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GMC Forum _ GEAR & PRODUCTION _ New Mooer Rig

Posted by: Adam Jun 11 2019, 01:58 PM

It's become a meme already. Giving a new metal-ish eq for test equals a major sales boost. He was able to revive the Metal Zone everybody trashed before and in return he got its updated version to shoot a demo. Just give it to Ola and he'll make it work.

This time, Ola is playing a new modelling rig and one thing that got my attention is a wider variety of available tones. Technically you can play Dancing Mad and make it sound like actual pipe organ! There's trumpet and flute (and probably other instruments too), so it definitely looks like another step in evolution for digital modelling.

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 11 2019, 03:22 PM

It looks very cool. I haven't tried any Mooer model so I can say anything about how it sounds. Based on Ola's video, I'm not very impressed if we compare this one with others like Headrush and Fractal ax8, however I suspect that this one is at a different price range.

Posted by: Mertay Jun 11 2019, 05:21 PM

Here the preamp live is getting extremely popular.

GE-300 as I understand doesn't have a sonic benefit to the GE-200 on amps but adds stuff to it. Might be fun but not really my thing, though EHX pedals really blow me away for such fx.

Posted by: Todd Simpson Jun 12 2019, 06:27 AM

Ola charged around $2,000 per review from what I understand so you have to give the guy credit for building up his brand to the point where he can charge top dollar for a review. He is also playing his own Guitar brand (Ola Guitars) in the vid which is also impressive that a guy starting on youtube can end up as a builder with wads of folks using their guitars. Our own Kris Dahl even has one. Props again Ola.

As for this pedal, it sure does have a lot of features!! Tons of FX and 10 buttons! Looks great on paper. I was a bit let down by how it actually sounded though. The volume of the unit seems a bit quiet in the vid though as you can hear string strikes from the mic for his vocals as loud as the unit sometimes. I get why, it's a pain in the neck to edit out the audio every time you strike the strings. You've got to cut out each time on your video edit software to allow only the processed audio of the unit, or you end up hearing the pick hit the strings through the mic capturing the vocal. It's a pain. Still, I think he used to edit them out? But it doesn't seem to matter, vid has major traction and folks like it so it's a small matter.

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