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22 Jul 2009
First of all, I have to say that I really enjoy this one. Getting to play tight tight punk style riffs, is sure not as easy as you might think.

But I have a small technical question for you. When I do the muted tones, I tend to ease the pressure on the strings with my left hand at the same time as I mute with my palm. I can see on the vid that the fingers on your left hand are glued to the fingerboard while playing the X-notes. Am I wrong in doing this? It's just a reflex I guess, but is it something that might hinder my technical progress later?

Thanks in advance!

19 Jul 2009
My brother bought an American Stratocaster a couple of years ago, but unfortunately he never started to play on it. He prefers keyboards and stuff, so I asked to borrow this guitar for a while. Problem is, there is some issue with the bridge. It seems way to tilted (pic 1).

Being a Gibson man myself, I'm just asking: To fix this, is it just a matter of tighting the screws I've highlighted in pic 2, or is there another thing I should do before I eventually hand it to a pro repairer?

Cheers in advance!
21 Nov 2008
Great song, great but difficoult guitarplaying, something to look at?

Harmonics, palm muting, tight riffing, great solo - the songs got it all! smile.gif
4 Nov 2008
...between a Les Paul Studio and a PRS Mira. The Mira is a tad more expensive, but my oh my what a sexy guitar. I like my guitars old school and passive, and I really like them both (even though the Mira is a little more like the SG imho).

I also kinda like that both have shorter scales than a Fender, dunno why, just like the feel a little more. I am a little concerned about the build quality in the LP, heard all sorts, but it sounds great.

Any opinions/advice to a confused guitarist in the making?

Disclaimer: Even though I'm pretty new at spending hours playing the guitar, I know a bad instrument from a good one due to been playing bass for some years.

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