top of the warm tube, if you hear the tapping sound through the cabinet speakers, it is microphonic and are in need of change. His name is Barry and he owns a store called the Audio Clinic in Uncasville, CT. I hope this helps.
20 Dec 2007
Kris, you and all of the instructors and staff have managed to put together the most comprehensive guitar destination on the internet. The caliber and quality of lessons, and the value of a community forum with intelligent and friendly and truly helpful information is not found anywhere else on the web. The cost-benefit of the GMC offerings is truly extraordinary. The new feature of bookmarks is just one of the countless things that simply add icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. Before GMC, I frequented several sites that were just loaded with sarcastic know it alls. People with something to say, right or wrong about everyone and everything, just wanting to exercise their ability to flame a will without recourse. The rediculously low tuition at GMC is not only a tremendous value, but it seperates wheat from chaff, as people with nothing worthwhile to contribute or discuss can practice their craft for free elswhere. I consider it tuition because it is what you pay for quality education. I could go on and on, but It has given me such tremendous motivation and inspiration to practice practice and practice some more. I have told countless friend about GMC and have heard awesome reviews from all of them. I think the number of registered members is going to skyrocket. I wish you all the sucess you can handle because it is coming whether you like it or not. Thanks for GMC.
19 Dec 2007
Happy Holidays all, Just wondering what you all think.. I'm almost 43 have two great kids one is 11 and although he can't play a note, (on a real guitar) is a local legend and self proclaimed Guitar Hero master. My friends and I all watch him with jaws on the ground. He has in the past wanted to learn to play a real guitar but wasn't willing to put in the time, I mean none at all. My second son is 5 and is also a Guitar Hero freak, his hands are small he plays it with the xbox 360 controller, and holds his own pretty good, it is rather funny to watch. He really wants to play a real guitar. He plays air guitar all of the time. I think Santa is going to leave a small 3/4 scale student acoustic guitar under the tree. Do you think I should just let nature take it's course and see where things go? or, am I nuts?
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