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GMC Forum _ Wiki Writers _ Ongoing Wiki Projects - Come Inside!

Posted by: Fran May 5 2009, 04:35 PM

Hi all, I just decided to make a new pinned thread to list all existing wiki projects & tidy up the board a bit.

This is a list of the stuff that's currently going on in our Wiki, feel free to join any of these activities, don't forget the Wiki is yours, and as a GMC member you already have a fully working Wiki account at your command smile.gif Go ahead write your own entries, or join any of the existing projects if you are in need of inspiration: - It's the GMC Newspaper project, write articles about community events & happenings smile.gif - In our little guitar world there are loads of terms that we use on a daily basis but are certainly a mistery for those outside or new to guitar. This little project here will try to put all these keywords into our wiki. - A fast & easy way to share your opinions with us, short articles about your gear, all users opinions gathered at the same entry! - Here's a source of inspiration for the wiki:er in you. This is a list of needed entries in our wiki, most of them are links in other existent articles, and need to be written. - We want to have all your guitar heroes featured at our Wiki. Here's a list you can update & check until all are finally there! - Share with us what you know about the different genres & styles: punk, speed metal, blues... you name it! - The Wiki Centralization Project. Here we try to gather important info from the forums and take it into our Wiki. Right now we focus on converting all existent Gear & Album reviews into the Guitar Wik, as well as Student Instructor Lessons. (This project is almost complete now)

Posted by: Fran Jul 19 2009, 03:55 PM

Just a short message to let you guys know that both WCP projects are 99% covered now smile.gif

That means almost all existent forum gear & album reviews are now featured in our wiki. A nice place for them to live. Makes them easier to find too! smile.gif

Special thanks to Brett (The Uncreator) & MickeM for their help rebuilding all forum topics with the needed links!

Keep them reviews coming guys, we'll never cease converting all that great stuff you write smile.gif

Posted by: korblitz Aug 28 2012, 03:05 PM

so like, all is done?

Posted by: Fran Sep 12 2012, 05:19 PM

Oh, by no means.

There's many things up there that need new entries: GMC Journal, List of needed entries, New Album reviews, New Gear Reviews, etc.

Feel free to join any of them guys cool.gif

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