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27 Feb 2020
I've been struggling with this inversion for quite a while, especially lower down the neck, such as the attached pictured tablature. Do you use your ring finger for the 2-string roll on the A and D string? Or your pinky? The two notes on the 7th fret of the A and D string, that is.

I find it a struggle to use my pinky to do the roll, as I don't feel in as much control, but funnily enough, when I use my ring finger, I tend to accidentaly bar/roll onto the G string as well, either as a muted note or, in the case of the arpeggio in the tab, the D on the 7th fret of the G string.

Just wondering if I'm missing something obvious that would make this inversion easier.

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26 Feb 2020
I've seen it many times, but it always inspires me smile.gif

Here is the trailer.

And here is the full documentary (with Spanish or portuguese subtitles I think, mind you). Very much worth a watch:

14 Feb 2020
Been waiting more than 10 years for this - it was announced 10 years ago that they were working on new material, but now it's here. Here's a song from the album:

So far I'm liking what I'm hearing.

Here's another song:

10 Feb 2020
Been a long time since I covered a song, as I mostly try to write my own songs, but last night I decided to learn and record this one:

Here's the no-vocals-yet version, as-it's slightly out of my range. Or close to at least.

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1 Feb 2020
Last couple of days I've felt a bit angry at the world, but it has allowed me to dig into these type of vocals! Let me know if I've completely lost the plot or if it sounds okay laugh.gif
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