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San Diego, California / USA
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Well music mainly haha, but as far as music goes im more into metal, which can be from whatever type... heavy... power... death... thrash, i love it all. i also like classical music, i think metal and classical go really well together.

other then music i like video games and movies. i really love the music from video games and movies tho too! =0)
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12 Mar 2008
so i've got a little question. I have recently been trying out tuning down a whole step. i understand the scales i'm playing, what ever i'm playing is just a whole step lower, as in an E minor scale would now be a D minor scale on the same frets.

so my question is what happens with the cords? if i play a normal E cord position with the frets down the strings being 022100, now that the tuning is lower, what cord does that make that? is it a D cord in the position of E or something? what's it called? and is it right to use the normal cord shapes the same at before when i was in E standard tuning?

Any more D standard tuning helpful hints would be nice too! im completely new to this form of tuning, but i love this heavy-ness haha smile.gif
7 Mar 2008
rolleyes.gif so wish me luck, actually i'll be playing a show friday, saturday and sunday. i'm playing bass for this band who is playing music for this play performance thing haha. (we are on stage performing as 50's rock musicians) not my kinda music but its still just fun to play in front of a crowd laugh.gif should be about 300 people there watching a night so that's kinda nerve racking, since thatll be the most people i've played in front of before, but it should be really fun smile.gif
20 Dec 2007
mad.gif and they jacked my stereo, so ive got a stereo and driver side window to replace. i dont even see the point, no pawn shop will take stolen stereos so how much money could they possibly get for them on the street. couple other people from my school got their cars broken into and stereos taken too. to bad i didnt see it go down, he wouldnt have made it out of my car in tacked. i would have taken some fingers or something, give him a reminder not to mess with people he doesnt know haha... oh well
18 Dec 2007
ive never placed my hands on a guitar with scalloped frets and i was just wonder of others people's personal experiences with them. how do they feel? do they make playing easier? notes sound more clear? better for shredding? whats their purpose?
17 Dec 2007
hey guys... well heres what i was wondering about. my guitar has a switch that does 3 settings. i know some guitar have 5 settings and such. well what i was wondering is whats each one use for? and what exactly do they do?

im assume all the way down is for my back pickup, all the way up is for the front pickups and in the middle is for both. someone told me before that you have the switch down all the way for rythem stuff and up for solos on like the b or e string. is this true?

if so what does this accomplish... why is it that way? and then why is there a middle setting? what is that used for? also i was wondering does the order change or anything if you are palm muting kinda over the back pickup?
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