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2 Apr 2009
Hey guys! First I'd like to say that I did try the search feature to find threads on this topic, but we all know how good that works, especially when it involves the word "guitar" laugh.gif

I wanted to know more about different woods for guitar bodies. I don't know too much, just a few different types, such as alder, mahogany, and maple. But I want to know, from your experiences, what are the special qualities of different woods and other such information involving guitar bodies and their sound. I'm planning on purchasing a guitar, not too soon, but a year or so usually passes by pretty quick and I would like to be well informed when I make my purchase smile.gif

My first guitar, the one in my sig, is made of basswood, at least that's what I think I read it was on the ESP website a while back. I'm assuming it's not the greatest of woods, I wouldn't expect it seeing as the guitar is not an expensive one. Does anyone have experience with basswood bodies? And if so, what are their typical qualities? I really wouldn't know how to compare yet seeing as this is the only guitar I've played, and I'm pretty much a beginner to guitar in general unsure.gif

Any advice and ideas would be truly appreciated smile.gif

25 Feb 2009
Hey, how's it going? I just happened to stumble upon this site not too long ago. I liked the lessons and videos I saw, so I decided to sign up. I don't have much time in my day to take lessons with an instructor between work and class, so I decided this would be good for me. A bunch of instructors and fellow guitarists or all stages here, can't go wrong with that.

I've been playing, or trying to play, guitar for a little over a year now. I've basically just been teaching myself. I think I'm coming along, very slowly, but coming along at least. Now that I have all these tools at my disposal here at GMC, I figure the sky's the limit. I'll definitely try to contribute to when and where I can. Hopefully we can all grow and progress together.
I'll check out the site and forums more thoroughly today to see where i can begin. Any suggestions in the meantime though?

Definitely looking forward to this.
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