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Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 6 2019, 05:38 AM

Hi Farine54! Welcome to your thread for Gab's Army, my mentoring program. Here I will guide you with your guitar practice, creating routines, practice plans, giving feedback of your playing always based on your guitar goals and musical tastes.

Before we start I would like to know a bit more about you.

- How many time have you been playing guitar?
- Favorite guitarists, bands and musicians.
- What are your guitar goals?
- How would you like to you see yourself in 5 years (related to music and guitar)?
- How many time can you play guitar each day?
- Do you have playing live experience?
- Which are your strong and weak points with guitar?
- What do you know about music theory?
- Can you record videos of you playing?
- Share here audios and videos that reflect your current playing.

Posted by: Farine54 Jun 6 2019, 06:38 PM

Hi Gab,

I play guitar since 14 years old (I'm 48), but by alternating periods, I think I can say that it's like I played for 5 years.

I like all musical styles but with great preferences for the classic rock, hard rock, and the blues. (Beatles, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, ACDC, Heart, Led Zep, Creedence, Metallica, .....). I like many musicians, but the ones I love the most are Paul McCartney, Scott Gorham, Jeff Healey, Dr John, Mari Boine, Jake E. Lee, John Lord, Paul Rogers and.... the list is so big.

My goal is above all to enjoy playing songs that I like and also improvise (but I do not know anything about theory ...), even if I do not progress quickly.

I know that to progress quickly it's necessary to work often, but it's impossible for me. I play guitar about 2 times a week.

I've never playing in live.

Which are your strong and weak points with guitar ? I can not answer this question

I know nothing about musical theory, and I think we need to know a minimum

Yes, I can record audios and videos of my playing, Here's examples :

personal composition for fun (all instument) :

Vidéo for 50's Collab :

I am currently working on this lesson, :

and I'm still far from a correct rendering :

Thanks Gab smile.gif

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 7 2019, 02:29 PM

Hi mate! Great stuff!

I've enjoyed your tune. It's has a very cool dark feeling, and reminds me to some instrumental stoner rock bands.

Based on your what you've said, I think that it's a good idea to cover Technique and Improvisation Concepts in your guitar sessions. The fact that you only play twice a week can make progress a bit slower, but having a very well organized routine is the key to get the most of it. By the way, please have in mind that even dedicating 10/15 minutes the other days can make an important difference.

I have some more questions:

How much time do you practice those two days?

What do you know about Pentatonic Scales and the CAGED system?

Posted by: Farine54 Jun 7 2019, 09:23 PM

Hi Gab,

In average, l would say that I play 4 hours by a week.

I know minor and major pentatonic scales, major and minor natural scales (I remember theme by diagram, but not by theory) , idem for CAGED system. I know notes of every frets.

I can try to record you some short impro if it can help you better define my needs

Edit :

Hi Gab, here is my work of the week for this lesson : It's better, but still not good

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 10 2019, 03:57 AM

Hi mate,

Good job with the lesson! There are only a few details to improve here:

- There are some little rhythm sections that could sound more consistent. I notice a few power chords that can sound clearer, and very small timing issues around 00:40 and00:50.

- The melody during the intro riff is lacking vibrato.

- In the solo section, there are many bends that don't reach the pitch well. You definitely need to work more on this technique. I usually recommend doing the first exercise from this video on a daily basis:

- The last open string pedal note riff and also the faster descening pentatonic lick have some timing issues. These are the trickier parts so I recommend you to isolate those parts and work on them as loops over metronome.

Recording yourself improvising over a backing track is definitely a good idea. Let's go for it!

Posted by: Farine54 Jun 19 2019, 08:22 PM

Hi Gab,

I've working on the rythm guitar according to your advice (also the guitar solo but i'm not ready). So, I'm sharing my video record to have your comment and advice. I hope it's better than before

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 20 2019, 10:14 PM

Hi Farine! Great job here!!

Your power chords sounds flawless now and you timing is very precise! It's also nice to see that you are adding vibrato to the intro melodies. This vibrato can be stronger and more consistent, but it's close mate, well done!

Looking forward your solo work!

Posted by: Farine54 Jul 5 2019, 06:23 PM

Hi Gab,

I don't understand, but the more I work solo and worse it is
I'm going to put a little work this side (without dropping), for a little fun on the proposed collab, it will allow me to change naked ideas

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jul 7 2019, 03:56 PM

QUOTE (Farine54 @ Jul 5 2019, 02:23 PM) *
Hi Gab,

I don't understand, but the more I work solo and worse it is
I'm going to put a little work this side (without dropping), for a little fun on the proposed collab, it will allow me to change naked ideas

Hi Farine, great to hear from you!

That's a good decision! If you feel that you are not enjoying your practice, you definitely need to change or adjust anything. Focusing on having fun and making some music is a good idea.

Posted by: Farine54 Jul 18 2019, 09:51 PM

hi Gab,
I took the lesson slowly, to get to play the solo, and in parallel I work also a recovery (war pig).
Here is the progress of the solo, it's far from good, but I would still like your opinion smile.gif

The tempo is 140 (5 less)

Thanks Gab

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jul 19 2019, 04:51 PM

Hi mate! Great to see you working hard!

The main thing to improve here is timing. You are going before the beat most of the time, so you are like "hurried". This means that you can play the lesson at this tempo, but you need to breath and relax while playing it, and try to connect more with the tempo.

There are some fast licks that require special attention, like the one at 00:07, but timing is the first thing to polish. Just check out the first bends and you'll hear how both are "hurried" before the beat.

Posted by: Farine54 Jul 26 2019, 05:25 PM

Hi Gab,
is there a quick way to warm your fingers?
I try to spread a little my guitar parts on the week (2 x 1hr + 3hrs), but it takes me 20 minutes to feel comfortable !!! (Grrr)

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jul 27 2019, 09:29 PM

QUOTE (Farine54 @ Jul 26 2019, 01:25 PM) *
Hi Gab,
is there a quick way to warm your fingers?
I try to spread a little my guitar parts on the week (2 x 1hr + 3hrs), but it takes me 20 minutes to feel comfortable !!! (Grrr)

What do you do to warm up?

Posted by: Farine54 Jul 28 2019, 08:01 AM

5mn of chromatic scale biggrin.gif

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jul 28 2019, 07:30 PM

QUOTE (Farine54 @ Jul 28 2019, 04:01 AM) *
5mn of chromatic scale biggrin.gif

I use different repetitive licks. If my hands are too cold, I usually try this massages first:

Then, if my hands are still cold, I start with chord shapes, followed by legato and alternate picking exercises.

These are just examples that I've found but I play many variations of these ideas:

Posted by: Farine54 Aug 18 2019, 08:08 AM

hi Gab,

I will have to put my guitar aside for a few months because I have big work to do at home.

I am therefore withdrawing from GMC for this period, but I will come back as soon as I can.

I will try to practice guitar when I have breaks in my schedule to not lose too much.

I thank you for your advice and support, and I will have the pleasure of seeing the community later.

Thank you for everything.

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Aug 19 2019, 10:43 PM

Hi Farine, I'm sorry to hear it, but I hope that this is just a short hiatus to get back to guitar soon!

I'll be here ready to continue the journey. wink.gif

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