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29 Mar 2009

The song is called Kismet by an all Female Quartet named, "Bond." These girls are absolutely amazing! There is so much emotion in this song; brilliant writing on their part... I haven't been on GMC for a while, but I thought I'd share this wonderful piece of music (and band) with all of you. biggrin.gif

(I don't know how to add the video straight to my post, though). dry.gif

EDIT: Aladdin, anyone??? I first found "Bond" through this video, and it only gets better each time you watch it...
15 Nov 2008
Hey Muris! I just watched a few videos of yours on youtube, and you have inspired me to re-practice my shredding again! I have a few questions about practicing, and a few about gear, etc.

I feel the picks I'm using now (Dunlop Tortex SHARP picks) are a little bit tough to work with on high strings when picking. When I pick on lower strings they seem fine, when I pick on the higher strings it just sounds and feels "off". I am picking the lower strings with about the same "force" I am hitting the higher strings. The motion of my picking is sometimes from my fingers, but mainly from my wrist.

What kind of picks do you currently use? Are they round, or sharp?

When it comes to practicing I feel that I sometimes learn a solo and I can play each lick separately, but when I play it all at once I usually start missing notes and play sloppy. I'm pretty sure the answer is practicing slow, but I was wondering if there was anything else I should do to help solve that problem.

When you improv it seems very flawless. I know that you know your licks and scales, but how can you think so quickly and guess what lick will sound best after the one you just played? How can you play it without messing up?

Thanks Muris! I hope to tackle your "Fusion Lessons" soon wink.gif.
1 Nov 2008
I was watching your "Evening Blues" lesson, and you mentioned improv... I was just wondering if when you improv that the licks you play are completely "On-the-Spot", or if they are structured and familiar to you... Can you take any lick and play it perfectly in any scale, without worrying about missing a few notes along the way? How long can you usually improv before you feel a certain amount of repetitiveness (this is a problem I currently have). What do you think the best solution is to this problem is, and what do you think the most effective way to improve my improv is (practicing with backing tracks, learning new licks, etc.)

I currently know the C-Major scale all over the fretboard, but I only feel comfortable improving in certain places. I also have the same problem with the E-Minor Pentatonic scale...

I'm trying to get out of my old habits of playing the same boring pentatonic runs every time I try to improv, so I thought I'd ask you because I think you're style, tone, phrasing, and backing tracks are just the best! biggrin.gif
4 Oct 2008
... I thought I'd share a cool site I found with a bunch of Jam and Backing Tracks. biggrin.gif

... Here is the "Mother-Source". Which lists a few more sites that I haven't checked out yet... biggrin.gif

... Oh, and here's a cool site for scales (You've probably already seen it though). DON'T DEPEND ON IT!! Just use it as a reference... wink.gif

13 Sep 2008
This is somewhat of a mediocre question, but it's bothered me for quite some time... What do you usually set the tone knob on your guitar to (0% , 50% , 100%)? I am still trying to find a tone that I like, and I really like your overall tone smile.gif.

Also, what do MOST players set their tone knob to? I know every player has their preference, but what do guys like Paul Gilbert and Jason Becker (two examples) like to use?
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