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15 Mar 2018
I am making a bunch of guitar videos for fun, just to throw up on instagram and have some fun with it. I have been using my iPhone X for my video... and really my audio too. But, as you can guess, the audio sucks. I have a few thoughts, and questions.

Worth mentioning that I have a Behringer Audio Interface, cheap but it works for me. And a DI Box.

1. First off, I have the Peavey 6505 Mini Head, and it has a Mic Simulated Direct Interface. Im wondering if there is a way for me to use that to go directly to my audio for my clips. Let me know if there is a way.

2. I have the Blu Yeti mic, but I cannot seem to get it to work with my iPhone. My wife tried using it for a Smule Karaoke app, and the same thing, we just couldn't get it to work. Any tips or suggestions?

3. Are there any mics out there that you would recommend that would be able to stand in front of my speaker and also plug into my iPhone some way?
4 Oct 2017
I have had my eyes on Bare Knuckle pickups now for a while. I have been meaning to replace the pickups in my 7 string Iron Label Ibby since I got it. Long story short, my nicest guitar in my collection, that Ibanez, I got for free. Buuuuuuttttttt..... it has an EMG 707 in it (stock) and a EMG 81-7 (aftermarket). I loooove the guitar, but I always thought the pickups were just MEH in comparison to my others.

I have been eyeballing the Juggernauts now for almost two years, and just when I felt I was ready to pull the trigger... the Ragnarok comes out. I sent the Bare Knuckle team a message about comparing my EMG pickups to the Ragnarok and this is what they had to say.

"With passive pickups using alnico and ceramic magents, you will find you get a more organic tone with a lot more clarity. The drive is still great and harsh but without sacrificing precious dynamics and clarity like you'd expect with active pickups"

So thats pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear... still a brutal pickup for my metal, and keeping it clean and clear.

I write this post for 2 reasons...

1. I just wanna hear your input. What have you thought about BK pickups in general? Do you like my move to the BK Rag?
2. EMGs are active, and the BK Rag is passive. How hard is that to swap around in my configuration of my guitar?
2 Aug 2017
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These are the pedals I have, plus a Weeping Demon, Boss Looper RC-3, Zakk Wylde OD and a crappy Joyo EQ.

I have had a sloppy pedal board for a while, and used a daisy chain power supply. I decided to up my game with an Isolated Power Supply and get the 1Spot Pro. Powers everything up, no problem.

A little back story, I have always had an issue with noise in my signal with the daisy chain, so I could never use my OD with out blowing it up with noise. One of the main reasons I went for the Isolated Power Supply.

I was rearranging my pedals yesterday, mainly because I wanted to be able to finally use my Maxon OD 808X. My signal went like this...

Maxon OD 808X
Peavy 6505 HM (Amp)
*Effects Loop*
Sentry Noise gate
-in Sentry loop
-Hyper Gravity Compression
-MXR 10 Band EQ
-end Sentry Loop
MXR ZW Chorus
Hall of Fame 2
Ibanez Delay
Ditto x4 Looper
Beat Buddy
*End Effects Loop*

Now... the important part for me is all about where the OD, Noise Gate, EQ and Comp are. I wanted to put the EQ and Comp before the OD, but thats noisy as hell and would require me to put a Noise Gate there too. And I need my Noise Gate IN THE EFFECTS loop to kill all the gain from the 6505. But in the current order it sounds fine.

My first question, should I just fork out the cash for a second Sentry, so I can have two Noise Gates in my chain? Something to kill the white noise of the Comp, EQ and OD before the amp, and then use my current one to kill the noise of the amp? Or would my current setup of just the OD before, and then the comp and eq be fine in the effects loop?

Secondly, this is an odd one. I am using the "notorious TS settings". Drive at all the way down, level all the way up. Now, when I turn the pedal on, I get a loud clicking or ticking noise. So my thoughts were to use a Noise Gate here, but I dont have a second one and cant move my current one, needs to be in the effects loop to kill the 6505 noise. I wondered why it was making this ticking noise, so I swapped it out with my other OD, the MXR Zakk Wylde one. The same ticking took place. I changed the ports on the Isolated Power supply, and still heard ticking with both pedals. Is there something weird with Isolated Power Supplies and OD pedals? In any case, I used a solo power supply, and all ticking went away. Any ideas or thoughts there?

3rd question... this requires a bit of explanation...

What I have now...

Effects Loop
Everything else

What I think I want...

Effects Loop
Everything else

Now, the what I have... sounds great to me. But I keep reading I want to put the Comp and EQ before the amp to regulate everything. But the WHAT I WANT is too noisy without a Noise Gate in the loop for the Comp, EQ and OD. Does this position of the EQ and Comp make that big of a difference? Can I live with what I have, or should I really go for another Sentry?
18 Nov 2016
Still setting up, preparing to start recording. Settled for Reaper as my DAW, and have the Behringer U-Phoria 204HD for my Audio Interface.

The one thing I dont have, is a DI Box. I keep seeing people mentioning that its nice to have, or that its a must have.

My recording setup, I plan on going thru my 6505 MH, which has a Mic Simulated Direct Interface on the back. I could also use my Shure 57 and mic up. Either way I decide to go, from there I will plug into my AI and then that plugs into my computer.

FOR EITHER SETUP, the Mic Simulated Direct Interface or the Shure 57, do I need or want a DI Box?
8 Nov 2016
I just built a boss gaming computer, and I also wanted to use it to finally set up my recording too. I know the motherboard comes with a basic sound card. I am using a Behringer Audio Interface to record.

Do I need a sound card? Is that going to help? If so, what do you recommend?

My DAW I got with my Audio Interface is Traction. It was free. What do you guys recommend? My friend says he can get me Protools 10. Should I go with that?
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