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9 Dec 2007
Anyone with a zoom g9.2tt or with slightly more brainpower or less deeply-rooted hate for the manual than me ?

- I cannot find the drum-machine in the 9.2tt. It's better in every way that my old zoom G2 but it seems all the more complicated till you finish a project smile.gif

- Anyone that has been using it that can suggest some neat settings they've found ? Some factory patches for example [in my view at least] border the lines of Great to Ear-Damaging-Crap with barely a few movements especially to the tube knobs. So if anyone has come across a few zoom miracle-settings [as I have deemed them] please share so I may have more places to start some tone from smile.gif

I especially am desperate for a 'Cowboys From Hell - Pantera' similar tone and another really enjoyable clean , soft one - maybe even like 'Nothing Else Matters' even though it's not the exact tone I'm trying to reach like in the Pantera example.
6 Nov 2007
I had to make a separate topic - so that someone who knows it might review or post about it. I'd appreciate it and so may a lot of others - it's the top-of-the-line multi effects pedal from zoom with two tubes and a whole lotta deep editing.

Anyone that has used it or tried it sufficiently ?

5 Nov 2007
Does anyone play or has anyone [for a decent amount of time] played :

1. on a Mesa Boogie amp [ I'm desperate for a good vid or soundfile to see what the channels of one of these amps can put out]

2. an ESP Eclipse or the cheaper equivalent EC-1000 and what the difference is between them [ I'm so hooked by the looks , and I've tried EMG pickups on another guitar , that I'll want one of these as my next guitars - my current is an Ibanez 370dx ] I know Rammstein uses and ESP Eclipse and both at Metallica love their ESP's and come to think of it they also use MesaBoogie as far as I know, but that doesn't mean TOO much before I try the gear itself, but to be honest I love both Metallica and Rammstein sound a lot. Heavy-a$$ rhythm guitar there....

3. what other amps [or guitars / pickups] do you think work well with heavy distortion effects [ as I said , stuff like Metallica, or Manowar , Pantera - not suggesting they have the same sound - by far - just that I love em ] and high-gain delay-filled solos ?

4. can anyone give me some actual examples [ or links ] for some good effect processors or even stand-alone pedals/stompboxes - especially for the delay and distortion ?
3 Nov 2007
My name is Alex and I'm from Romania.

I'm 20 and have started guitar a few months back. I've always loved it , I've always believed in music and what it can do for people, and for some reason I just snapped , grabbed a 40 year-old cheap local-built unplayable acoustic guitar and started to fret and pick my first sounds biggrin.gif ....... the enthuziasm that grew in me then and has been till now can't honestly be described to the fullest.

I've started getting guitar lessons from a teacher - an amazing < old , if I may say > guy that keeps on enlightening me even more. He's told me that I have a serious dose of natural 'talent' or ease of play with the guitar , or at least it's very comfortable / strangely familiar with me. That doesn't mean much at this point.

I'm loving every second of practice, play or fooling around with the guitar. I've got it in my hands every other minute. I guess I don't LITERALLY PRACTICE hours on end every day , but as for playing it in one way or another - it's definitely a lot of hours / day in my hands. I feel like I've never done anything as rewarding as playing guitar - and simultaneously making music in my life.

I liked Kris when I first stumbled upon GMC , he's a friendly , honest guy as it seems , a very nice guitar player and after also seeing how much people appreciate the instructors here - I joined GMC and plan on sticking here indefinitely smile.gif .

I respect you all, I hope I'll find the help I might need here at times and I also hope with the little I experience I've sumed up until now - that I may be able to help others in some ways.

About my tastes in music - I listen to Manowar firstly for that surge of power , energy , sense of unity among men [and women hopefuly] and the epic courage and glory they inspire - makes me feel all the more honorable. THIS is heavy metal with balls and irrespective of what many will say I am pretty much convinced of why Manowar are so special. Furthermore , among guitarists I LoVe Santana for his simply breathtaking subtleness [resulting in sheer beauty] in playing guitar , Steve Vai for his equally crazy level of emotion and his wacky innovative style, and so on - probably adding more power & heavy metal to this list.
But generally speaking I love music that can take me places. Most of you will have an idea about this silly statement smile.gif

I'm at college at the moment - two in fact - law and economy , with an obvious secret desire to excel in playing guitar and creating music.

HAIL and rock on everyone and don't be bothered by any slightly emo comments I've made in this presentation - they're all from the soul , mon and written down to prove a point ..... cheers !
3 Nov 2007
Hey all !

Was wondering if I could get a short explanation of the roles of a few piece of guitar / music gear.

I was wondering about a few things that I have little or no clue about smile.gif I'll attach some LINKED examples so I'm sure we're talking about the same stuff - and sry about the silly approach, but I wanna get some things straight and clear before I get the chance to try out more gear.

1. the purpose of a preamp [ like Rocktron rack preamp ]

2. how do rack delays , reverbs or all in one multi effects compare to your usual stompbox pedal or multi-effects procs - as I can see most of the rack - mounted multi effects processors are seriously more expensive and I haven't had the chance [yet] to try out some serious gear , so how does the sound quality or versatility compare ? [ Rocktron multieffects ]

3. the purpose of poweramps [ like Marshall rack poweramp ]

4. I've already pretty much seen that using software for recording guitar is much more flexible at this point , given I also don't move around much. I also want to create my own backing tracks with a home keyboard, percussion ( either drum software or by buying a portable drum machine - which I'm very fond of for some reason , it's more interactive than software-created drum patterns ). Some home keyboards also have the possibility of creating drum and bass patterns - is that desirable in your opinion or do they have flaws in that area ? For example - Roland Keyboard

- I'm curious : how do I keep all these devices connected to my pc for recording , do I need a mixer and connect that to my PC ? what recording-friendly sound-card could I get ? I have a LINE6 toneport for guitar [also has a mic input] but I'm not really enjoying most of the tones I can get from the software associated with the toneport - I want to record what I'm playing on my Ibanez + my beloved ZooM G2 multi effects pedal + a silly 50Watt 2 channel cheap amp, not what I can get with the toneport software. I also don't know much about recording instruments with a mic [as in positioned around the amp] or having some form of connection from the amp to the pc for direct recording - I'd like to know a few details about that , hoping to find the simplest solution to recording without losing sound quality for my [far] future plans. That's why I need a little lesson in connectivity and I'll have HUGE appreciation for someone who can clarify me about all these issues I'm boldly asking about smile.gif .

Believe it or not , I still have a few things I'd like to ask about but I guess my memory will help me a bit later.

A big fat thank you in advance for the moment biggrin.gif

P.S. : didn't know for sure to post this in Recording or Gear topics... covers both so I guess it's ok biggrin.gif
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