Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-09-11
Sep 17 2007, 06:08 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
16:05:47 ibanezkiller: hey guys whats up
16:12:59 Kurt: hi
16:13:10 Kurt: *meow*
16:13:22 botoxfox: howdy
16:13:29 Kurt: sup botoxfox ?
16:13:44 botoxfox: nuthin special
16:13:49 botoxfox: you?
16:14:08 Kurt: not much too...just listening to some clapton songs :)
16:14:21 botoxfox: clapton eh?
16:14:26 botoxfox: that's cool
16:14:37 Kurt: know "old love" of him?
16:15:00 botoxfox: can't say I do...
16:15:37 Kurt: ah ok...great bluesy song ;)
16:16:22 botoxfox: I not quite into clatpon
16:16:38 botoxfox: I still have great respect forthe guy
16:18:38 Kurt: what kind of music/guitarists do you normally prefer?
16:18:45 Kurt: *meow*
16:19:27 botoxfox: Heavy metal, shred amongst other things
16:19:53 Kurt: yeah until some weeks ago I was also only into metal and stuff....
16:20:01 Kurt: but THEN..............
16:20:10 Kurt: I bought a stratocaster lol
16:20:16 Nick325: yo
16:20:18 botoxfox: I also like Instrumental rock
16:20:21 botoxfox: yo
16:20:24 Kurt: yo n..... ;)
16:20:38 Nick325: ;) sup n kurt
16:20:51 Kurt: lol
16:20:54 Kurt: nmu
16:22:29 Nick325: gunna play soon
16:22:29 Nick325: u
16:22:40 Kurt: I already played ;)
16:22:51 Kurt: Its 11 in the evening here
16:23:02 Nick325: o its 430 pm ear
16:23:05 Nick325: hear*
16:23:27 Kurt: you mean "here" ? lol
16:23:34 Nick325: yeah lol :(
16:23:39 Kurt: :(
16:24:16 Kurt: you still play you VH-style strat?
16:24:29 Kurt: *meow*
16:24:49 Nick325: yeah
16:26:33 Kurt: botoxfox what guitar r u playin?
16:26:44 Kurt: *slap*
16:27:10 botoxfox: Ibanez RG550 20th
16:27:25 Kurt: much did u pay?
16:27:38 botoxfox: 9995 NOK
16:27:48 Kurt: wat?! lol
16:28:05 Kurt: from where are u?
16:28:32 botoxfox: That's 1,265.75 euro
16:28:43 Kurt: ahh ok thx dude ;)
16:29:09 botoxfox: NOK is norwegian krona btw
16:30:33 botoxfox: I checked out Old Love on youtube just now
16:30:37 Kurt: ah ok ...didn´t know
16:30:44 Kurt: liked it?
16:30:56 botoxfox: cool song
16:31:03 Kurt: you saw that one in Hyde park?
16:31:43 botoxfox: don't know where it was from
16:32:10 botoxfox: But the clapton shreds vid was based on it
16:32:38 botoxfox:
16:32:48 botoxfox: that's the vid I saw
16:34:31 Kurt: yeah thats cool too...but there is a quite log improvisation in the beginning^^
16:34:39 Kurt: *long
16:34:47 botoxfox: yeah
16:38:02 botoxfox:
16:43:59 Kurt: dude whats that?^^
16:44:07 Kurt: I don´t understand finish lol
16:44:14 Kurt: *slap*
16:46:56 botoxfox: dont u think it's a bit funny anyway?
16:47:47 botoxfox: *slap*
16:51:38 Kurt: well i guess so lol
16:53:32 botoxfox:
16:53:41 botoxfox: seen any of these?
16:54:18 Kurt: no....but now i´ll checkt them out
16:59:39 Slammer: LOL
16:59:41 Slammer: hey guys
16:59:46 Kurt: yo
16:59:51 Slammer: LOL
16:59:54 Nick325: yoooooooo
16:59:59 Slammer: yoyo
17:00:03 Slammer: is a fun toy
17:00:05 muris: hi :)
17:00:10 Slammer: sup?
17:00:18 Nick325: nmu
17:00:24 Slammer: can't stay long gonna go bake cookies :)
17:00:31 Kurt: lol
17:00:37 Slammer: it's true :D
17:00:40 Kurt: as if you would can lol
17:00:41 muris: ;)
17:00:56 Slammer: Jumbo Chocolate chip Cookies
17:00:59 botoxfox: hello everbody
17:01:07 Nick325: can i have one
17:01:09 Slammer: we're having visitors, I bake for them
17:01:10 Slammer: :)
17:01:12 Kurt: 8) Jumbo?
17:01:16 Slammer: yep
17:01:22 Kurt: wowowowow lol
17:01:24 Slammer: like 4-5 inches
17:01:25 Nick325: i want one now
17:01:46 Slammer: Curcumference of..... :P
17:02:06 muris: it there a way to download few of them??
17:02:10 Slammer: well, I'm waiting for everyone to leave the kitchen then I'll go cook them
17:02:14 Slammer: :P
17:02:29 muris: knew it...crap
17:02:38 Slammer: :D
17:02:45 botoxfox: Mmm, cookies
17:02:46 muris: are they good?
17:02:57 Slammer: Chocolatey
17:03:06 Slammer: Big Chunks of Chocoalte
17:03:17 Slammer: I usually make them at least once a month
17:03:23 muris: yummy
17:03:27 Slammer: LOL
17:03:33 Slammer: so whats up guys?
17:03:40 muris: nothing much
17:03:45 muris: talking about your cookies
17:03:46 muris: lol
17:03:49 Slammer: :O
17:04:01 Slammer: so how do you memorize the Fretboard?
17:04:22 Nick325: i learned the notes
17:04:26 muris: I use cookies for it ;)
17:04:27 Nick325: when i first started
17:04:41 muris: Fret Cookies
17:04:44 botoxfox: Damn, now really want some cookies to eat...
17:04:52 Slammer: I use the "Magic Triangle" Technique from a book
17:05:08 Slammer: Hey botofox, I'll post pictures of the cookies :P
17:05:13 Slammer: JK JK
17:05:17 Slammer: LOL
17:05:19 Nick325: do it!!
17:05:23 Slammer: nah
17:05:27 Slammer: waste of space
17:05:34 botoxfox: :?
17:05:39 muris: it isn't!!
17:05:43 muris: do it Slam
17:05:54 Slammer: well, I suppose I could take a Pic
17:05:55 muris: wanna see how it looks like
17:05:58 Slammer: LOL
17:06:02 muris: ;)
17:06:02 Slammer: which thread
17:06:06 muris: you will?
17:06:07 Nick325: off topic
17:06:09 muris: hmm
17:06:15 muris: Theory?
17:06:18 Nick325: lol
17:06:22 Slammer: cuz I don;t wanna make a new topic called "Slammer's cookies" :P
17:06:26 Nick325: theory on how to bake cookies
17:06:30 Nick325: do it
17:06:32 muris: topic...Secret of Fret baking!!!
17:06:36 Slammer: :O
17:06:46 Nick325: put how to play like muris in 5 mins
17:06:47 Nick325: lol
17:06:52 Slammer: :O
17:07:02 Nick325: impossible
17:07:04 Slammer: Step 1.... Find a Genie
17:07:09 Nick325: lol
17:07:14 muris: Genie?
17:07:19 botoxfox: lol
17:07:27 muris: what's that
17:07:39 Slammer: aladdin
17:07:55 botoxfox: u know thing that comes out of lamp when u rub it
17:07:59 muris: ahh
17:08:05 muris: ghiost from a story
17:08:06 Slammer: 3 wishes
17:08:14 muris: ghost*
17:08:32 muris: you call it Genie
17:08:34 muris: I see
17:08:56 Slammer: wish 1. Learn the Technique of Muris, Wish 2, Learn the Theory of Andrew, Wish 3 learn the Personallity of Kris
17:09:05 Nick325: look at kris' pics n stuff
17:09:59 Slammer: :D
17:10:17 Nick325: :)
17:10:23 muris: huge fish
17:10:28 Slammer: :O
17:10:34 Slammer: you ever see the movie Big FIsh
17:10:35 Slammer: ?
17:10:43 muris: might be
17:10:45 muris: not sure
17:10:55 Slammer: with Ewan McGregor
17:11:00 muris: hmm
17:11:03 Slammer: it's a Really good one
17:11:05 muris: sounds familiar
17:11:11 muris: what is it about?
17:11:12 Slammer: yeah
17:11:31 Slammer: one sec
17:12:37 Slammer: about the Guy who tells his son a bunch of Stories
17:12:42 Slammer: that are Myths
17:12:57 Slammer: like How he caught a Big Fish with a Wedding ring in it
17:12:59 Slammer: :D
17:13:02 Slammer:
17:14:19 Slammer: Nick
17:14:19 Slammer: LOL
17:14:19 muris: nope
17:14:23 muris: haven't seen it
17:14:30 Slammer: LOL
17:14:39 Slammer: man my chat isn't working
17:14:41 Slammer: LOl
17:14:46 Slammer: Nick325
17:15:57 Nick325: Slammer
17:16:07 Slammer: sup?
17:16:17 Nick325: idk u said my name
17:16:24 Slammer: LOL
17:16:30 Slammer: how's the Sweeping coming along/
17:16:31 Slammer: ?
17:17:18 Slammer: *slap*
17:17:28 botoxfox:
17:17:36 Nick325: :|
17:17:48 botoxfox: this is a cool piece to play on guitar
17:18:00 Slammer: ok guys...
17:18:07 Slammer: Off to Bake Cookies
17:18:12 Slammer: Cya Around
17:18:21 botoxfox: remeber to tak pics!
17:18:28 Slammer: nah
17:18:33 Slammer: what for?
17:18:39 Slammer: :P
17:18:40 botoxfox: :?
17:18:50 botoxfox: lol
17:18:55 Slammer: *slap* cya guys
17:19:06 botoxfox: cu around
17:19:06 muris: bye Slam
17:19:20 Slammer: Cya
17:19:39 botoxfox: Any comments on the vid?
17:19:56 muris: it's nice
17:20:18 botoxfox: I love to play that piece on guitar
17:20:38 muris: sure :)
17:21:04 botoxfox: tricky to play as fast as the top accordionists in finland
17:21:42 muris: there are many in Bosnia as well
17:21:52 muris: or ex Yugoslavia to be specific
17:21:55 Robin: Hi
17:22:00 muris: hi Robin
17:22:01 botoxfox: I'm sure of that
17:22:06 botoxfox: hello
17:22:13 Robin: muris I loved your new lesson, gonna give it a try tomorrow :)
17:22:29 botoxfox: Yeah your new lesson was great
17:22:37 Nick325: yep it was
17:23:02 muris: thanks
17:23:06 muris: glad you like it
17:23:10 Robin: :D
17:23:14 muris: wanted to do something easier a bit this time
17:23:26 muris: first one was too hard
17:23:36 muris: at least many said it was
17:23:39 Robin: yeah I need to learn speedpicking, so its good that its not that hard :D
17:23:50 muris: good then :)
17:24:15 Nick325: im going over kris' basic one first be4 i go onto ur hard one
17:24:29 Robin: might be a good idea
17:24:33 Robin: kris' lessons are really good
17:25:16 muris: try last one first
17:25:24 muris: older one is realy advanced level
17:26:38 Robin: brb
17:29:55 Nick325: well i did the first and im on the second then i do third
17:30:28 Nick325: muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris muris
17:30:39 Nick325: Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin Robin
17:31:02 Nick325: botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox
17:31:41 botoxfox: You can really call me fox for short... :)
17:31:54 muris: sory
17:32:03 muris: talking with cusin from states on msn
17:32:40 botoxfox: Hmm, yeah
17:32:41 Nick325: o cool wat state
17:32:53 Nick325: Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325 Nick325
17:33:44 muris: kentucky
17:33:48 muris: bowling green
17:33:57 muris: small town
17:34:34 muris: Nick
17:34:45 muris: is this you on myspace?
17:34:47 muris: Marino
17:35:04 Nick325: yep
17:35:11 muris: I see tracks from collabs ;)
17:35:14 Nick325: its my music one
17:35:16 Nick325: yep
17:35:50 Nick325: i want to add the new one i did but it said i only can have 4 and i have 3 so it wont let me add one and i cant delete
17:36:11 muris: lol
17:36:20 muris: why do you need 4 ?
17:36:38 muris: are you using same mail address?
17:37:02 muris: you can have 1 account with 1 addres,right?
17:38:14 Nick325: yep
17:38:22 Nick325: well i want to add my lastest one
17:38:30 Nick325: like how come u have more than 4 tracks
17:39:41 muris: just go to mennage songs board
17:39:49 muris: now there are 5 instead of 5
17:39:54 muris: of 4 *
17:40:21 muris: they added this feature few monts ago
17:40:35 muris: 5th song
17:40:51 Nick325: o let me check
17:42:27 Nick325: it only show my 4 songs on the right and says u uploaded the maxium # of songs
17:43:58 muris: must be some button to add one more
17:44:01 muris: look around
17:44:18 Nick325: k
17:44:31 Nick325: and how do u add that gmc banner i want to put it on my page
17:44:45 muris: it's in html
17:45:05 Nick325: o nvm i saved it from ur pics
17:45:11 muris: must make the code and post it into your profile section
17:45:35 muris: you can save it as picture but it'll be inactive
17:46:05 muris: you wanna banner that leads to GMC site or just a picture?
17:48:36 Nick325: both
17:49:07 muris: I'll give you code
17:49:09 muris: sec
17:49:30 Nick325: k thanks
17:51:02 muris: <a target="_blank" href=""><img src=""
17:55:26 Nick325: muris look on my page i think it just shows to dots
17:56:23 muris: yeah,somtimes banners went wrong
17:56:26 muris: dunno why
17:56:35 muris: it's the same code I have on my page
17:56:38 muris: try it again
17:56:58 Nick325: or ill try making my own code
17:57:04 muris: sure
18:02:59 Nick325: so whats up
18:03:13 muris: ahh
18:03:18 muris: checking mail and stuff
18:04:59 Nick325: well i gtg eat dinner ill be back in 15 if ur still her
18:05:01 Nick325: here
18:05:15 muris: i'll take some sleep soon
18:05:21 muris: tired a bit
18:05:24 muris: see ya soon tho
18:05:28 muris: ;)
18:05:36 Nick325: k cya :)
19:19:51 Anomaly: Whip, meow or slap me to notice you..
19:20:05 Anomaly: :p
19:22:22 Nick325: *whip* *slap* *meow*
19:22:32 Anomaly: :D
19:22:41 Anomaly: Hi
19:22:43 Nick325: sup
19:23:02 Anomaly: Nothing much. You?
19:23:30 Anomaly: So, you like paintball?
19:24:00 Anomaly: *whip*
19:24:05 Nick325: yep
19:24:33 Anomaly: Does it hurt if someone hits you?
19:24:44 Nick325: depends where u get hit
19:24:49 Anomaly: :)
19:24:58 Nick325: but the least it that it stings for a sec or 2
19:25:13 Anomaly: How about if you get shot from up close?
19:25:41 Anomaly: your eye..
19:26:01 Nick325: that hurts the most besides getting shut in ur ;) u know what lol but usually they have rules where u cant get shot from close
19:26:11 Nick325: u cant get shot in the eye u wear masks
19:26:55 Anomaly: No I don't know. Where? ;)
19:27:12 Nick325: lol
19:27:12 Anomaly: So, no taking someone's mask off..
19:27:17 Anomaly: :P
19:27:20 Nick325: nope
19:27:28 Nick325: unless u wanna be band from the place n other stuf
19:27:36 Anomaly: It looks so fun, I really have to try it sometime
19:27:57 Nick325: u should
19:28:06 Nick325: after the first time :D
19:28:22 Anomaly: So, you're from Long Island
19:28:26 Nick325: ya u
19:28:30 Anomaly: After the first time?
19:28:50 Anomaly: I'm from Europe
19:29:10 Nick325: yeah than its more fun even though its good the first time after ur first round because then u know what its like
19:29:54 Anomaly: Aha, so it takes some time to learn it..
19:30:19 Anomaly: I just wanna shot real people.. ;)
19:30:21 Nick325: a little
19:30:30 Nick325: ;) i no what u mean
19:30:44 Anomaly: Oh, and laser-tag has to be fun too.
19:30:46 Nick325: it feels good when u nail someone in the mask and they eat paint but not when it happens to u
19:30:54 Nick325: o u never played laser tag
19:30:57 Anomaly: :D
19:31:30 Anomaly: No, but there's a place that has it like a good 10 minute drive from my place
19:31:45 Nick325: theres a place near me with a laser tag arena
19:32:03 Anomaly: And I've never played a guitar.. joke
19:32:22 Nick325: (cough randon cough) :D
19:32:36 Anomaly: :)
19:35:14 Anomaly: My letters are prettier than yours.
19:35:31 Anomaly: Or not
19:35:56 Anomaly: blah
19:41:54 Nick325: blah
19:42:03 Anomaly: :)
19:42:15 Anomaly: blah blah growllllllllllllllllllll
19:42:32 Nick325: blah blah growlllllllllllllll
19:43:43 Anomaly: emmmmmm.. blah grrrrrrrrrrowl
19:46:37 Nick325: brb
19:47:54 Anomaly: Sure
19:48:17 Anomaly: Hello guest no. sth, goodbye guest no. sth
19:49:56 Nick325: back
20:10:49 PacmanProductions: Hi people
20:13:51 Slammer: *slap*
20:14:09 PacmanProductions: its the signature *slap*
20:14:16 PacmanProductions: hey slammer
20:15:21 Slammer: LO
20:15:23 Slammer: L
20:15:25 Slammer: sup
20:15:26 Slammer: ?
20:15:49 PacmanProductions: my multi pedal came in 2day
20:15:52 Slammer: :O
20:15:56 Slammer: Cool :)
20:16:06 PacmanProductions: things a beast
20:16:18 Slammer: zoom G2?
20:16:24 PacmanProductions: G1x
20:16:29 Slammer: cool
20:17:22 Slammer: sup?
20:17:27 Slammer: *whip(
20:17:34 Slammer: *Whip*
20:17:36 Slammer: :D
20:18:27 PacmanProductions:
20:18:52 PacmanProductions: oops
20:18:57 PacmanProductions: *slap*
20:19:14 Slammer:
20:19:20 Slammer: :D
20:19:24 PacmanProductions: there we go
20:19:28 Slammer: nice
20:19:31 PacmanProductions: see i cant copy and paste
20:19:33 Slammer: I have one Simular
20:19:44 PacmanProductions: i know how to, it just wont work
20:19:47 PacmanProductions: which one?
20:19:51 Slammer: you just need to press Ctrl-V
20:19:56 Slammer: to patse
20:20:04 Slammer: paste*
20:20:05 PacmanProductions: i cant
20:20:11 PacmanProductions: im trying
20:20:19 Slammer: Press ctrl-V after you copy
20:20:24 PacmanProductions: i did that
20:20:27 Slammer: LOL
20:20:58 PacmanProductions: which one do u have?
20:21:08 Slammer: Digitech RP-80
20:21:18 Slammer: Also on my Zoom H4 recorder
20:21:27 PacmanProductions: hyperlink?
20:21:30 Slammer: it has a Zoom G2 Equivilent
20:21:37 PacmanProductions: get a hyperlink to it
20:21:42 Slammer: aka Link
20:21:44 Slammer: :P
20:21:53 PacmanProductions: what ever
20:22:12 Slammer:
20:22:37 PacmanProductions: ohh, my friend's brother has that one
20:22:43 Slammer: LOL cool
20:22:50 Slammer: I got it a long time ago
20:22:54 PacmanProductions: its really good
20:22:57 Slammer: christmas 05
20:23:06 PacmanProductions: i used it when his brother was working
20:23:08 Slammer: when you were 20 :P
20:23:12 Slammer: 10*
20:23:16 PacmanProductions: :P
20:23:16 Slammer: LOL
20:23:47 PacmanProductions: of course all i knew how to play was the intro to COwboys from hell
20:24:01 PacmanProductions: :P
20:24:28 Slammer: now you can play the solo
20:24:31 Slammer: :D
20:24:48 PacmanProductions: haha no.
20:25:21 PacmanProductions: well im doin HW so i g2g now
20:25:25 PacmanProductions: cya
20:25:40 Slammer: LOL
20:25:41 Slammer: cya
20:25:47 Slammer: *slap*
20:25:55 Slammer: *whip* *meow* *slap*
20:27:53 Slammer: LOL
20:27:55 Slammer: hello
20:28:02 Anomaly: Hi, I'm back
20:28:21 Slammer: sup?
20:28:54 Anomaly: Nothing. Sup with you?
20:30:27 Anomaly: Did get that ZOOM thing? :)
20:30:35 Slammer: which?
20:30:50 Slammer: I think that was Pacman
20:30:54 Anomaly: I don't know, I can't see anymore, cause I logged off,
20:30:57 Anomaly: Yeah
20:31:37 Slammer: LOL
20:31:43 Anomaly: And he could copy-paste the link :)
20:31:53 Anomaly: PC can be trouble
20:32:02 Anomaly: PCs*
20:32:11 Slammer: it was PAcman who got it yeah.... So what kinda guitar you have?
20:32:18 Anomaly: Hi, i'm Mac..
20:32:27 Anomaly: An banez RG :)
20:32:32 Anomaly: You?
20:32:51 Slammer: Fender Showmaster QMT HH
20:32:59 Slammer: Black Cherry
20:33:42 Anomaly: Nice
20:34:10 Slammer: you ever seen it?
20:34:31 Anomaly: Just now
20:34:36 Anomaly: On Google :)
20:35:01 Slammer: LMAO
20:35:11 Anomaly: The art of copy-pasteing
20:35:40 Anomaly: So, did you ever had a live lesson?
20:35:56 Slammer: with a Teacher?
20:36:05 Anomaly: Yeah
20:36:16 Anomaly: Like a live teacher :)
20:37:29 Slammer: not a robot?
20:37:34 Slammer: :P
20:37:36 Anomaly: Like a person who's alive and knows how to play a guitar
20:37:53 Anomaly: No, no, except if it was a bionic thingy
20:38:00 Anomaly: That counts
20:38:12 AliMo: sup huys
20:38:15 Slammer: No, I haven't had a live Lesson
20:38:15 AliMo: guys**
20:38:19 Slammer: only GMC
20:38:25 Anomaly: Me too.
20:38:26 Anomaly: Hi!
20:38:34 AliMo: same here
20:38:34 Anomaly: How about you?
20:38:38 Anomaly: Oh
20:38:40 Anomaly: :)
20:38:52 Slammer: hey It's Alamo.... I remeber you :P
20:39:06 Anomaly: AlAmo?
20:39:09 AliMo: lol
20:39:37 Anomaly: What's up with that?
20:39:40 Anomaly: Tell me, tell me
20:40:20 AliMo: its actually just a nickname i got from a friend and it stuck
20:40:35 AliMo: cuz my full name is Alex Milone, so ya kno AliMo sorta just fits
20:40:50 Anomaly: Hmm, why not AliMo..
20:40:54 Anomaly: Oh
20:41:03 Anomaly: No, Couse he wrote Alamo
20:41:21 Slammer: I chatted with Alimo once before
20:41:31 Slammer: And I was joking around with him before
20:41:37 Slammer: about that
20:41:37 AliMo: yup lol
20:41:38 Slammer: :D
20:41:59 Anomaly: Well, it's a good thing he's not touchy about it
20:42:05 Anomaly: :)
20:42:20 AliMo: not at all
20:42:29 Anomaly: Good for you, Slimmer. ;)
20:43:07 Slammer: sure (Grey's) Anatomy
20:43:21 AliMo: lol
20:43:36 Slammer: LMAO
20:43:58 Anomaly: :{ *slap* *whip*
20:44:01 Slammer: botoxfox and Nick325 and Muris told me to post pictures of the cookies I made
20:44:02 Anomaly: ;)
20:44:08 Slammer: LOL
20:44:11 AliMo: haha
20:44:21 Anomaly: Come to the dark side, we have cookies
20:44:28 Slammer: :O
20:44:34 AliMo: lol wut ia that from?
20:44:36 Anomaly: Yeah, it's true
20:44:44 AliMo: i kno ive heard that before
20:44:53 Anomaly: I don't know, it's kinda like instead of
20:45:08 Anomaly: .....I forgot
20:45:11 Anomaly: :)
20:45:15 Anomaly: pentel
20:45:20 Anomaly: Yeah, or sth
20:45:28 Slammer: so Anomaly what part of US are you from
20:45:38 Slammer: :)
20:45:41 Anomaly: ....sth inside ---- devil inside
20:45:57 Anomaly: with same letters as that company's name
20:46:00 Anomaly: I'm from Europe
20:46:06 Anomaly: You guys?
20:46:14 AliMo: New york
20:46:21 Anomaly: ..City?
20:46:33 Slammer: Florida
20:46:51 AliMo: im like a 25 minute drive from the city
20:47:01 Anomaly: Go west-side! ;)
20:47:11 AliMo: lol
20:47:13 AliMo: boo
20:47:14 Anomaly: Wow, that must be great.
20:47:25 Anomaly: Aaaaaaa, don't kill me
20:47:39 Anomaly: I meant east side
20:47:50 Anomaly: *meow*
20:48:07 Slammer: GO Marlins :P
20:48:07 AliMo: haha no big deal, i dont dislike either side anyway
20:48:26 AliMo: now we have a problem tho
20:48:28 Anomaly: Marlins?
20:48:30 AliMo: J E T S
20:48:38 Anomaly: Oh yeah
20:48:45 Anomaly: And the aniversary
20:48:45 Slammer: No way
20:48:49 Slammer: Dolphins :P
20:49:04 Anomaly: Dogs rule! :)
20:49:17 Anomaly: Don't worry about the jets
20:49:27 Slammer: Michael Vick?
20:49:28 AliMo: btw, watchin the game slam?
20:49:33 AliMo: my yanks
20:49:41 Slammer: nah watching the fish
20:49:43 AliMo: mmmm gotta love it
20:49:58 Anomaly: Okay, don't know what are you two talking about, I just know it's sports
20:50:03 Slammer: like in 2003 World Series
20:50:15 Anomaly: :|
20:50:38 Slammer: :P
20:50:41 Slammer: hah
20:50:55 Anomaly: Come to the dark side, we have cookies..
20:50:56 AliMo: so you u guys practicing now?
20:51:15 Slammer: :P
20:51:18 Slammer: nah
20:51:20 Slammer: chatting*
20:51:33 Anomaly: Me? Baking cookies.. for the dark side
20:51:41 Anomaly: Yeah, me too
20:51:47 AliMo: lol
20:51:53 Anomaly: :)
20:52:16 Anomaly: What are you practicing now?
20:53:49 Anomaly: Look, I have long hair. :)
20:54:01 Slammer: I'm harry Potta
20:54:04 Anomaly: Well, at least shoulder.length
20:54:07 AliMo: um, cheering for the yankees n talking at the same time
20:54:13 Anomaly: lol
20:54:16 Slammer: Jack Sparrow
20:54:28 Anomaly: Cool
20:54:29 Slammer: Moe from Three Stooges
20:54:40 Slammer: what's up Bro
20:54:40 AliMo: Wooooowhtakj%we
20:54:42 Anomaly: Johnny, can I have an autograph
20:54:52 AliMo: Grand fuc*in slam
20:55:05 Slammer: what's your Tongue son
20:55:11 Slammer: Watch
20:55:18 Anomaly: Did GMC put the * in your word? :)
20:55:30 AliMo: lol na i did
20:55:40 Anomaly: I'm a beatiful flower..
20:55:46 Anomaly: Oh
20:56:11 Anomaly: lol People reading this as a post will think we're hign..
20:56:15 Anomaly: high
20:56:16 Anomaly: *
20:56:24 AliMo: lmao
20:56:28 Slammer: I'm richard simmons!
20:56:31 Anomaly: Look, a beatiful red flower
20:56:40 AliMo: im jealous
20:56:55 AliMo: *meow*
20:57:04 Anomaly: Come to the dark side, we have beatiful red flowers
20:57:15 AliMo: never
20:57:26 Anomaly: lol
20:57:35 Anomaly: And now, I'm a..
20:57:36 AliMo: im a black man
20:57:37 Anomaly: I'm a
20:57:50 Anomaly: Well, chess figure
20:57:55 Anomaly: I guess
20:57:56 AliMo: im chasing him
20:57:59 Slammer: it is ancient chinese secret...
20:58:07 Anomaly: lol
20:58:23 Anomaly: Sup? Wait. What?
20:58:30 Slammer: I'm steve bartman
20:58:32 AliMo: lol
20:58:40 Anomaly: -- (that was for the chat-log readers)
20:59:00 AliMo: i dont think anyone reads them anyway
20:59:10 Anomaly: I'm an atom with two protons
20:59:24 Anomaly: Yeah, probably not.. :(
20:59:25 Slammer: OMG I hate Atoms
20:59:30 Anomaly: lol
20:59:33 Slammer: :(
20:59:41 Anomaly: Mwahaha (an evil mwahaha)
20:59:52 [Action] Slammer: says HI! :)
20:59:57 Anomaly: You really hate atoms? :)
21:00:18 [Action] Slammer: says he has Science tommorow?
21:00:19 Anomaly: "Slammer says hi" - how didyou do that
21:00:20 Slammer: :(
21:00:29 Anomaly: Yay! Science
21:00:31 Anomaly: :)
21:00:37 [Action] Slammer: says that this is his secret
21:00:47 AliMo: o noes
21:00:48 Anomaly: Really you have 'science' at school?
21:00:52 AliMo: im scared
21:01:12 Slammer: LOL JK JK
21:01:21 Slammer: Anomaly
21:01:44 Anomaly: :)
21:02:11 [Action] Slammer:
21:02:17 Anomaly: So you have chemistry tomorrow and the teacher is a b****?
21:02:23 Slammer: you type /me
21:02:24 AliMo: AliMo says hi
21:02:28 AliMo: nope
21:02:31 Anomaly: That's bimbo!
21:02:31 Slammer: before what you say
21:02:45 Slammer: type /me
21:02:50 [Action] Anomaly: says nice
21:02:54 Slammer: LOL
21:02:56 Slammer: great
21:03:05 Anomaly: Thank you
21:03:31 Anomaly: Bimbos are great? :)
21:03:35 Slammer: :O
21:03:53 [Action] Anomaly: said the b word - bimbos ;)
21:04:17 [Action] Anomaly:
21:04:32 [Action] Anomaly: is a really nice person :)
21:05:02 [Action] Slammer: doesn't care :P
21:06:27 Slammer: *slap*
21:06:28 Slammer: LMAO
21:06:39 [Action] Anomaly: doesn't care whether Slammer cares, because Anomaly mweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
21:06:45 Anomaly: lol
21:07:15 Anomaly: Let's guess what AliMo is practising
21:07:47 Slammer: how to behave when the yankees lose :P
21:07:58 Anomaly: :)
21:08:06 Anomaly: Who?
21:08:13 Anomaly: ;)
21:08:30 Anomaly: When who loses what?
21:09:09 Slammer: the Yankees are a Baseball team
21:09:18 Slammer: hey Alamo are you from Sweden?
21:09:24 Slammer: I meant Anomaly
21:09:32 Slammer: not alamo :P
21:09:47 Anomaly: What the hell is baseball?
21:09:50 Anomaly: ;)
21:10:00 Anomaly: :P
21:10:09 Slammer: are you from Germany?
21:10:11 Anomaly: Nope, not from Sweden
21:10:13 Slammer: Switzerland?
21:10:14 Anomaly: Nope
21:10:16 Anomaly: Nope
21:10:18 Slammer: Norway?
21:10:21 Anomaly: Nope
21:10:23 Slammer: Holland?
21:10:24 Anomaly: Go on
21:10:26 Anomaly: Nope
21:10:27 Slammer: Netherlands
21:10:30 Anomaly: Nope
21:10:34 Slammer: Italy?
21:10:35 AliMo: sry watchin the yankees own faces
21:10:37 Slammer: UK?
21:10:45 Anomaly: You're getting hotter
21:10:52 Slammer: Scotland?
21:10:53 AliMo: europe?!!??
21:10:56 Slammer: Ireland?
21:10:59 Slammer: Wales?
21:11:01 AliMo: lol
21:11:08 Anomaly: Nope, nope, I meant you were getting hotter with Italy
21:11:11 Slammer: :O
21:11:16 Slammer: san Marino?
21:11:16 Anomaly: Yeah, Europe, and nope
21:11:21 Anomaly: Nope
21:11:26 Anomaly: Nope
21:11:29 Anomaly: Nope
21:11:31 Anomaly: :)
21:11:34 AliMo: im from italy
21:11:39 AliMo: :p
21:11:44 Anomaly: No you're not
21:11:56 Anomaly: :P
21:12:00 Slammer: Greece!
21:12:04 Anomaly: Nope
21:12:13 AliMo: yea
21:12:24 Anomaly: Nope :)
21:12:28 AliMo: sicily to be exact
21:12:29 Anomaly: Go on
21:12:36 Slammer: Poland?
21:12:38 Slammer: Russia?
21:12:40 Anomaly: No, I'm not from Italy
21:12:44 Anomaly: Nope and nope
21:12:50 AliMo: i meant me
21:12:58 Anomaly: But Italy borders the country I'm from
21:13:04 Slammer: Croatia?
21:13:14 Slammer: SLovania?
21:13:18 Anomaly: Nope, Croatia desn't border Italy
21:13:24 Slammer: France?
21:13:31 Anomaly: SLovania doesn't exist. lol
21:13:39 Slammer: Austria?
21:13:41 Anomaly: It's Slovenia
21:13:43 Anomaly: Nope
21:13:53 Anomaly: I'm from sLOVEnia
21:14:00 Slammer: Switzerland?
21:14:07 Anomaly: lol
21:14:31 Anomaly: Good job Slammer
21:14:35 Slammer: :O
21:14:43 Slammer: I said that!
21:14:43 Anomaly: What?
21:14:54 Slammer: scroll up?
21:15:03 Anomaly: No, you wrote SlovAnia
21:15:07 AliMo: LOL
21:15:10 Slammer: no look up
21:15:11 Slammer: I said
21:15:15 Slammer: Switzerland
21:15:16 AliMo: like 3rd one he sed
21:15:20 Slammer: YES
21:15:21 AliMo: or 2nd
21:15:21 Slammer: Duh
21:15:22 Slammer: :P
21:15:33 AliMo: hey nick
21:15:52 Anomaly: Nope
21:15:53 Nick325: yo
21:15:56 Slammer: Hi Nick
21:15:58 Slammer: LOL
21:16:01 Nick325: hello slammer
21:16:04 Slammer: I put the Cookie Pic on
21:16:06 Slammer: :P
21:16:12 Nick325: ya i saw
21:16:16 Slammer: LOL
21:16:21 Nick325: yummy in my tummy :P
21:16:25 Anomaly: are you from Germany? [Anomaly] Nope, not from Sweden [Slammer] Switzerland? [Anomaly] Nope [Anomaly] Nope [Slammer] Norway? [Anomaly] Nope [Slammer] Holland? [Anomaly] Go on [Anomaly] Nope [Slammer] Netherlands [Anomaly] Nope [Slammer] Italy?
21:16:32 Slammer: see I told you... you all thought I was Kidding
21:16:36 Anomaly: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
21:16:40 Anomaly: Cookies
21:16:51 Slammer: LOL
21:17:06 Nick325: guest is stupid :P
21:17:10 Slammer: :O
21:17:13 Anomaly: No, you didn't! :)
21:17:17 AliMo: :?
21:17:18 Nick325: o yes i did
21:17:22 Slammer: didn't what>
21:17:26 Anomaly: Yeah, guest is stupid. :P
21:17:35 Nick325: unless he signs up :P
21:17:37 Anomaly: Didn't say sLOVEnia
21:17:57 Slammer: LOVE?
21:17:59 Slammer: :O
21:18:08 Anomaly: Well, Slovenia
21:18:30 Anomaly: Love is everywhere..
21:18:46 Slammer: it's in the air
21:18:47 Nick325: :?
21:18:50 AliMo: :|
21:18:52 Nick325: lol
21:19:00 Slammer: everywhere I look aound
21:19:02 Anomaly: Between the atom and the two protons..
21:19:05 Slammer: Around :P
21:19:18 Anomaly: Guest doesn't like us.. :(
21:19:25 AliMo: Mwahahaah
21:19:32 Anomaly: Between
21:19:58 Anomaly: Inside and outside
21:20:13 Nick325: hes a stupid
21:20:21 Slammer: do u like the Sweet NOvember Solo
21:20:24 Slammer: or outro?
21:20:36 AliMo: Yes
21:20:58 Anomaly: Yes, he's stupid, I agree.. Noooooooo, come back guest!
21:21:09 Anomaly: NO
21:21:17 Anomaly: --to the question
21:21:19 Anomaly: :P
21:22:00 Anomaly: I'm also hungry
21:22:19 Anomaly: (goes and chases after guest)
21:22:22 Anomaly: brb
21:22:38 AliMo: well ill be back guys, gotta walk the dog
21:22:52 Anomaly: Oh, you got a dog
21:22:55 Slammer: LOL
21:23:04 Slammer: keep him away from Vick
21:23:09 Anomaly: I should also walk mine, but it's 3:20 AM here
21:23:12 Anomaly: :)
21:23:16 AliMo: fuc* vick
21:23:19 Slammer: :O
21:23:23 Slammer: nevr
21:23:27 Anomaly: What kind of dog is it?
21:23:34 AliMo: black lab
21:23:48 Anomaly: Yeah, Vick's no good anyway.. emm I heard
21:23:54 Slammer: LMAO
21:23:59 AliMo: you are correct sir
21:24:04 AliMo: now ill be back soon
21:24:08 Anomaly: Oh, cute little (well big) dog
21:24:09 Slammer: Never
21:24:35 Slammer: ok guys
21:24:38 Anomaly: My dog can kick AliMo's dog!!
21:24:39 Slammer: I got to go
21:24:44 Slammer: cya guys
21:24:46 Slammer: :)
21:24:47 Anomaly: Okay
21:24:48 Slammer: :D
21:24:50 Anomaly: See ya!
21:25:18 Anomaly: Me still hungry........ where is that guest
21:25:20 Anomaly: ;)
21:25:26 Slammer: actually I'm back
21:25:30 Slammer: hi again
21:25:32 Anomaly: Okay :)
21:25:34 Anomaly: Hi
21:25:36 Slammer: LOL
21:25:47 Slammer: I don't have anything better to do
21:26:25 Anomaly: Eat-Sleep-andJam, you remind me of all the things I need to do..
21:26:30 Slammer: LMAO
21:26:41 Anomaly: Maybe you should get a dog Slammer
21:26:46 Slammer: never
21:26:54 Anomaly: No?
21:27:08 Anomaly: *meow* A kitten then?
21:27:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cats rule
21:27:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: rarrr
21:27:19 Nick325: back
21:27:25 Anomaly: Cats *meow*
21:27:31 Anomaly: and rule
21:27:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: back in black ?
21:28:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heart attack my crack
21:28:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: with a hacky sack
21:28:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: man slammers wackl
21:28:46 Slammer: :O
21:29:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 89
21:29:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: redtube
21:29:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: youtube*
21:29:38 Anomaly: It's a song about you, Slammer
21:30:39 Slammer: :O
21:30:40 Slammer: LOL
21:30:52 Anomaly: Mmmmmmmm, caught that guest, he yummy yummy guest
21:31:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *punchs Anomaly in the face for talking like Jeffery Daumer*
21:33:15 Anomaly: *slap*
21:33:25 Anomaly: Are you yummy yummy too?
21:34:07 Anomaly: Seriously, Jeffery wasn't very nice. :(
21:34:43 Anomaly: I actually don't eat meat. :D
21:37:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sure sure
21:37:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and o.j didnt do it, he swears !
21:38:15 Anomaly: lol
21:38:52 Anomaly: So, what/who do you eat Eat-s...
21:39:08 Nick325: im eating pizza
21:39:19 Anomaly: Yummy :)
21:39:30 AliMo: i have returned
21:39:37 AliMo: no need to worry
21:39:39 Anomaly: I'm eating corn flakes
21:39:44 AliMo: congrats
21:39:45 Anomaly: Welcome
21:39:56 Anomaly: How was your walk?
21:40:05 AliMo: wonderful
21:40:11 AliMo: raining pretty hard
21:40:16 Anomaly: Did your dog, emmmm, you know, did he sh*t? :D
21:40:24 Anomaly: lol
21:40:37 Nick325: wats sh*t?
21:40:40 AliMo: lol yep
21:40:43 Nick325: ;) lol
21:40:45 Nick325: jk
21:40:56 Anomaly: It's the brown thing that comes out your ass. lol
21:41:13 Anomaly: Did you pick it us? lol
21:41:19 Anomaly: up*
21:41:57 Anomaly: It's okay if you didn't, it was raining..
21:42:59 Anomaly: Are you guys IMing behind my back wondering if I'm from real? :)
21:43:11 Slammer: LOL
21:43:12 Slammer: :P
21:43:14 Slammer: no way
21:43:18 Slammer: I'm just busy
21:43:46 Anomaly: With the brown thing coming out your ...
21:43:48 Anomaly: ?
21:43:50 Anomaly: ;)
21:43:54 AliMo: lmao
21:44:10 AliMo: nope sry, was on the phone so couldnt type
21:44:18 Anomaly: So, did you?
21:44:25 AliMo: o, in the rain, hell no
21:44:31 Anomaly: lol
21:44:52 AliMo: shhh dont tell anyone
21:45:02 Anomaly: I won't. ;)
21:45:40 AliMo: Alright everyones age and how long you have been playing
21:45:42 AliMo: NOW!
21:46:09 AliMo: *whip*
21:46:16 Anomaly: Well, I know you told me a very personal thing with your dog there, but..
21:46:23 Anomaly: Everyone else first.. :)
21:46:35 Anomaly: *meow*
21:46:36 AliMo: 17, 9 months pregnant
21:46:44 AliMo: i mean into guitar playing
21:46:45 Nick325: 25 been playing for 15 years
21:46:50 AliMo: lol
21:46:55 Nick325: lol jk
21:47:59 Anomaly: I'm not going to say anything till my lawyer gets here
21:48:41 Anomaly: And you all need to tell before I do.. even that guest that.. went away and will never come back
21:48:52 Anomaly: AliMo, who knocked you up? ;)
21:49:13 AliMo: haha, if your referring to who got me into guitar playing
21:49:20 AliMo: thatd be the page
21:49:35 Anomaly: Well, you can call it whatever you wish to
21:49:41 AliMo: lol
21:49:46 Anomaly: :)
21:49:59 Anomaly: Wow, 'the' page
21:50:05 AliMo: hehe
21:51:07 AliMo: slammy
21:51:11 Slammer: ok guys I got to go
21:51:13 Slammer: cya around
21:51:18 Slammer: Bye
21:51:20 Nick325: cya
21:51:22 Slammer: *slap*
21:51:23 Anomaly: Found something to do?
21:51:24 Slammer: CYa
21:51:25 Anomaly: ;)
21:51:30 Anomaly: Bye
21:51:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cya slamm
21:51:35 Slammer: ok bye
21:51:58 AliMo: :{
21:52:43 Nick325: :{ :{
21:52:51 Anomaly: What's the matter?
21:53:13 AliMo: dunno
21:53:54 Nick325: gtg peace out
21:54:05 AliMo: later
21:54:10 Anomaly: Okay, bye bye Nick
21:54:19 Nick325: later gater :P
21:54:42 AliMo: well i guess ill go practice then
21:54:46 AliMo: nice chattin, c ya around
21:55:03 Anomaly: Oh, and when you were walking your dog, I said that my dog can kick your dog's ass
21:55:16 AliMo: lol my dog would eat yours alive
21:55:17 Anomaly: Okay, and I gotta sleep
21:55:25 AliMo: then shit it out and id pick it up and throw it at u
21:55:34 Anomaly: :(
21:55:36 AliMo: even if it was raining
21:55:39 AliMo: :p
21:55:51 AliMo: lol jk, goodnight
21:55:52 Anomaly: But my dog drools a lot
21:56:03 Anomaly: Bye bye

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