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GMC Forum _ THEORY _ Scale Fingerings For Guitar

Posted by: The Professor Jul 16 2013, 11:40 AM

Scales on Guitar

When learning how to play guitar, one of the things that we deal with that other instruments don’t, is the amount of possible fingerings for any given scale on the fretboard. There are dozens of different ways to play any scale, in the same octave, on the neck, making it tough sometimes to decide which fingering is best for any given person and any given scale.

To help out with this guitarist’s dilemma, I will put together a series of lessons that cover a number of different common scale fingerings. This way, you can explore a few examples from each fingering, find the shapes that work best and feel the most comfortable for you, and then take those fingerings further in the practice room as you go forward in your development.

Here are the different articles discussing scale fingerings for guitar.

Scale Fingering Lessons


Do you have any questions regarding these articles, please post them in the thread below.

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