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GMC Forum _ REC _ Take 3: Minor vs Major - Beginner

Posted by: sumitguitargmc1 Jul 8 2015, 06:36 PM

Original lesson:

thanks all instructors for guiding . it will take time , but for checking progress i am posting one more take. forever grateful, sumit

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jul 8 2015, 10:25 PM

Hi mate! Great to find this new take and to see that you are on the right track!

I can notice that you've taken our comments and focused on the elements that you need to work. This new take shows small improvement in all the directions that I suggested on the previous comment ( so I'm proud of you. smile.gif

These are not techniques that can be mastered in a week, but if you keep on working like this, using this lesson but also the other complementary stuff recommended your progress will be very impressive.

Congrats! Keep on the hard work! wink.gif

Posted by: Darius Wave Jul 9 2015, 07:12 PM

Great to see you working hard on this one! wink.gif Take as much time as you need. Gabriel has pointed important aspect of this lesson - those things are not something you can learn within a week but of course each of your takes has visible improvements and your work isn't wasted. Take a close look at original lesson - you missed a lot of vibrato at the beginning - too much straight notes. Get it done and you'll be another step further smile.gif

Posted by: Ben Higgins Jul 10 2015, 03:27 PM

Hi Sumit. As my friends say, you've made noticeable improvements to your approach.

I can hear and see vibrato now - this is a welcome addition! As I said in your other REC video, vibrato is a technique that takes a lot of time to develop into something that sounds very confident so your progress is very reasonable!

Your bending needs work too as you already know.

There's no surprises from our feedback, I'm sure. The things you need to work on are the things we've mentioned.

Bending, timing & vibrato are the big 3.

Another thing I said on your other REC take was that your hands don't have much reach at the moment. You are moving your entire hand to reach frets that are quite close by so you will need to open up your finger reach too.

Posted by: Fran Jul 14 2015, 10:56 AM

Almost there, 5.7

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