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15 Mar 2008
hey all. just wanted to shoot this out there, not sure if it's possible to do, but i'd find it convienent.

i think we can all admit GMC is getting pretty huge, and we get more updates nearly every day. it's gotten so good, i seriously doubt we'll ever "run out" of lessons to do. kudos to Kris and the rest of the staff/instructors.

when viewing lessons by "genre" (shred, metal, exercises, etc) it can sometimes be a little tedious going through all the pages worth of lessons we have in each category. currently, i think the lessons are sorted via how recent they are.

my question is:

would it be possible to sort lessons another way? like, persay, via "difficulty?" i know the difficulty rating is just a very rough idea of how hard a lesson is, but when i'm searching for random lessons to do i often look for something with a difficulty i think i can handle (example, for me, i look for stuff with difficulty 1-6). if we could hit a "sort" button while browsing lessons in their respective genres, it'd make things much easier!

i'm sure newer memebers / less experienced guitarists will find this highly useful, it would it make it very very easy for them to find lessons of easier difficulty!

what do you guys think? good idea? or unneccesary?

if it isn't possible, i'm totally cool with it, GMC has already exceeded all my expections for less then 10 bucks a month.

PS: i realize we have the sample lesson planner on the front page. i appericate / use it quite often. this is just another idea.

24 Feb 2008
-closed until further notice-
7 Feb 2008 ohmy.gif

discuss. greatest wah riff ever? can it be topped? it just gives me a head trip hearing it.
7 Feb 2008
to anyone who owns a version of Fruity Loops Studio (recently featured in Kyle's software lesson):

what version to you have? there are several. after seeing how easy it seems (thanks to kyle) i'm considering buying the program. i just want it to create drum loops like how kyle did. would Fruity Loops Express be ok? or should i get "Fruity Loops" edition? hahaha. i tried to figure it out myself but was a bit lost on the feature comparison chart. i don't know exactly what all the features mean.

by the by, i think i speak for all GMC students by saying that FL software lesson was AWESOME! recording software is a confusing and unfamilar territory for many of us, but with tutorials as intuitive as that i feel like any of us, no matter how untech savy, can learn how to make great music.

maybe some other instructors could look into doing software tutorials for other programs? (audacity / garageband / etc)

wink.gif rolleyes.gif

EDIT: sorry if i sound confusing. what i'm trying to find out is what FEATURE FILLED VERSION i need to get. i'm stuck trying to figure out the difference between express / fruity loops / producer / XXL editions... not on using FL 6 or FL 7.
4 Feb 2008
noticed there wasn't a thread like this around, so i'm making one.

i do hope you guys know atleast a few of these... <--- guitarist's 2nd best friends, aside from GMC tongue.gif biggest guitar website on the internet, as well as the biggest guitar tab site on the net. <--- excellent resource on doing guitar maintenance (string changing, inotation, etc) <--- nice guitar website with some decent lessons. <--- cool website with tabs of video game music. <--- EXCELLENT resource of free lessons to all aspects of music, including guitar, bass, vocals, theory, music business, recording, etc* <--- i know you all know this one, but take it from me (and many others). this is the BEST website to help you learn how to play guitar, for an extremely affordable price. i've taken so much from this place. kudos to all instructors and people who make it possible! <--- Kris's guitar website he had before GMC's conception. some cool stuff to be found in here!

feel free to add your own!

*berkleeshares are free lessons based off of berklee's online music education program. ( i don't know if you guys know about it, but it's highly accredited and won many awards. you don't need to be out of high school to get into it. employers recongnize certificates from them as well. if you're looking to get into the music business / get a educational boost to your guitar playing / songwriting, check it out!
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