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10 Dec 2018

When looking for free cab. ir's the options/suggestions are almost endless, add the amp eq factor and you might spend a lifetime searching for the right one.

This freeware Marshall 1960A-Celestion G12M-25s bundle isn't new but is highly respected among guitar players. The typical amp for it is a Marshall plexi but with some eq adjustments can handle mid to highgain (specially solo) tones for other amps too.

The best part is how easy to select the right one. Select a mic. (begin with sm57, don't forget to choose the right samplerate you're using) and from the list, it almost goes from bright to dark as you scroll down.

tip; For darken or brightening the tone to match a backing track, try balancing with the right cab. first before adjusting the presence or treble knobs of the amp cause likely you'll get a bit more organic tone if you handle that from the ir mic. placement options.
7 Dec 2018
Key Features:
3 amps and 6 effects pedals, ranging from clean tones to high gain
Smart-Splitter switches between and combines dual signal paths
Preview presets on ToneCloud®
Audio plug-in with any DAW (supports VST, AU, AAX)
Stand-alone app operation (PC/Mac)
7 Dec 2018
Just a week back it was Nita's album (we already discussed quite a bit) and now this;

But before I comment anything, what do you guys think?
2 Dec 2018
Went to the guitar shop with a collector friend of mine I sometimes mention here. While he was considering a new MIJ ibanez (the cheapest new Japanese made these days, cool guitars) to modify with new PU's he saw a LP on the wall and wanted to try it.

The guitar was hanging there for 2+ years, because of the body shape I wasn't very optimistic;

But it sounded much better than I expected, the store gave him basically the USA price (insanely good deal) so he couldn't pass the offer. We also demoed one LP with robot tuners to compare and I didn't notice a disadvantage in tone. Has a beefy neck and not chambered to I guess that explains it.

So we went to his home, plugged it to a Mesa (the amp needed eq'ing and I wasn't up for it to be honest...zillion knobs isn't always good), the Fender (very cool) and the Katana (PAF's really showed the "digital" side of the Katana compared to his other guitars, wasn't expecting that...). He also has a Marshall;

But at home he never really connected with it, was considering selling it. So I said why not and we set it up, I did the eq'ing where he was ok-ish with the tone. The 2 extra tricks I did was;

1- upped the volume to relatively a loud level (still was at 3-4 max cause the room was small and the amp was loud smile.gif)
2- Asked him to connect his ds1, he really loves that pedal.

And when I boosted the amp with the ds1 his eyes shined with uncontrollable joy laugh.gif It really was "that" Marshall tone we all know and love, but took me a while to tame it with the eq's cause its almost too dynamic (the deep and shift switches helped, focusing dynamics). We played for a while then I gave a break as a headache started to appear smile.gif and this morning I woke up to that cranked Marshall sound biggrin.gif

-The PU's on most LP's are set very close to the strings as far as I noticed, normally with a different guitar with different PU's should sound bad but it works great on them. PAF's may be lower output than others but in that position they get much louder+dynamic (very shreddy too).

-We also tried 5-6 other pedals as a boost but the ds1 sounded the most natural, tubescreamer was also good but more sustainy rather than hard hitting.
30 Nov 2018

GMC'ers interested will probably be few but worth mentioning cause its probably the most liked eq plug-in in the DAW world. With the added dyn. eq function, it can actually work for other tasks too so not cheap but very handy.

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