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1 Dec 2011
Hi, I've been playing for five years and have a decent knowledge of theory, a good ear, and my strongest link is improvisation....but my technique is awful and that's what I want to fix. biggrin.gif Anyways, there's a Slash lick I've always wanted to play but have never known the right way to pick it-

My question is would it be better to alternate pick or economy pick this? Which would I be able to reach the greatest speed with? I'm more used to alternate picking than economy because I like Paul Gilbert's tone alternate picking. but something feels like this lick doesn't really work alternate picked. What do you think? If you alternate pick almost everything should you alternate pick this too even though it seems awkward?
Thanks! biggrin.gif

22 Aug 2011
Hey, I thought I would tell you guys about Steve Vai's 30 Hour Guitar Workout since not too many people seem to know about it. It was a section Steve Vai wrote in a long-forgotten Guitar World magazine about a 30 Hour Workout divided into 10 hours each day for 3 days! I'm gonna tackle it tomorrow in my last 3 days before I'm back at school and I was wondering if anyone wants to tackle it with me. I finally found the full version in color without ads online-

By the way, you'll need some tools to work through this... Here's my recommended stuff-
Eartrainer- Earmaster Pro
Books on Chords- Modern Chord Progressions and Chord Chemistry by Virtuoso Jazz Guitarist Ted Greene
Theory Book- The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine
From the basics and the major scale to advanced reharmonization

I will be writing back after I've done it to tell you guys my gains-which I hope will be enormous!

Go! biggrin.gif

12 Aug 2011
Hello, I've gotten some pretty interesting information about building, and maintaining calluses over the years. These are some of my own discoveries, some of Clapton's discoveries, and some from all over the internet. Keep in mind that although these tips are useful to developing nice, thick calluses, none of them can substitute actual playing ...Enjoy biggrin.gif

1. Play... This is the most obvious one of the bunch. Make sure to play every single day.... Even if it's only 5 minutes a day because calluses need maintenance.

2.Isopropyl Alcohol-The Magical Elixir This Eric Clapton secret is one of my favorites. He puts this on his fingers to keep them dry and to ease pain. The dry fingers make building calluses such a faster process in my opinion...I recommend putting this on your fingers 3 to 8 times a day.

3.Rinsing Your Hands Rinsing your hands before you play really preserves your strings but it can be detrimental to building nice calluses if your not careful. To avoid this, use cold water, do it quick, and don't use the skin-softening soaps. If your hands still feel wrinkled and soft fingertips after, wait till they feel hard before playing....

4.Taking a Shower/Doing Dishes Wear gloves when your taking a shower or doing the dishes. I know another GMC member mentioned this so I'm not the only weirdo! biggrin.gif The hot water couldn't possibly remove your calluses but it can stall you from playing for an hour or so. The shampoo/conditioner/soap could though.... Go out and buy some latex gloves as soon as you can!

5.Play on HEAVY strings String one of your guitars up with 12s or 13s and have a blast. This method will obviously hurt like hell but it should give you some nice, thick calluses pretty quickly... wink.gif

6.Hotel California My final and favorite tip right here. Go and learn the Hotel California solo....seriously. You do so many bends and so much vibrato that it'll be a callus workout. Plus, it's a mind-blowing solo, you'll have a lot of fun, you'll train your ear, and the solo will teach you how you can highlight certain chords with certain notes... If you can't get enough when you've learned the studio solo, learn the one off "Hell Freezes Over" too, it's just as brilliant, I promise. wink.gif

That's all I've got for you on the topic. If you loved the thread or want to add a tip of your own, just post below and I'll add your tip to the list!

15 Jun 2011
I just wanted to inform you crazy Guthrie fans that he's making a new album that should be out sometime 2011. It's gonna be a trio with Marco Minnemann (drummer with crazy chops, played with P.G. and was the second choice for D.T.) and Bryan Beller (bassist who worked with Dweezil and Vai.) Looks like a pretty good line-up to me. Just know, when you put the headphones on, they're probably not gonna come off. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
14 Jun 2011
Hey, thought it would be fun to post the 5 albums (No order) that influence your playing the most. The albums that are the reason you play the way you do today. I'll go first...
1. Led Zeppelin- Mothership
2. Every album with Takayoshi Ohmura as guitarist
3. Guthrie Govan- Erotic Cakes
4. S.R.V.-Live Alive
5. Iron Maiden- Dance of Death

Hmmm, doesn't exactly fit in one genre. Go ahead! biggrin.gif
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