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Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Dec 30 2011, 06:05 PM

Here's a gear interview with Joe Bonamassa, worth checking out. I find his voice a bit irritating, but he talks good:

Posted by: Sinisa Cekic Dec 30 2011, 07:48 PM

Bonamassa was supposed to come to Belgrade some time ago - but the concert was canceled! Do you know why - He didn't have the necessary paperwork for the stage equipment and the customs didn't let him in Serbia! Are you knew about it, Ivan ?..

Posted by: Daniel Realpe Dec 30 2011, 07:54 PM

thanks for that, good videos! those guitars are lovely! 4 amps! MF! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Dec 31 2011, 09:18 AM

Cool videos! It's always great to see which gear the professional player use and how they do it... wink.gif

Posted by: Sensible Jones Jan 1 2012, 06:45 PM

I'd be happy with any one of those Amps, let alone all four!!!!

Posted by: AK Rich Jan 1 2012, 08:21 PM

Good old Joe! Love this guys playing, Been listening to him since the band Bloodline. Thanks for sharing Ivan smile.gif

Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Jan 1 2012, 08:23 PM

Yeah, exactly, it somehow seems that Mr. Bonamassa is still searching for his tone. If you can hear the licks from the end of the video 1, you can see it's veeeeeery similar Eric Johnson. 4 amps on the stage, specially these amps seems far fetched, but it's good to watch in nevertheless.

@ Sinisa

Didn't know that smile.gif I though the show was on, I lost interest when I hear that the ticket was 20e, it's a bit too much if you ask me, even Marcus Miller costed less. I guess we need to pay all the gear transport costs ourselves smile.gif

Posted by: Alex Feather Jan 4 2012, 03:30 AM

That les paul looks awesome. I would prefer having my own name on it though.

Posted by: kahall Jan 4 2012, 05:47 AM

I was given tickets from my son for Christmas to his up coming show here on May 1st. Wooty! I'm in the Ochestra seating on the 8th row. He does love him some equipment.

Posted by: N4085B Jan 4 2012, 06:01 AM

Here's some more info/pics;

Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Jan 4 2012, 10:03 PM

He likes his gear no doubt smile.gif

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