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Posted by: DenisN Feb 14 2012, 10:38 AM

Hello Guys/Tony,

Well here is an excerpt of a song I'm doing. Basically it is just some riffs thrown togerter to practice mixing.
I tried to have some parts where all instruments are heard individually and also together so I have better undestanding of their interaction.
(drums+bass, drums + guitar + bass)

Guitars - DI signal trough Lepou Lecto amp sim + cabinet impulses
Bass- DI signal trough amp sim SVX from Ampeg
Drums- Toontrack drums (just the planestd. kit, not drumkit form hell)

I've recorded 2 guitars , panned hard left and right 100%.

So far this is a mix where I actually can hear the instruments played smile.gif I know it sounds horrible but currently this is the best I've got and I'm stuck sad.gif
I spend a lot of time equing the low end because the low end and the low mids seem to create the most problems for me.

My frist approach was- Bass guitar under the kick

HPF on 40HZ, boost the kick at 60Hz +6db; boost at 4kHZ +3dB to get more 'klick'.
Ialso removed the mids completely from the kick.
Besides that I compressed separatelly the kick to get more presence nad blende it into the mix.

HPF on 40HZ,cut at 60HZ to make space for the kick, boost about +6 db at 120HZ, boost at 800HZ, LPF at 4kHZ.
I compressed the bass quite a lot. Basically when I loock at it the compressor acsts like a limiter.

HPF 80HZ, Multibad compression on the 70-250HZ region, LPF 10kHZ.

Bass+ Drum compression:
I routed the drum and bass to an aux track and copressed them separatelly and blended them into the mix.

The resulat was that the kick sounded like its wooden smile.gif Like someone trying to cut down a tree smile.gif The bass was there but you couldn't hear it :)And the bass seemed to have a lot of 'boom' The guitars were somehow muddy- lack of presence and definition.

Second approach (the one you have here)-kick under bass guitar-
Centered my Kick at 70Hz, boosted around 70HZ +6db, boosts +3db at 4kHZ.HPF at 60Hz, Wide cut on the mids.
added some kompression 4:1 with longer release time.
HPF at 80HZ, boost about +6 db at 120HZ, boost at 800HZ, LPF at 4kHZ.
Hard compression agin ot this one.

Guitar: HPF 80HZ, Multibad compression on the 70-250HZ region, LPF 10kHZ.
But on the guitar I cut 600-800Hz.

Result: I colud hear the bass and it wasn't so boomy.(cut where the bass is boosted)
My biggest concers are that it all sound too hars and that it lacks depth.
I am also really confused if I should cut HPF the bass so high or leave it at 40HZ so the base is undre the kick ? (If you know what i mean)

well hpoe some of you guys have some advices, please don't hestitate!


Posted by: tonymiro Feb 14 2012, 01:39 PM

Denis - can you pm me wave file instead - doesn't need to be the whole song as 20-30 seconds will do. Soundcloud mp3s are too compressed and often loss/mess up stuff on the transcode.

Posted by: tonymiro Feb 24 2012, 11:18 AM

Any chance on the wave file yet Denis?

If not I'll comment based on the stream in a few days. If it's the stream it'll be listened to on a laptop through the laptop's speakers rather than the mastering monitor chain. (We don't have that pc connected to the Internet at all.)

Posted by: tonymiro Feb 29 2012, 12:45 PM

OK Denis - just based on the Soundcloud stream through my laptop so some of the following reflects this:

The mix ain't bad - it's better than quite a few project studio mixes I've heard recently - but IMHO needs some work still.

Anyway, some suggestions/comments:

I find it a bit flat macro dynamically and overall it sounds over compressed to me - not as much as some in this genre but still a bit flat. To some extent I think you are using compression too soon and not balancing the tracks sufficiently first. I think there is also some noticeable pumping. TBH - though this may be my laptop - the mix also sounds a little too scooped in the 400-1kHz mid. and lacks definition and air in the high end. A lot of the overheads etc lack definition and so sound a bit like white noise. The mix sounds somewhat harsh and thin from around 1''- 35'' and particularly 1 minute to 1'20'' ( some of which is down to the guitar in the mix). Tonally the track seems to be a little incoherent - the tone of different instruments (noticeable the bass and the drums) seems to change. Balance also seems a bit inconsistent between regions - the balance of the bass relative to the drums parts is very different in the region from 36-55secs or so to the rest of the song and shifts in a noticeable way and also jumps around a bit in this section.

Bass/Kick and Guitar (I'll focus on these three as you did as well smile.gif )

I guess your seeing the fundamental at 60Hz for the bass and hence the boost at 120Hz. Hard to tell on this laptop if you've nailed the fundamental frequecy but I would say be careful as 60Hz is pretty difficult for many monitors (and laptops) to reproduce with any degree of accuracy. Also if the fundamental is at 60Hz you are attenuating it - possibly quite a lot - because your HPF has its corner at 80Hz (you don't say how steep the HPF is though).

Personally I think parallel comp on the bass to give it definition and presence is good so keep expeimenting with it.

Personally I find the bass a little too flat dynamically and I find it over compressed.

Again this may be more down to listening to streamed audio on a laptop but your bass tone seemed to change through the song. This happens to bass quite often but I think your's is a bit noticeable and I think you need to look at how you EQ the bass again.

Check your HPF filter type on the kick as many of them are not ideal but colour and so boost beyond the corner frequency so I think your adding more gain then you think at 70Hz. I also would probably lower the HPF corner down to 45Hz to let more of the kick's natural oomph (or boom) come through - at the moment there's plenty of thud but not so much oomph. Also use a gentlish HPF slope - say -12dB or -18dB per octave and not a really steep one (-24dB or higher).

Experiment with the high mid as 4kHz sems a bit low to me to get sufficient click. I think if you went higher - say about 7kHz - it would come through a bit more.

With the kick and the bass try some more complimentary EQ'ing to get more space for both like you were doing in mix 1. It takes time and persistenance to get it but it's worth it in the end. Probably take out a lot of the low mid on the kick to provide the bass harmonics with some room.

Look at HPFing higher - you might be able to go easily as high as 120Hz. I think you may be cutting too much @600-800Hz as it sounds a litttle bit distant in the mix. I think the guitar sounds harsh - and makes some regions sound harsh as well - and I'd look at using a wide attenutation somewhere in the 2-6KHz region.

Around 38 secs or so your guitar seems to lose its location/position in the mix and seems to shift direction/position a bit.

As you have the actual guitar track you can probably avoid using a multiband comp and get good/better results with eq and broadband comp. albeit you may need to side chain.


Overall, it's pretty good for a project studio mix but it can be improved on with practice.

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