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GMC Forum _ REC _ My Favorite Zeppelin

Posted by: JuanJovi Jan 29 2019, 02:31 AM

Original lesson: by http:///instructor/Adrian-Figallo

Dont have split screen software so I had to slice two vids together. Warmoth strat with w gibson traditional into a POD UX1.

I panned guitars 70% left the other 70% right...

thanks for your time

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jan 30 2019, 03:36 PM

Hi again mate!

Good playing here!! Your take is precise and everything sound clean and clear. Well done!

The next thing to improve in your rhythm playing, mostly when playing rock is to add more energy into your playing. How? Once again I'll say this word: "Dynamics". Notice how Adrian doesn't play all the notes with the same intensity, he uses dynamics to give different accents to what he plays in order to give more energy to the tune. The duration of notes is also more accentuated in his take compared to yours. I recommend you to start with the first riff again, playing along with the original lesson, trying to emulate this elements.

I also notice some differences between your version and the original in the last riff. There are some extra strums missed in yours. Check it out!

Ok mate, I hope to see more REC takes from you! Bye!

Posted by: Darius Wave Jan 31 2019, 03:21 PM

Hey there again!

Really nice, pleasant first impression. Let's say it was not a studio-quality doubltracking but still very close (perfect doubletracking makes you feel there is one guitar playing ..just tonally fuller. You hasve some little problems with control over unwanted strings. You may missed it because low amount of gain doesn't expose them that much. Also try to always be aware of unwanted scratching and sliding noise when you shift the positions.

I like your choise of tones. Your hand positioning is also good. You picking strength is descent as well. These are good point for sure.

Try to a little more patient at the final notes of these runs below half. You definitely loose your focus and make them sound poor becasue you already think of where to put your hands next. These position shifts are an additional task to challenge in this lesson.

Keep having fun while playing .Well done smile.gif

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Feb 3 2019, 05:12 PM

Nice, the mix and balance in this one is spot on - and the whole take sounds much more musical.

I am trying to analyse why there still is quite a different in yours and Adrian's take. One thing worth noticing is that Adrian's tone is godly - with fantastic attack and rich distortion. However I do think you can come closer to it by maybe turning down your distortion and get more aggressive with your strumming hand.

Once you get a hang of that, try to dial in a new tone mode adapated to a rock 'n roll. Your current tone is also more scooped than Adrians, and the extra low-end information is not that nice for scratchy kind of right hand strumming.

All in all, you did a very good job on this level 3 lesson, you get an 8 from me!

Posted by: Fran Feb 4 2019, 01:30 PM

Pass: 7.3

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