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6 Oct 2007
Hey guys...

I'm planning to restring my Edge Pro for the first time today, as i have a performance in a week, and want to get the new strings stretched in. It will be the first time i do this, and i have a few worries. First of all, i know about the locking part on the bridge, and that's fine, it its the tuning pegs I'm worried about. How do you get a nice even amount of loops around the peg? I would be so appreciative if you have videos, pictures or even an explanation, because I've restrung a few fixed bridge guitars, and they haven't turned out too well...

Second is how to give the strings a good stretch. I know since they are new they will go out of tune quite a lot until they are stretched in, but what is the best way to minimise this? Any things you should do before/after putting them on?

Thanks greatly to anyone who can help.
26 Jul 2007
I was sitting on the right, 4 rows back, with a poor 2MP phone camera, but i got some alright shots i thought i'd share here. The gig was astounding by the way biggrin.gif

Those were a selection of the best one's i got. Hope you enjoy.

The gig was amazing, steve was not feeling well, he has a cold, and couldn't sing some of his set, but instead, showing the showman he is, decided to add other favourites such as tender surrender and the attitude song. i'm not the best at writing reviews, so ill let the pictures do the talking.
24 Jan 2007
Ok, if anyone read a few of my old posts, you'd know i have a RG350DX, and it was in the shop with floyd troubles, well, i got my baby back, but i am really scared of the tuning now. I have heard mainly from the net that the proper way to tune is to unlock all the screws at the nut, go down from 6 to 1, lock the strings, and then fine tune. BUT the people who work at he guitar store say you should only unlock 1 screw at a time, do the 2 strings associated with that screw, and then lock it and move onto the next one, after that use fine tuners.

Which one is correct? or are any?


19 Oct 2006
By amp software i mean you plug your guitar into your computer, and theres an amp onscreen. The reason im asking is because im saving for an ibanez for christmas, but my amp kinda stinks, but the ibanez looks soooo sexy, so i have to buy that tongue.gif

Anyway, back to the point, anyone know of any good software amps?

6 Sep 2006
Hey guys,

ive been watching a few lessons, and im getting the hang of the licks, but i can't get anywhere near to the speed. I know speed is not a god given talent, and that you need to practice ALOT, but I don't know what to practice on. Could someone give me some good exercises to build up my speed (and clarity of notes), and if possibel, don't give me the chromatic one, because, i feel it doesn't really help me.

Thanks GMC

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