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GMC Forum _ CHILL OUT _ Guitar Chat With Milenkovic Ivan, Bogdan Etc. 2008-03-12

Posted by: Maria Mar 13 2008, 02:54 PM

20:35:06 Jamesito: hey ivan
20:37:18 Milenkovic Ivan: hey man
20:37:23 Milenkovic Ivan: what's up?
20:37:38 Jamesito: not much, i was just trying out some recording software
20:37:39 Milenkovic Ivan: sorry for the hold up I've been on other tabs
20:37:43 Jamesito: hehe
20:37:55 Jamesito: ur new albert king lesson is great by the way
20:37:55 Milenkovic Ivan: what software?
20:38:03 Milenkovic Ivan: thanks man
20:38:08 Jamesito: im trying amplitube
20:38:17 Milenkovic Ivan: that's a nice piece of software
20:38:21 Milenkovic Ivan: 1 or 2?
20:38:25 Jamesito: 2
20:38:34 Jamesito: its great
20:38:41 Milenkovic Ivan: 2 is better than guitar rig imo
20:38:53 Jamesito: although i really need a better imput system
20:38:55 Slammer: Milenkovic Ivan
20:38:57 Slammer: Jamesito
20:38:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:38:59 Slammer: Hello
20:39:00 Jamesito: slammerito
20:39:02 Jamesito: jeje
20:39:11 Slammer: Jamesita tongue.gif
20:39:28 Jamesito: i used to have m audio fast track usb but i lost it
20:39:32 Milenkovic Ivan: hey man
20:39:46 Milenkovic Ivan: lost it?
20:39:48 Milenkovic Ivan: how?
20:40:01 Jamesito: well i think slammer stole it from m house sad.gif sad.gif
20:40:08 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:40:09 Jamesito: lol
20:40:30 Jamesito: i don´t know it just disapeared, i live in two countries so i dont know where it is
20:40:57 Slammer: Jamesito is a Magician!
20:40:59 Jamesito: there is a similar pod usb device, do you know which one is better
20:41:13 Milenkovic Ivan: pod or fastrack?
20:41:18 Jamesito: yeah
20:41:26 Milenkovic Ivan: don't know, maybe Pod has better modelling options
20:41:31 Slammer: hey Bogdan
20:41:36 Milenkovic Ivan: don't know if fastrack has modelling at all
20:41:38 Milenkovic Ivan: hey bole
20:41:38 Jamesito: hey bogdan
20:41:44 Slammer: LOL
20:41:48 Slammer: bole?
20:41:51 Bogdan: Hello people wink.gif
20:41:58 Bogdan: yeah Bole is my nick name wink.gif
20:41:58 Milenkovic Ivan: that's hsi nickname
20:42:03 Jamesito: i have the CD for m audio session which is ok i guess that givers you plenty of effects
20:42:04 Milenkovic Ivan: Bole smile.gif
20:42:12 Slammer: Bole of Soup
20:42:18 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:42:20 Bogdan: smile.gif
20:42:24 Slammer: wink.gif
20:42:26 Slammer: LOL
20:42:37 Bogdan: whats up people
20:42:44 Jamesito: chuck norris is up lol
20:43:16 Milenkovic Ivan: there's a voker texas ranger here showing
20:43:21 Bogdan: smile.gif Chuck norris jokes rule wink.gif
20:43:25 Milenkovic Ivan: that's stupiest show ever
20:43:37 Milenkovic Ivan: voker texas ranger
20:43:40 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:43:42 Bogdan: whats that Ivan ?
20:43:43 Milenkovic Ivan: and chuck noris
20:43:48 Jamesito: lol
20:43:52 Jamesito: we have a hater
20:44:11 Milenkovic Ivan: i hate chuck lol
20:44:22 Jamesito: chuck norris invented the blues lol
20:44:47 Bogdan: Chuck norris done a commercial here for some fitness gadget wink.gif
20:44:48 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm kidding of course, he's a good guy
20:45:00 Milenkovic Ivan: i saw that that comercial was cool
20:45:03 Bogdan: can't remember its name wink.gif
20:45:12 Milenkovic Ivan: way better than voker texas ranger imo smile.gif
20:45:17 Bogdan: smile.gif
20:45:20 Jamesito: lol
20:45:20 Slammer: When chuck norris does Pushups, he doesn't Push himself up, he pushes the Ground Down
20:45:25 Jamesito: yeah yeah
20:45:27 Slammer: LOL
20:45:29 Bogdan: yeah laugh.gif
20:45:29 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:46:03 Slammer: hey Bogdan
20:46:12 Slammer: are you gonna make some more bass lessons?
20:46:23 Milenkovic Ivan: no he's quiting smile.gif
20:46:25 Slammer: maybe you could make a Beginner Bass Lesson
20:46:32 Milenkovic Ivan: he doesn't liek it here
20:46:34 Slammer: LOL
20:46:53 Bogdan: I'm doing lessons all the time smile.gif
20:47:02 Milenkovic Ivan: beginner bass lesson would be great indeed wink.gif
20:47:32 Slammer: I'd like to see some bass basics lessons, because Alot of people don't really know the basics of playing bass
20:47:34 Bogdan: I done one excercise lesson that will get your hands moving wink.gif
20:47:34 Jamesito: a lesson how to give up playing guitar? biggrin.gif
20:47:50 Slammer: so when they learn harder stuff first they might not learn right
20:47:51 Slammer: IMO
20:47:52 Bogdan: should be up soon
20:47:54 Slammer: LOL
20:48:37 Slammer: Jamesito
20:48:42 Slammer: come back
20:48:46 Milenkovic Ivan: you see Bogdan in santa clause suit telling us hey GMC, why are you playing guitar, check out the bass, sell your guitars and buy bass guitar then you can do slap and pop it is way more fun hohoho
20:49:52 Bogdan: I get your point Slammer smile.gif We look into basics more, but I always tend to explain all techniques used in every lesson wink.gif
20:49:57 Jamesito: how many bass players does it take to change a light bulb?
20:49:58 Slammer: LOL
20:49:59 Bogdan: I'll look
20:50:27 Bogdan: eheheh Jamesite I can see now that that is a international joke wink.gif
20:50:43 Jamesito: answer - non, just leave it out and nobody will notice biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:50:53 Milenkovic Ivan: biggrin.gif
20:51:15 Milenkovic Ivan: a band is playing a song
20:51:26 Milenkovic Ivan: can you gues wha teverybody is thinking about?
20:51:27 Slammer: well, what I had in mind was something like, Playing a Bass line over a simple Chord Progression, like Am-F-G etc. Well, I would only know how to play those Three notes A-F-G sad.gif
20:51:37 Slammer: LOL
20:51:39 Milenkovic Ivan: guitarplayer:
20:51:40 Slammer: I'm dumb
20:51:41 Slammer: :?
20:52:05 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm playing way to good, when will i find a better band
20:52:10 Milenkovic Ivan: singer:
20:52:19 Slammer: LOL
20:52:36 Milenkovic Ivan: I have a great voice, everybody likes me
20:52:41 Milenkovic Ivan: drummer:
20:52:53 Bogdan: Great point Slammer , I will do a basic one on how to construct simple lines
20:52:54 Milenkovic Ivan: are those chicks in the front row looking at me ?
20:53:03 Slammer: LOL
20:53:05 Milenkovic Ivan: bass player : E A D G E A D G
20:53:06 Slammer: thanks man
20:53:10 Jamesito: hahaahaaha
20:53:19 Jamesito: lol lol
20:53:43 Jamesito: what´s the difinition of a bass player????
20:53:49 Milenkovic Ivan: ?
20:54:00 Jamesito: answer - half way between a drummer and a musician lol
20:54:00 Bogdan: ok people should I go now or just look away wink.gif
20:54:11 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:54:29 Milenkovic Ivan: how do you know a bass player has died in a band
20:54:33 Jamesito: damm i could go all night with these bass player jokes lol
20:54:39 Jamesito: how?
20:54:40 Slammer: Q: How do you know it's a singer at the door? A: He doesn't know when to come in.
20:54:51 Jamesito: lol
20:54:57 Bogdan: thanks for taking part in my collab slammer , acoustic solo will sound cool smile.gif
20:55:04 Slammer: LOL
20:55:06 Slammer: well
20:55:09 Milenkovic Ivan: there's a bottle of whiskey intact on the bas amp and a bunch of comics behind it
20:55:10 Slammer: I'll try
20:55:17 Slammer: to come up with something
20:55:20 Milenkovic Ivan: that's a studip one
20:55:21 Jamesito: lol
20:55:50 Milenkovic Ivan: ok enough about bass players
20:55:53 Jamesito: yeah
20:55:53 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
20:55:54 Bogdan: smile.gif
20:56:03 Slammer: Q: Did you hear about the heavy metal player who locked his keys in the car?
20:56:04 Bogdan: it started to rain outside wink.gif
20:56:07 Jamesito: howmany slammer´s does it take to cha nge a light bulb??
20:56:12 Jamesito: lol
20:56:13 Slammer: A: He had to break the window to let the drummer out!
20:56:19 Jamesito: hahaha
20:56:32 Bogdan: wink.gif
20:56:36 Milenkovic Ivan: biggrin.gif
20:56:37 Slammer: How many Electric Guitar players does it take to change a lightbulb ?
20:56:42 Bogdan: eheheh
20:56:43 Milenkovic Ivan: 5?
20:56:44 Slammer: Five. One to change it and four to discuss how Eric Clapton would have done it.
20:56:46 Slammer: LOL
20:56:48 Jamesito: lol
20:56:52 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:56:58 Jamesito: thats good
20:57:06 Milenkovic Ivan: i love this short question jokes
20:57:27 Milenkovic Ivan: what is the name of a person that hangs out wiht musicians?
20:57:30 Milenkovic Ivan: a drummer
20:57:33 Slammer: How do you get a guitarist to play more quietly ?
20:57:39 Jamesito: lol
20:57:40 Slammer: Give him a sheet of music
20:57:44 Jamesito: hahha
20:57:50 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:58:08 Slammer: How do you get an musician off your front step ?
20:58:14 Slammer: Pay for the pizza.
20:58:17 Slammer: sad.gif
20:58:18 Slammer: damn
20:58:21 Milenkovic Ivan: biggrin.gif
20:58:28 Slammer: I work for a pizza resturant
20:58:29 Slammer: LOL
20:58:30 Jamesito: Why don't bass players ever catch a cold? A: Even a virus has some pride.
20:58:36 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:58:37 Slammer: so I'm like that Joke ^
20:59:14 Jamesito: What's the first thing a bass player says when he knocks on your door? A: "Pizza!"
20:59:17 Jamesito: thats better
20:59:25 Jamesito: lol
20:59:26 Slammer: A bluegrass guitarist wants to improve his playing and decides to go to the academy of music and become a serious musician. But first he has to pass a little test in musical theory. The teacher asks him "What is the subdominant of "C"?" The bluegrass-guitarist doesn't come up with an answer, so the teacher says "Could it be, you don't know what a subdominant is??" "Of course I know that!", he says "So what's the problem?" "I always thought, that "C" IS the subdominant!"
20:59:57 Slammer: A fingerstyle guitarist wins £15 million on the National Lottery. When a reporter asked "What are you going to do now?" He replied "I'll carry on gigging 'til the money runs out."
21:00:14 Jamesito: lol
21:00:17 Milenkovic Ivan: biggrin.gif
21:00:25 Slammer: Q: How many bluegrass players does it take to change a light bulb? A: None. They won't touch anything electric.
21:00:27 Bogdan: smile.gif
21:00:35 Jamesito: lol
21:00:37 Milenkovic Ivan: cool
21:00:39 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
21:00:40 Slammer: What's the difference between a musician and a pizza ?
21:00:48 Slammer: A pizza can feed a family of four.
21:00:53 Slammer: LOL
21:00:54 Bogdan: hmm gmc forum stopped working for me now
21:00:57 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
21:01:01 Milenkovic Ivan: same here
21:01:28 Jamesito: What's the difference between a bass guitarist and God? A- God doesn't think he's a bass guitarist.
21:01:33 Milenkovic Ivan: what should we do, there's no forum :?
21:01:49 Slammer: LOL
21:01:53 Bogdan: whole site doesent work for me sad.gif
21:01:54 Jamesito: lets make bass player kjokes all night
21:01:56 Bogdan: oh no smile.gif
21:02:10 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm going to bed guys, see ya
21:02:10 Bogdan: chuck norris ones are cool wink.gif
21:02:13 Jamesito: What do a vacuum cleaner and an bass guitar have in common? A- Both suck when you plug them in.
21:02:15 Jamesito: lol
21:02:20 Jamesito: im going to bed too
21:02:21 Milenkovic Ivan: must go, don't feel so good
21:02:26 Jamesito: cya guys take care
21:02:27 Milenkovic Ivan: goo night all
21:02:27 Bogdan: see ya ivan
21:02:34 Slammer: LOL
21:02:41 Milenkovic Ivan: see ya
21:02:45 Slammer: CYa
21:04:10 Bogdan: where is everyone ? smile.gif
21:04:44 Bogdan: damn wink.gif

Posted by: Young Guitarist Oct 29 2008, 12:24 PM

Haha i love the last part when bogdan comes in and everyones gone! haha biggrin.gif

Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Oct 29 2008, 02:05 PM

Hey I forgot about this one, cool smile.gif

Posted by: Alexiaden93 Jul 11 2009, 07:13 AM

Hahahaha ! biggrin.gif Poor Bogdan ! biggrin.gif I wonder if another one of the GMC Funnies could be based on this chat ! biggrin.gif It would have to be pretty looooooong though ! smile.gif

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