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31 Mar 2013
Hi all,
Been awhile. I was a member first back in 2008 amd this site really changed my guitar playing life!! Haven't been around here in quite awhile but I'm hoping to be around now and learn and contribute. My name is monte and I live in the US and my fave players are andy james, marco sfogli and muris varajic. Here is a vid of my playing from awhile back........ Cya around,
16 Nov 2011

Seems like more and more that music is truly becoming a labor of love...........doesn't seem like there is much money in it anymore. Not even and POTENTIAL money in it. I mean the BIG U2 or Bon Jovi type money........Seems like you can't even just get by. Kind of depressing.......
6 Nov 2011
Rick has such beautiful phrasing.....and........I want a Flaxwood guitar now!!!!

6 Sep 2011

So I'm wanting to get even better at knowing where I am on the fingerboard and how to play over key E Ionian to E Lydian for example. I've been thinking a lot about how to approach this and i have discovered something. The pentatonic shapes and diatonic shapes as I have learned them don't mesh very well thanks to the interval between the G and B string. compensate for this I have decided to modify the diatonic scale shapes. They will be 3 nps on the E A D strings and then 2 nps on the B string and then back to 3 nps on the B and E strings. This makes it to where I can then "overlay" the diatonic shape on the pentatonic shape and i don't have to shift "out of position" when I play the straight 3 nps shapes. Pretty damn handy I think. It makes it A LOT easier to slip in and out of pentatonic and diatonic playing when doing this.

I've never seen diatonic scales taught like this. I've only seen them taught 3nps with the position shift on the B and E strings and I've seen the CAGED method where there are only 5 positions taught....even though there are 7 notes in the diatonic scale. The CAGED system also has 2nps on inconsistent strings as well.....sometimes on the B string sometimes on the A string consistency. Anyways just a little revealation I had when trying to switch between the diatonic and pentatonic scale. It makes it easier to stick to the "safe" notes of the pentatonic scale but know quickly where the "color" notes of the diatonic scale is so you can spice up your playing........ smile.gif
2 Sep 2011
So I was reading the artilces that Sirjamsalot linked in this thread:

I was thinking about what he said about how after practicing excercises to the metronome religiously for a whole year that he was very dissapointed when he put on a backing track and all that came out were the excercises he had been practicing. I myself have experienced the exact same thing. It got me to thinking about composing music vs. improvising music. I have to say that I personally prefer a well done composition over a well done improvisation. It seems like every time I listen to improvisations on youtube......and I mean Improvs done by GREAT improvisors like Guthrie, Tom Quayle, Rick Graham etc......I almost always come away from it going wow that was awesome....but I really didn't hear a whole of melodies that I could sing back. When I listen to a well done compositon that is structured like a vocal tune I can almost always sing back the melodies. I've even noticed my 6 yr. old son will hum back the melodies of Satch tunes etc.

So......what do you guys prefer? Improv or Compositions?
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