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14 Feb 2012
Hello Guys/Tony,

Well here is an excerpt of a song I'm doing. Basically it is just some riffs thrown togerter to practice mixing.
I tried to have some parts where all instruments are heard individually and also together so I have better undestanding of their interaction.
(drums+bass, drums + guitar + bass)

Guitars - DI signal trough Lepou Lecto amp sim + cabinet impulses
Bass- DI signal trough amp sim SVX from Ampeg
Drums- Toontrack drums (just the planestd. kit, not drumkit form hell)

I've recorded 2 guitars , panned hard left and right 100%.

So far this is a mix where I actually can hear the instruments played smile.gif I know it sounds horrible but currently this is the best I've got and I'm stuck sad.gif
I spend a lot of time equing the low end because the low end and the low mids seem to create the most problems for me.

My frist approach was- Bass guitar under the kick

HPF on 40HZ, boost the kick at 60Hz +6db; boost at 4kHZ +3dB to get more 'klick'.
Ialso removed the mids completely from the kick.
Besides that I compressed separatelly the kick to get more presence nad blende it into the mix.

HPF on 40HZ,cut at 60HZ to make space for the kick, boost about +6 db at 120HZ, boost at 800HZ, LPF at 4kHZ.
I compressed the bass quite a lot. Basically when I loock at it the compressor acsts like a limiter.

HPF 80HZ, Multibad compression on the 70-250HZ region, LPF 10kHZ.

Bass+ Drum compression:
I routed the drum and bass to an aux track and copressed them separatelly and blended them into the mix.

The resulat was that the kick sounded like its wooden smile.gif Like someone trying to cut down a tree smile.gif The bass was there but you couldn't hear it :)And the bass seemed to have a lot of 'boom' The guitars were somehow muddy- lack of presence and definition.

Second approach (the one you have here)-kick under bass guitar-
Centered my Kick at 70Hz, boosted around 70HZ +6db, boosts +3db at 4kHZ.HPF at 60Hz, Wide cut on the mids.
added some kompression 4:1 with longer release time.
HPF at 80HZ, boost about +6 db at 120HZ, boost at 800HZ, LPF at 4kHZ.
Hard compression agin ot this one.

Guitar: HPF 80HZ, Multibad compression on the 70-250HZ region, LPF 10kHZ.
But on the guitar I cut 600-800Hz.

Result: I colud hear the bass and it wasn't so boomy.(cut where the bass is boosted)
My biggest concers are that it all sound too hars and that it lacks depth.
I am also really confused if I should cut HPF the bass so high or leave it at 40HZ so the base is undre the kick ? (If you know what i mean)

well hpoe some of you guys have some advices, please don't hestitate!

30 Dec 2011
Hi Guys,

thought this is woth sharing with you....what a musician!
17 Oct 2011
Hello Sinisa,

I found one of your old posts on the formum on Balkan music.

In that thread you had the progression

A Dm H7 E7.

I understand that progression is really std. in folk music and I would like to understand from where it comes from (which tonality mixes)
and what to play over it scale vise.

I undestand the harmonic minor, and chromatic passages are a good choise but I can not relate those chord to any tonlity.

As you are the GURU for around the world music I thought I could checkwith you ! smile.gif

7 Sep 2011
Hi Guys,

I am happy to show you the following band:!/pages/Tresh...158092984274357

It is a Croatian metal/folk band and I happen to be the singer/ guitarist in it. smile.gif

Hope you''ll give it a try and give us some likes on FB.
...and I would like to hear your comments ofcourse!


13 Jun 2011
Hi Guys,

I wanted to share this series of videos that someone put on youtube. I first found the book and it was great. Then I googled the guy and saw this on youtube. It is the book but a DVD version of it. The videos are a littel bit psichodelic but reaaaaalllyyy help ful!! I Guarranty!

A really comprehensive way of showing what mixing really is.
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