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4 Jul 2007
I went away for the long weekend ( Canada Day) and as such havent been able to come onto gmc at all. today I tried to look at a couple of lessons and I cant. it loads a blank white page, and if I scroll down I can see what looks like the comments from members, and I can see their names and avatars, however there is no text. also I can hear the lesson playing through but I have nothing to click on, and the video doesnt come up
I tried deleting cookies and history to no effect. I can browse the forum no problems at all.
is it just me?

just noticed something else as well. my scroll bars are all funky, as in not there..
18 Jun 2007
Went to the local tom lee music store today because I noticed that the guitar I bought on tuesday buzzed a fair bit on the lower strings.
he adjusted the height of the low E on the bridge but he also turned an allen key in the headstock for "straightening the neck". Now, to begin with my guitar was extremely playable but this made such a huge difference, It's almost like a different guitar.

If you have a shop close by I suggest getting your guitar professionally adjusted because it can make a good guitar great.
Even better it didnt cost me a dime because I used to go to highschool with the guy smile.gif
13 Jun 2007
Glad to say I've gotten rid of my Musical Research Works bottom of the barrel guitar and picked up something a little bit better.

I was in the Tom Lee's today with a friend because he wanted to get some picks and I was thinking of getting new strings when a jewel blue Ibanez GRX20 caught my eye for 172.21 canadian ( some sale or another) seeing as I just got my tax return I thought I'd pick it up. felt right for some reason and even unplugged sounded quite nice.
However there were a couple dings in the body. Apparently the guitar had been sitting as a display for quite some time and showed some signs of it. but the pickups still sounded fine, the cable plug in is sturdy and the knobs didnt make any scratching noises.
I talked to one of the salesmen there and they were able to knock it down to 145$ because of the cosmetic Damage.

Needless to say I love the guitar. the colour is really quite deep to it. in some light it's a dark purple and in others a vivid blue. Oodles of sustain compared to my old guitar and sounds fantastic. the neck is very comfortable to play on. and from what I've just read on some reviews is that it can really take a beating and keep on ticking.

I know, no need for such a massive post over a guitar that I picked up for less than 200$ canadian but I couldnt be happier smile.gif Just restringed it with EB hybrids and been playing the snot out of it all day

4 May 2007
Just registered today and wanted to say Hi. My Name's Dan and I'm from Abbotsford BC Canada. been looking through the site and through the lessons and have already started to make fairly good progress on my fingering and speed. I am very impressed with the way Kris has the lessons set up. I used to have a guitar when I was in highschool ( an old handmade acoustic) but I never made any headway and would often put the guitar away for months at a time. I started playing the other week and only had some basic chords, with little to no speed. and after a day of the lessons here. I doubt I will be putting the guitar away anytime soon.

A bit about my gear. well there really is nothing to it. about 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to pick myself up an electric guitar.Unfortunately I only had $200 cad I in the bank so I have a MRW lespaul style electric, an MRW amp ( bottom of the barrel stuff I know) and just the other day picked up a BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal. I'm hoping this equipment will serve me well as a beginner?

Anyway Enough rambling

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