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26 Sep 2020
for the lesson slow down button i used to be able to slow the main lesson down in 2% increments, now its 10% . did i i accidsntly change something? i would like to have the option to slow down 2% at a time
18 Sep 2020
i have learned all my modes, i haven't really played over backing, but i started today on B dorian over a B minor7.
i will move on to C#phrygian, over C#minor7 next. then D lydian over Dmajor7, and so on.

is this the correct practice of modes over chords? or should i also focus on using certain modes with chords that are not built from the same degree of the major scale the mode comes from? this statement is confusing

what i mean is a mode like B dorian, are there specific chords other than Bminor its good with like C#minor? or when i'm on C#minor should i always focus on C#phrygian? and so on?
12 Sep 2020
thank you for reaching out offering your help. during practicing of downpicking i have tried a few different things to go faster play cleaner and stay relaxed. i recorded this while playing over your main video at 96% speed, what bpm would that be i wonder?
i started this lesson by trying to mimic your picking hand, keeping my fingers in, but as you can see here my fingers are out because i feel like im more relaxed this way and i can play faster. i start to tense up when i get to the end around the part that starts on the 5th fret 5th string, i always tense up here. let my know your tips and advice. i really wanna master downpicking
9 Aug 2020
hello everybody. smile.gif
Im currently sitting at my practice area for hours now practicing sweep picking and arpeggios at the same time with the 7th. At the moment im practicing in the key of A and I am moving around all 7 chords in that key and playing all there arpeggios from the 6th string to the 1st and im am paying close attention to each interval. So I guess im practicing three different thing at once, intervals, sweep picking, and arpeggios. biggrin.gif
I see that 6 chords that belongs in the key of A, the 3rd 5th and 7th intervals of them all share the same notes of A major, or maybe im wrong?
I learned to play the diminished arpeggio by going to the 7interval of whatever major key im in or the 2nd of whatever minor key im in the just play 3rds all the way through the arpeggio and that will give me a diminished arpeggio. When I did this I see there is a F in a diminished arpeggio and no F in Amajor or am I mistaken and am I missing something?
so far my understanding of arpeggios is you can play any arpeggio that is diatonic to the key your in at anytime and it will work, but is this the case for a diminished arpeggio as well. I know diminished is not used a whole lot but I still would like a clear understanding of it.
also if someone would say "play a Amajor arpeggio is it always implied to play the 7th with it. or would most people say play a Amajor7th arpeggio?
31 Jul 2020
I like to watch streamers, I watch mostly bands like jay postones from tesseract and Misha Mansoor from Periphery, and many others.
Today I came across a streamer who goes by the name TheFrenchStallion. He plays Rocksmith and does all requests, he Streams for hours most days I guess, and he is good!
Every request that came with a donation he played and nailed them close to perfect! he plays non donations to money just goes to the front, as it should. The Requests were random, they were requests for bands like racer x, and requests to play songs from Break my Fucking Sky then your mainstream bands like Metallica. I watched his stream for couple hours before I asked him a question, and he was more than happy to answer any question I had while he was shredding. from his answers to my questions it seems like Rocksmith may be evolving to be more than a game or a beginner tool. its sounds like the library of songs has grown from 3rd party DLC's that it might be a useful tool to learn a lot of covers with backing, while your graded and critiqued. Do you guys have info or experience with Rocksmith and DLC's using your computer instead of a gaming console?

and I forgot to mention he said that you must first purchase specifically the smashing pumpkins cherub rock pack for a couple dollars, before the 3rd party DLC's will work, he also metioned he was uncertain dlc's will work on Mac .. im curious.
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