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I'm a Norwegian boy from Sandnes, close to Stavanger. I love Iron Maiden and other bands like Santana, Guns N' Roses etc. I am very satisfied with this site so far, and feel that my skills are developing very quickly thanks to the highly competent instructors.
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Learning Rock Star
28 years old
Sandnes, Norway
Born Aug-30-1993
I'm aspiring to become a medical surgeon, and study at Cambridge, but I believe guitar is what I prioritise after school. I also have a black belt in Karate, and did swimming, but those days are over. I tend to work out on a more individual level, like jogging and strength at home.

I also enjoy drawing, I play the piano and I love music ! :D
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14 May 2012
Hey guys!

I haven't been active in the forums at all compared to my attention-seeking fanboy period 2 years ago when I first joined (Jafomatic will know what I'm talking about). Ironically this post is about attention, so forget about what I said. Ssssh!

I studied engineering for half a year, passed the exams after deciding it wasn't something I wanted to continue doing, and am now studying medicine in Norway's capital, Oslo. I'm only in the first semester, but have already had patient contact (and will have another 10 hours before summer) - gotta love the Norwegian medical education.

I've dialed down my amps, both metaphorically and literally. Whenever I play, I tend not to play with amp, and just focus on the more technical abilities such as AP, sweeping and legato, but also phrasing and vibrato. For some reason I feel more casual when playing unplugged. As I posted before, I now have an Ibanez RG920QMZ (the Premium series in Desert Red), which is the same model as Marco Sfogli uses, and now David Wallimann as well. I highly recommend it, it's playable, good-sounding, good-looking and inexpensive. I also got myself a Line 6 POD HD500 and plan on setting it up once I get the time (or should I say will-power to get my finger out of my derrière).

Anyway, as some of you may know, I have strong opinions on certain topics, and like writing and spreading my ideas to whoever agrees or might be inspired, which is why I've started a blog. That way I can also organise my thought and keep them accessible if my memory were to fail me. The blog is mostly about my trains of thoughts mixed with logic, philosophy, science and at times some stuff inspired by magic, and I recently posted a text about The Art of Memory, for anyone who might be interested in different mnemonic strategies and networks.

For anyone here interested in what I'm writing about, I'll leave a link at the end of this post. It's strictly non-profit, so I hope I don't get flagged and banned for this post...

Alexanderanimus (Exposing my Mind)

For those who know Latin, the name is just a pseudo-Latin construction supposed to mean "Alexander's mind", without going into genitive declension etc. which would be less catchy.

I'll see you guys around, hope you enjoy my blog, and I apologise if this advertisement offends anyone (the moderators in particular).

21 Jan 2012
It's happened several times so far, usually when I browse the tone directories in Line 6 POD HD500 Edit software: the POD suddenly starts screaming into my headphones (high pitched single note) and won't stop until I've reset the unit by holding down the left dial key on powering up. Anyone have any idea what's going on? :S
13 Jan 2012
Hello GM(long time no)C.

I just bought an Ibanez RG920QMZ (Premium) Red Desert, and since I'm in Houston might as well make the trip worth it by getting a Line 6 POD HD500.

The only technical issue is fitting the setup in a one-room apartment. I will start studying medicine (for 6 years) in Oslo, Norway, so room is an issue. So here is the question.

Is it possible to work with the HD500 WITHOUT external monitors/speakers? I was thinking of guitar-HD500-PC and headphones into the PC or HD500 for the sound.

Any help or other opinions on the HD500 would be appreciated!

6 Nov 2010
Hey guys,

I feel once again it is my duty to advertise for my friend, an aspiring violinist who is 16 years old and already in his second year of university at the Music Conservatory of Vienna, Austria. It seems like he is fascinated by gypsy music at present, and I must say I have been introduced to endless numbers of different composers due to his beautiful playing. Please check out his latest video, rate, comment and subscribe to his channel. It would mean a lot for me to know that people can hear his playing! smile.gif

Here's his latest video:

Maurice Ravel - Tzigane

Also check out his first video, with the same feeling and in the same genre:

Pablo de Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen
4 Sep 2010
Long time no REC! laugh.gif

I kind of wanted to take a shot at Lian's awesome symphonic metal lessons, so I decided to start with his most recent lesson on Doom Metal!

Original Lesson
Lian Gerbino - Doom Metal for Beginners

Fender "Burrito" Stratocaster (Mexican) with DiMarzio HS-3 (bridge) and HS-4/YJM (neck)
Line 6 POD Studio GX

Line 6 POD Studio GX / POD Farm v 1.00
FL Studio 9.0 (no extra effects added)

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000
Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

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Aye, for sure! Bill gives a great perspective on things. Saw him live a while ago and followed his career from the early days before he became a household name.
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