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GMC Forum _ REC _ Take 2: Metal Metrics 4

Posted by: Siinthd Aug 10 2020, 06:49 PM

Original lesson: by http:///instructor/Cosmin-Lupu

I re-realized my mistake, apparently the problem was in a poorly chosen tone and my palm muting technique, which is why there was such a terrible sound.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Aug 10 2020, 08:10 PM

Hi mate!

From what I can remember this take is a killer improvement compared to your previous one. Are you using the same guitar? I don't remember seeing this one...

You rhythm technique is much more precise now, your timing is tight and I only notice very small pitch issues in some power chords, mostly during the first half. Low tuning are hard to manage if we are not use to the right fretting hand pressure. However, I'm sure that you'll able to get used to it soon. Just keep on practicing this one, and some other lessons in this style.

So my suggestion is to continue working this one trying to be even more precise with timing, pitch and dynamics. It's just a bit, but that's what's required, for example, for an studio track.

Keep going!

Posted by: Todd Simpson Aug 11 2020, 03:08 AM

Technique is a big improvement on this take if I remember correctly. Cool looking guitar as well! Also your vibrato is good and wide and not shallow. I listened a couple of times and keep hearing what sounds like the guitar being out of tune. It could be over pressure on the fingers, or intonation or just new strings that have not settled. It's something worth looking in to. You are very close on this one. I'd give it one more go!


Posted by: Darius Wave Aug 11 2020, 12:39 PM

Hey there again!

Yet another visible improvement that means every minute you spent p-ractising is worth the case.

You tone is really descent. Unfortunately spots where there are more than low strings involved, expose some pitch issues - especially the first full D5 shape. Somehow second attempt to this chord sound more in-tune. Maybe you press too hard?

There is one little issue mentioned in other lesson take - beginnings of new parts sound less tight. You tend to warm out on the first run and than it get's clearly better. Maybe you need to focus on the upcoming riff on the last notes of previous one. Try to find best method for yourself

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Aug 13 2020, 09:10 PM


Compared to your previous take this is a totally different animal: it is in tune (most of the time as Darius pointed out) and enjoyable! Tone is great.

Your right hand downpicking looks very promising, with a really cool combination of hand movement.

I would like to see your right hand chord strumming more relaxed though. To achieve this you will probably need to learn to let go of the tension you use for your downpicking technique. You need to develop a On/Off switch kinda technique - where you can totally let go of right hand tension when needed.

Keep up the great work, you get an 8 from me!

Posted by: Fran Sep 2 2020, 05:52 PM

Pass: 8

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